What Does It Cost to Create an MVP?

The realization of your dreams is the most rewarding chance that will ever be happening to you. In terms of economic benefits, that’s just like a cherry on top of the cake.

There are many of us not able to bring our ideas to fruition due to a few bad decisions that we made when we first started. Research suggests that 40% of applications fail because the app wasn’t required to be sold by the market.

What Is the Cost to Build an MVP App?

Many factors affect the price of building MVPs. Several factors determine the cost of building MVP.

Many entrepreneurs believe that the cost of developing an app is determined by the kind of technology utilized, however, it’s not the case.

The budget for product development is only one side of the equation. It’s equally important to make sure that the project is finished promptly, and that the motivation behind the project is solid.

If the owner of the product wants to develop a top-quality product, it’s essential to select developers with care.

Let’s look at the options you can choose from


Option 1: Recruit freelancers

It’s a quick inexpensive, easy, and cost-effective method to begin your project.

Numerous freelance platforms can aid you in finding developers that will meet your requirements. The best platforms to begin with include,, and

The most significant issue when hiring freelance designers is the inability to commit to the project.

If something goes wrong, people can quit. This also means that you need to become a manager for your project All coordination and communication are your responsibility.

This is an issue that is difficult to address. If you are still looking to work with freelance developers my suggestion is to include local people.

For a typical project, you’ll need an entire team. Consider the costs of software developers who are freelance.

A full-stack developer will cost around $6,000 per month. This expert is required throughout the entire process of development.

The cost of a designer is approximately $5000 per month. The specialist is required in the initial stages to the plan.

It is essential to have an experienced tester during the entire process of development. This expert will cost approximately $2500 per month.

So, the total cost would be around $13 1,000 per month. Below is a graph that shows the current salary of freelancers from all over the world.

Option 2: Create an internal team

Sometimes, founders opt for internal software development. It allows for transparent relationships and transparent communication.

In-house development allows your team to fully participate in the development. It is your obligation. Your developers are inspired by the success of your application and the company, however.

A team within the organization is much easier to coordinate.

The biggest drawback of this method is its significant cost. It can be a major issue when you begin with an unsustainable budget.

If you hire full-time developers, you will be obliged to pay for holiday expenses and costs for hiring along with other costs. Check to see if your project needs the same amount of money in the early stage of the MVP.

Option 3:Recruit a Local Group

Local product development can be a costly alternative. However, the cost includes technologies and business methods.

You’ll get a dedicated team of developers and a project manager and testers with the same degree of involvement and legally-documented processes.

Clutch. co or are good options to locate a reputable local agency. They provide reviews and feedback from past clients to help you select the most reliable and competent team.

The rates for the agency range from $100-$250 per hour for a single specialist. The same team of specialists will cost you a minimum of $400 per hour.

But, you must determine if you’re willing to invest up to $64 000 per month in order to check your firm’s theories. If your answer is yes it is a great alternative.

Option 4: MVP Development Can Be Outsourced

Outsourcing is an extremely preferred option for many companies. It’s similar to hiring a local company but at a double-trice less cost.

There are two major challenges when outsourcing the development of your product:

Creating trust and involvement and engaging the and involving, but both problems can be easily addressed. Be sure that you’ve carefully studied the prospective agencies prior to hiring them. This can be done by reading reviews, visiting websites of companies and looking through recent case studies.

What will it cost you to hire an agency to build an MVP?

Let’s take the case of outsourcers as an example.

The discovery stage is where the venture’s feasibility and overall cost are calculated.

Part of the business

This is the foundation of the whole process of developing an app. It helps you decide which way and how much will be used. While it’s not essential for a business owner, if are just starting out it is not a bad idea to consider this step.

Technical Part

The technical aspect of the application also plays an important role in estimating the costs of developing an MVP. The technical aspect is comprised of the development of apps and designing. It examines the features to be included within the app as well as their complexity.

Design Part

Another important factor that determines the cost of creating an app that is viable at a minimum is the design of the web page or mobile application.

Because the app could be designed with different types of user interfaces and user interfaces, the cost of the style will vary depending on the operating system and the features you add to the app. UX is also a crucial element in determining the price that an MVP.

There are two types of apps: 

Hybrid apps: 

These apps come with similar designs on all the platforms (android as well as iOS) since there is one code that works for all. The most important feature of hybrid applications is the fact that they include all the native features, and most of that, they’re affordable. The only drawback to hybrid applications is that they can be a little slow to function. Therefore, if you decide to create a native application you will be able to lower the MVP cost of development.

