What are the Top Healthcare Startups in 2022?

Brisk Logic, a corporate finance advisory firm, published a report in the fall of 2022. It stated that “the health tech sector is currently one the most dynamic technology M&A.”

Despite all the difficulties caused by Covid-19 2020 was still capable of pushing the uncertainties of a pandemic to an acceptable level.

These uncertainties have also driven healthcare to new heights. Healthcare startups played an important role in containing the spread of the disease.

The digitization effort has intensified in the past year. Virtual care delivery has been widely accepted and this has encouraged healthcare providers to look for solutions to the problems.

The Covid-19 vaccines are now available, but 2021 and 2022 look largely the same as last year, which keeps health in the spotlight, and drives significant funding for space.

It is essential to stay one step ahead of your competition in this age of competition. 

Brisk Logic compiled a list of the 20 top healthcare startups that we will be watching in 2022.



We’ll be profiling 20 startups in healthcare that are innovating through the launch of new products, addressing specific health needs, or providing care in innovative ways.


HealX, an AI-powered healthcare startup, is speeding up drug discovery. Their team is also developing and transitioning rare disease treatments.

HealX uses a rare treatment accelerator program to connect academic, patient, and industry groups and quickly transform your research & insight, clinical ready assets, and treatment that benefits rare disease patients.

HealX also has the largest and most complex database of rare diseases in the world, HealNet.

The company was able, for example, to produce FragileX in just 18 months. This allowed it to be ready for clinical trials in a fraction of the time required by manual drug manufacturing.


This healthcare startup aims to eradicate generalization by utilizing patient immune-neurology.

Alector uses the most up-to-date antibody technology and recent discoveries to fight degenerative diseases. It is a therapeutic approach that uses the body’s immune system in order to fight devastating diseases.

This healthcare startup is also working on novel treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, a neurological disorder. It will allow the doctor to harness the immune system in order to combat these diseases.

Currently, a company is working on an antibody therapy to prevent neuron generation.

 Verge Genomics

Verge Genomics, another startup, is currently developing next-generation medicines based on human genomics.

The company uses a data-driven approach that is based on patient data to unlock therapies that are not available through traditional drug discovery.

FAD and R&D for testing drugs that fail are nearly 1.3 billion dollars annually. Verge Genomics uses a unique approach called leverages AI to determine which drug is more likely to succeed.

This allows pharma manufacturers to decide which drug should be advanced through the FDA process and which drug should be abandoned.


Embleema, a HIPPA compliant healthcare blockchain network, allows patients to share medical records with scientists and researchers in real-time.

The startup uses virtual to test and regulatory analysts have established a data network for faster regulatory reviews and research. Patients who share their data with researchers can receive cryptocurrency payments.

Embleema also collaborates with NYU Langone to develop a human epilepsy cure. The disease affects over 2.4 million Americans.

K Health

K Health, a healthcare startup unique in its field, collects anonymous data from users about their medical history and chronic conditions.

It analyzes data from thousands of patients to then use artificial intelligence to give people insights and tips to help them manage their medical conditions better.

The app allows patients to check in and see a list of possible diagnoses. Users also have the option of connecting with local specialists. This database can change the lives of hundreds of people around the globe.


Prognos is a healthcare startup that changes the way you access, manage and apply patient-centric insight. This platform provides clinical interpretations using HIPAA-compliant data.

It can also be linked to prescriptions and claims data. Prognosis uses artificial intelligence to develop clinical algorithms for 30 conditions. This allows early disease detection, and clinical trials opportunities, risk identification, and care gaps to be identified.

Prognos uses this approach to alert the patient to the best treatment and case management. It also speeds up clinical research.

Benevolent AI

BenevolentAI, a healthcare startup that focuses on creating medicine for untreated diseases, is BenevolentAI. This platform combines drug discovery and proper patients to make this possible.

It develops medicines for incurable conditions such as motor neuron disease, Parkinson’s, sarcopenia and others. This platform has offered around 20 drug programs to date. Now, the platform wants to add more experts in advanced materials, agriculture and energy storage.

Hu-manity. co

The healthcare startup promotes the privacy of its customers without affecting their business. This company is aiming to create a new, decentralized human right by using proprietary technology that sits on top of a Blockchain to allow users to sell their data to market and research purposes.

The company also has an app that allows users to create their profile and make it searchable by pharma researchers looking for people for clinical trials. It also allows users to receive payment for their data through the app, without privacy breaches.

