What Does it Cost to Create an Augmented Reality App for Your Business?

If the furniture store offers an AR or VR application, it’s easy to see the answer. You can do this by tapping the screen and the picture will be displayed on your phone. This will allow you to see if the furniture you want fits in your space and help you make a decision about whether or not you would like to buy it. Isn’t that impressive? It’s not the only example of AR technology being used as a business tool. AR technology can make our world a better place. It covers many areas, including e-commerce and the information environment. Custom Augmented Reality apps and experiences can be a great way of increasing conversions.

What is AR?

AR and VR concepts are not new. The first VR helmets were invented in the 60s. Elements of augmented reality were created in the 90s. But, it’s only now that computer power has reached such a high level, in the second decade, that it is time for us to consider the cost of augmented reality apps.

AR technology is a way to enhance the environment with digital images and information.

How to make augmented reality possible:

  • mobile devices (tablets, cell phones);

  • Augmented reality glasses

  • Television (or computer screen);

  • A game computer like Kinect

  • Technologies that are useful for playing AR in open spaces

  • Special means (simulators, medical equipment)

Augmented Reality Applications Classification

There are two types of AR applications.

  • Autonomic applications that are not intended to interact with users can provide additional information. These services usually provide additional information about real-world objects.

  • Interactive applications allow users to interact with them and choose the data they want to visualize. You can also modify the properties and parameters of virtual objects. These systems will require input devices such as a touch screen on mobile devices or a mouse on a computer.

When we think about mobility, the systems of Augmented Reality can be divided into two types.

  • Stationary systems that can be used in one location

  • Mobile systems are designed to be dynamic and interact with real-world objects.

These factors all have an impact on the cost of developing augmented reality apps. The scope of these services is vast: animated illustrations, games, marketing campaigns… but this topic merits a deeper discussion.


An augmented reality app development is a must-have for anyone.

Virtual reality and AR technologies are promising. This is evident by the fact that big companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook pay close attention to them. Apple has also allocated huge funds for research in this area.

1. Entertainment industry

We are referring to the entertainment industry in its first place, which is games. This is where imagination reigns, and you can create truly unique Augmented Reality apps.

The AR app called The Machines deserves special mention. It is so beautiful, Apple even showed it during the presentation of iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

The Machines is a real-time multiplayer strategy. It is very simple. We find a table and point the camera at the surface. The device creates a post-apocalyptic terrain on the surface. The gamer then needs to place his combat robots onto such a map, and then he can start playing.

AR is a promising area for games, but it’s important to remember that the cost of an augmented reality app can be very high. It’s easy to get users to play AR-enabled games that are fun and engaging. You’ll get back all your money, plus interest.

2.Real estate and architecture

Augmented and virtual realities have significantly improved the quality and efficiency of the creation and testing projects in architecture, design, construction.

We should also mention ARki, which is available for all iOS and Android devices. AR technology is integrated into the architecture. This allows you to create 3D models with multiple levels interactivity, for both presentations and design projects. The app allows you to create 3D models from existing floor plans.

3. Industry

After-sales support of manufactured products is the main focus of AR technology’s industrial application. It provides real-time information about the device’s operation and can also provide a step-by guide for repairing and managing the product, based on the 3D model.

Augmented reality also allows you to visualize a product that has yet not been released. This can be used to communicate all details with the client.

4. Retail and E-commerce

If you make money using e-commerce then the AR app cost issue is not as important. Even the most expensive financial investments in AR features would pay off.

Let’s say you own an online jewelry shop. It would be smart to offer your customers the opportunity to test the ring on their finger, as an example. This is without the need to visit your physical shop. This visual expression will undoubtedly increase your sales.

One example is the AR application by Magic Leap, which allows shoppers to view the product from all angles.

5. Education

AR technology has huge potential in education, as it makes learning new subjects so much easier and more enjoyable.

It would be a good idea to add AR functionality to educational applications. Although the cost of an augmented reality app can be quite expensive, the end result is well worth it. The number of users who use the app will increase by the factor n (as will your incomes).

6. Advertising and marketing

Leading brands are increasingly using augmented reality to reach new audiences. This is only the beginning. Imagine that you will be able to see targeted ads in the future, only those that may interest you. For example, if you walk past a cafe you might get information about discounts and other offers.

How much does it cost to create an AR app?

Let’s take a look at the factors that influence the cost of developing an augmented reality app.


Your application should be compatible with all platforms and all devices. In this scenario, however, the AR app development costs would be higher. It may be more prudent to take small steps and work slowly.

Analyze your customer to determine which type of device he prefers. Hire an augmented reality app developer to create your iOS or Android mobile application (both are best choices, but you can always expand your coverage later).

The growth rate of an augmented reality app development firm

We’ve already mentioned developers so let’s consider that this is the most important pricing factor. The rate you choose for your specialists will determine the price. The location also affects the rate.

  • USA & Canada: From $100 to $250 an hour

  • Western Europe – starting at $80 per hour

  • Eastern Europe – $25 – $100 an hour

  • Asia, mainly India: Usually up to $55 per hour

Maintenance and post-production

20% of the AR app maintenance cost will be charged regardless of the final cost. The maintenance fee may change by 2%.

Hosting is required for apps to store and save important data. Hosting is different for different apps. You will also need to update your app regularly to keep them interested. This fixed cost will add to your final app development costs.

We offer:

  • Turnkey solution from scratch, without templates

  • Market research and analysis of competitors

  • Forming an application structure

  • Coding without errors

  • Tests are complete

  • Integration of the application in your business processes

  • Reconstruction of AR applications existing;

  • Assistance in placing apps in AppStore or Google Play

Bottom Line

As we have discussed, many factors affect the final cost of AR apps. AR apps of a small size will be less expensive. Enterprise-level Augmented Reality apps will be more expensive.

Choose the country and development agency where you would like to build your AR app. This will impact the AR app price. Your AR app cost will be affected by more than just the development costs.




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