Native apps: 

In contrast to hybrid apps, native apps are more efficient in performance, and they are also easy to keep up with as time passes. The style of native apps is not the same across platforms. They are far more interactive and enjoyable when compared with hybrid apps. One of the advantages of native apps is that each is unique and has a specific code for each platform. This will increase the MVP cost for you. Therefore, if you have the funds and you are able to develop native apps. This reduces MVP development costs.

Minimum Viable Product Development Tips

The actual guidelines on Frameworks as well as tools for creating products provide insight into the fundamentals of creating an MVP.

MVP Post-launch Costs

Your MVP startup has been in the process of being launched. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re free to breathe a sigh of satisfaction. For the most effective outcomes, you must be prepared for post-launch actions.

The main items of expense in this case are sales, marketing and the maintenance of your MVP. 

We will look at each step that is part of your post-launch process you’ll need to follow as well as the costs associated with them.


Factor 1. MVP Advertising and Marketing

Marketing strategies for new startups and new products launch must be planned out prior. It is recommended to begin marketing your app as early as possible, even though your app is still in the phase of development.

The typical cost of a marketing campaign for MVP is at least $5000 per month. MVP is a minimum of $500,000 per month. What is MVP marketing management consist of?

An MVP marketing strategy is based on the purpose of the product and the budget.

The most cost-effective method to advertise your MVP is to use inbound marketing.

Factor 2. MVP Sales

Sales funnels play an important function in gaining the public and maximizing the revenue for your business.

On average, founders will need to put aside $5000-$10 000 to test their hypotheses and determine the best sales funnel.

Factor 3. Maintenance

An MVP maintenance fee for apps is typically 20 per cent of the original MVP budget for development. The total cost of maintenance for a product depends entirely on the MVP complexity, location of the team and the level of expertise.

The costs of maintaining an application should include server costs ($15 to $ 20 per month) as well as the cost of APIs and integrations’ ongoing support, as well as the salaries of developers who will keep the app updated and create numerous versions.

MVP Examples of Famous Startups


Twitter was founded as a no-cost option for SMS services. The company created hashtags and the 140-symbol as a standard for messaging.

There are several key factors that affect MVP the success of MVP:

Concentrate on a tiny specific group of customers to determine the validity of business hypothesises

Concentrate on the main aspects. For instance, in this case, Twitter it comes with many recent features that weren’t present in the original version of the application.

Today it is estimated that developing an app comparable to Twitter could cost $50 or more. However, the version that is a copycat of this app comes at the cost of $250 000. The process of development can take anywhere from 3 to six months.

The choice to launch with the Minimum Viable Product has created Twitter the second most popular social media network around the globe. It has more than 300 million daily active users.


Initially, Instagram was Burbn. It was an application which allowed users to log in to a location, share plans, or even photos. Much like Facebook.

The app was created in the year 2010. The first idea was an amalgamation of gaming, checking in and the capability to upload pictures. However, it was soon evident that the users only use the photos to share.

The market reacts fast. The Instagram increase rate was around a million people per month. In the words of the Instagram creator, the app was created within two months. In 2012, Instagram was purchased at a price of $1 billion by Facebook.

As of now, Instagram has over 600 million active users, and that number is increasing.

The cost of developing an application like Instagram could cost you around 100, 000 dollars. When you consider the complexity of the Instagram clone the development could cost anywhere from $100, 000 to $300,000. It could take anywhere from three to six months to create the product.

Timeline for MVP Development

The time to develop an MVP will be proportional to the budget. The budget is directly proportional to the number of features that need to be developed. However, you must keep in mind that time isn’t at your disposal.

There are many aspects that determine the degree of complexity of an application.

  • The platform, whether it’s web mobile, hybrid apps,
  • The variety of apps,
  • The variety and complexity of features,
  • The development process is either Android-based or iOS-based and so on.

The details in the requirements, as well as milestones, can help to validate ideas quickly. The faster you are able to adapt to changing circumstances and changes, the more likely you are to be successful and beat your competition.

Typically, MVP development takes 1-2 months. It covers the entire development process from business analysis through to maintenance.

To develop MVP, seek out a reliable partner?

The Brisk Logic team is focused specifically on MVP development for startups that are in the early stages. Our aim is to create products that are successful that can be used in the actual market. It helps founders raise money to continue to expand rapidly throughout the market they want to enter.

The secret is in our method. We go further and then develop a project-based approach. Our goal is to create a scalable product that has a solid market presence. To achieve this we conduct extensive research into business, which provides a broad overview of our market competitors as well as research on customers.


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