Prellis Biologics

Prellis Biologics, a healthcare startup, has developed the holographic 3D laser technology which allows for the production of biocompatible and lab-grown human organs.

This platform allows scientists to create complex vascular tissues in the lab. It improves the research and development of new therapeutics to reproduce organs from patient cells.


Paige uses the information from thousands upon thousands of pathogen slides in order to improve the clinical diagnosis of and treatment for cancer.

The platform uses a neural network, deep learning algorithm, and generative models to efficiently learn from visual and clinical data. Paige is currently developing disease-specific modules that will speed up these processes.

It also allows medical professionals to plan and accurately assess the treatment process.


Tempus, another startup in healthcare, collects data about patients who have died to help them serve their patients.

This platform is home to the largest collection of molecular and clinical information in the world, as well as an operating system that allows easy access.

This platform allows doctors and researchers to share their data in order to better plan and assess the treatment of disease. The company currently has over 3.5 million records from the oncology database.

Neo Light

Neo light, a healthcare startup, has developed new and compassionately designed devices for babies with life-threatening illnesses.

Skyline Phototherapy is the first healthcare startup to produce a product. It is a portable, high-density blue-emitting device that treats neonatal jaundice.

The device adjusts light intensity and provides uniform light coverage. It emits virtually no heat. It can also be transported in incubators or bassinets.

Onkos Surgical

Onkos Surgical, a privately-held healthcare startup, is specialized in designing surgical solutions for patients with cancer. The platform employs a Surgical Oncological Research team, which collects the functional, psychological and oncological results of surgery musculoskeletal, as well as other types of cancer treatments.

The company is currently looking into 3D technology to help prepare surgeons for the treatment of cancer. Onkos Surgical is dedicated to advancing healthcare innovation that improves the lives of patients.


Freenome, a healthcare startup, aims to “spot the pattern and treat cancer”. This platform connects people to next-generation blood tests that can detect early signs of cancer. It uses a multi-comics platform.

The simple blood test is run through an AI genomic platform and measures cell-free biomarkers and circulating proteins that detect the presence and sign of cancer. The early cancer detection site allows medical professionals to quickly diagnose and treat the disease.

Green Sun Medical

Green Sun Medical has developed a gentle treatment for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Kyphosis.

This platform is currently in the process to design a dynamic orthotic that could help correct spinal deformities.

Green Sun Medical’s main goal is to provide braces that are more effective and better for patients suffering from scoliosis.

Green Sun medical leverages the technology with its unique and slim design to give comfortable treatment to their patients.

 Flatiron Health

Flatiron Health uses anonymized data from patients and laboratories, research repositories and payer networks to be a major source of cancer medical research. Flatiron Health is a startup in healthcare that acts as both a technology provider and a service provider.

This platform uses the vast Oncono cloud database to allow researchers to improve their treatment procedures, clinical results, clinical trials management, and other aspects. Flatiron Health accelerates cancer research and improves the quality of patient care.

Bay Labs Inc

This startup in healthcare combines deep learning and cardiovascular imaging to improve the diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Bay labs use technology to train medical professionals on how to interpret and perform echo cardiograms.

Bay Labs aims to improve healthcare and patient services in the treatment of heart diseases. It was one of NVIDIA’s most promising AI startups in 2017’s social impact category.


Higi is a personal healthcare management platform and data tracking platform that helps you evaluate your medical condition.

This platform is capable of measuring all the vital signs at more than 11000 wheelchair-accessible stations in grocery stores, pharmacy and others. This platform allows users to store, track, and transmit their information online to trusted healthcare professionals. Users can also join groups for support with health management such as weight loss and improved exercise habits.



The healthcare startup uses machine learning and proprietary technology to simplify the IVF treatment process and reduce costs. Patients can use this platform to locate reputable doctors and get funding for this costly procedure.

A portal allows clients to quickly access their profile data and receive a personalized IVF report that explains the chances of success and estimates costs. Anyone can use this platform to find a practitioner.

Health Crowd

Health crowd is an engagement platform for healthcare organizations that supports them in unifying, automating and optimizing multiple forms of communication to provide excellent patient care. It combines healthcare expertise with ad analytics.

This platform’s main goal is to improve financial, quality, and clinical outcomes for patients. This platform uses different channels and categories such as voice, text, voice and nano site to get members to take action.

This integrated data allows companies to map their decision, identify the total market addressable, and access the contact data of buyers. This integrated healthcare data will help to accelerate your search and allow you to sell your product to hospitals and doctors.

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