Unveiling the Mysteries: 15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Wireless Routers

By:- Karam

21 June 2023

1. Wireless routers as art

Designers turn routers into aesthetic objects.

2. Art from router signals

Artists create stunning visuals using router signals.

3. Wireless routers calculate speed of light

Researchers use routers for accurate measurements.

4. Routers as mini weather stations

Sensors detect real-time weather updates.

5. Mesh network extends Wi-Fi

No dead zones with multiple routers.

6. Routers with built-in VPN

Enhance online security and privacy.

7. Prioritize devices with QoS

Lag-free gaming and streaming.

8. Routers as media servers

Stream media to TV from USB or NAS.

9. Guest networks on routers

Separate network for visitors.

10. Parental control on routers

Monitor and manage kids' online activities.

11. Prioritize websites and apps

Allocate bandwidth for optimal performance.

12. Routers as network storage

Access files anywhere with external hard drive.

13. Routers support IPv6

Compatible with evolving internet landscape.

14. Gaming routers optimize performance

Low latency and traffic prioritization.

15. Mobile app control for routers

Manage settings from your smartphone.