What are the Tools for Digital Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation in the digital age has grown into an industry of immense importance in recent years, particularly since the number of marketing tools available continues to grow.

Digital marketing automation is a term used to describe technology and software platforms designed specifically for marketing departments as well as organizations to better market online through multiple channels such as social media, email websites, etc and to automate repetitive tasks.

These kinds of tools enable marketers to streamline and automate client communications by managing complicated multi-channel marketing strategies with one tool. Marketing Automation tools help marketing professionals in various areas like Lead Generation, Segmentation leads nurturing, lead scoring Cross-sell and Retention, upsell and ROI measurement.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing Automation Tools

There are numerous benefits from using a marketing tool which include:

Costs for staffing are Reduced:

There won’t be many staff members helping with marketing when everything is managed through a single platform.

More ROI:

 Digital Marketing Automation tools can be used for automating cross-sells as well as upsells and follow-ups that can increase sales in addition to deal volume.

It is easy to define processes and point out any bottlenecks. The process you have clearly defined helps the sales and marketing teams to make sure that they are accountable for their specific duties.

Increases efficiency:

 Digital Marketing Automation can save you time performing simple tasks. More space for creativity. Since you don’t need to complete the same tasks manually Your time is freed to focus on a more diverse creative project.

Best Digital Marketing Automation Software

Let’s take a closer look at the best Marketing Automation platforms.


Sendinblue can be described as an integrated platform that is designed for digital marketing. It offers marketing automation capabilities. It comes with tools for marketing via email chat, SMS marketing CRM, Transactional Emails, etc. It uses machine learning to maximize the speed of sending emails. This feature will allow you to send your email at the correct time.


  • To market your email It allows you to create your own message to be personalized, personalize email messages, as well as organize the contacts, for example.
  • It is equipped with features to design landing pages, which will allow you to design pages to promote your campaigns.
  • Sendinblue lets you use custom signup forms to increase your list of contacts.
  • Sendinblue provides a variety of additional options like Retargeting on Facebook, Facebook Ads, Segmentation, Transactional emails SMS Marketing, CRM and more. marketing project management software allows you to design your workflows. It also offers templates that you can use in a variety of scenarios. It includes capabilities for content planning content calendar blogging, content calendar, etc.

You can arrange the content assets by using the editorial calendar. The content assets can be categorized by type, channel priority, type, and publication date. Editors and designers are easily assigned and you can gain insight on who is working what and when on


  • Clients can be invited as guests to see the progress made and are able to share their comments.
  • With creative requests, you’ll be able to easily share your assets and get feedback. offers customizable creative requests forms that aid in the sharing of assets as well as receiving feedback.
  • It also comes with Editorial Calendar features that will assist you in planning your content in advance.
  • Its Event Management capabilities can be utilized to handle events of all sizes, as well as small events.


Keap is a private company offering email marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses that were founded in 2001. It has its headquarters in Arizona and which is in the United States. It currently has 350 employees, and its annual income is around $80 million.

Keap is mostly focused on the expansion of small companies with the help of technology and automated marketing platforms. It automates a lot of routine tasks like following up as well as billing, managing contacts and more.


  • The customized campaign aids SMBs to organize their plans.
  • More detailed website monitoring, such as customers the first time they visit, purchases details or not. of customers who are online, the average amount of time per user, etc.
  • Keap’s marketing software combines Marketing, CRM, e-Commerce and automation and more.
  • More than 29 billion messages have been sent out 396 million people are being managed, the course of 450K different campaigns and $3.4 billion in payments are processed.


HubSpot is a software Company for Inbound Marketing and Sales. It was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Massachusetts, United States. The company’s revenue was 271 million dollars in 2016, with 34,000 customers spread across 90 countries, and more than 3,400 agency partners.

Hubspot is specially designed to cater to small and medium enterprises. HubSpot offers marketing tools such as landing pages, web analytics and social media marketing the management of content, search engine optimization and more. The software is Inbound Marketing Software that helps to launch marketing campaigns within a short time but in a highly effective method.


  • It is easy to edit content and modify an image.
  • The content formatting is easy and allows the publication of content via the website.
  • HubSpot integrates features with SugarCRM, Netsuite, Salesforce, and many more.
  • The email template is created and automates the subject line, as well as content for each recipient.
  • In accordance with the keyword, HubSpot optimizes the blog post as well as the landing page.
  • The product starts at a cost that is $200 per year. an opportunity to try it for free is available.
  • Support is available online at all hours of the day.

Engage Bay

Engage Bay is a complete all-in-one sales, marketing, and service automation software that comes with a free CRM. The greatest thing is that you have the option to purchase and utilize the entire package or just purchase the items you need.

Engage Bay is an Engage Bay marketing platform that comes with an extremely effective toolbox. If you’re accustomed to working with many devices and have created a patchwork version of your customer’s journey, this can simplify the process for you too.

Through Marketing Bay, you’ll get an entire view of your customer’s journey which allows you to collect and analyze deep insights into your target market.


  • Marketing on Social Media – You are able to organize and manage every aspect of social media-related content via your Engage Bay platform.
  • Conversion Create forms and landing pages (in-line as well as popups) to collect leads using the help of a powerful builder.
  • Email You can send captivating email messages to databases by using beautifully designed templates, or fully-customized styles.
  • Multi-Channel marketing – You can make and automate website messages as well as push notifications with just a few clicks.


Oribi is able to provide high-quality optimization tips by using its powerful marketing analytics capabilities. It gives actionable insight and stunning reports. It is capable of making reports available for sharing in a timely manner. It provides a variety of plans for eCommerce websites, business sites, shops and marketing agencies.


  • Oribi provides the option of tracking campaigns and comparing them using their UTM.
  • Without having to write the code, the program allows you to specify the conversion goals.
  • It will provide you with information like what is working and what isn’t, which will allow you to improve your conversion rates.
  • You’ll be able to determine the contribution of each of the channels in achieving your goals.
  • It helps you identify the exact behavior of visitors.


Pardot was established at the end of 2006, and was its main company with its headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Pardot is renowned for its outstanding services for its customers. It also builds relationships with clients. Pardot product is simple to use and the interface assists in creating successful campaigns.

Pardot is the ideal solution for mid-sized to small companies seeking to improve the effectiveness of their sales and marketing teams. Pardot B2B Marketing Automation provides the most efficient and effective marketing software for marketers.


  • Creates a vibrant and extensive marketing campaign.
  • Track campaigns with a customized dashboard.
  • Pardot finds holes in campaigns and fix them prior to the launch of the campaign.
  • Make professional emails quickly. This assists in the creation of an email marketing campaign.
  • Automated and Scheduled email delivery facility.
  • Pardot’s software model is built using platform.
  • Pardot can be used and is compatible with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, etc.


Marketo Inc. is a marketing software firm that creates marketing automation software for businesses. It was established in the year 2006 and its headquarters are located in California, United States. Marketo has offices around the world, including Sydney, Dublin, Tel-Aviv and more.

Marketo’s products are utilized by small – to medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. It offers better customer service and is evolving frequently.


  • Marketo provides an online market-leading email platform.
  • It offers features like email marketing and landing pages, as well as nurturing social media analytics, web analytics and more.
  • Automates marketing campaigns and entices the consumer in a customized way.
  • Marketo assists in identifying the business and customers that can increase the revenue of their business.

 Active Campaign

Active campaign is a well-known Email marketing platform that comes with third-party integrations, various kinds of auto-responses, and more. It is a solution for companies that require contacts for a variety of reasons. An email to welcome guests birthday emails, etc. It also generates various emails to be sent out for various activities.

Active campaign monitors its website visits, the various activities of the client and, based on this, gives real-time analytics. Important customer information is organized efficiently and is able to automatically organize communications.


  • Automatically downloads contacts and then introduces new contacts from different platforms like CRM, eCommerce, etc.
  • Every month, a new email is sent out to their clients.
  • Dynamic email content depending upon customer behavioural analysis, interests, social data, etc.

Lead Squared

Lead Squared was established in 2012 and generated a profit of $3 million in the year 2016.

It is a solution provider in the areas of education, real estate and travel, health financial services, and more. It has clients like Flipkart, Time Pro, NIIT, Randstad, etc. Lead Squared offers services in more than 20 countries.


  • Utilizing Lead Squared’ s software, the sales increase by 50 per cent.
  • It is the leading lead management tool that can capture leads from various sources, such as email or campaign, phone calls and more.
  • It assists in prioritizing lead and work.
  • Lead Squared functions are accessible on the website and also through mobile applications.
  • It will send an automated sales alert directly to salespeople.
  • A variety of email templates are accessible to accommodate different kinds of devices.
  • There are more than 15,000 active users, and more than 650 customers.
  • The basic plan starts at just $25 per month. an opportunity to try it for free for 30 days is also available.


In this article, Brisk Logic has taken an in-depth look at different software for marketing automation that can be beneficial to meet your business requirements.

The list of the software listed below isn’t exhaustive, however, there are many different marketing automation programs that are also readily available. Brisk Logic hopes this article will have helped you comprehend the different software for marketing automation more clearly.


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