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What is the best way to use SEO for fintech?

At Siege We’re grateful to have had the privilege of working with some of the top fintech companies in the world like Mint, Quicken Loans and QuickBooks. In this context, we’ve learned repeated SEO strategies that have proven successful consistently in the finance market.


In this article we’ll show you how to measure ROI in finance and why the technical SEO for fintech may not be as important, and how to create financial-related links on a large size.


Tech SEO for fintech Is Less of a Consideration

The majority of finance websites are smaller than the average. You won’t find Amazon within this category that has 267 million pages indexed as of the time of writing.


Because of this, SEO’s technical elements SEO aren’t as well-known and move less quickly. If your site is less than 10,000 pages (and it’s on the large end of the spectrum) it’s rarer to find complicated technical issues arise.


It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t occur or that you must not be concerned about the technical aspects of SEO. Instead, SEO for fintech in the financial sector takes on an entirely different look. Based on our experience, an SEO department within an accounting firm can look as follows:


This is due to the fact that most of the SEO issues in this area are at the level of the page. It is essential to design and develop thoughtful content and user experience to get the best results from each request. When compared to a giant like Amazon which typically extends their infrastructure over thousands of sites and also has to take into account things like a crawl budgets, massive analysis is not feasible on a smaller site.


Fintech companies often have an SEO manager solve most technical issues however, they’ll require a lot of effort to links and content from other members of the team, both within the company as well as externally.


In Fintech technology, the lifetime value of the link that we observe is typically greater than $15,000. In a vertical perspective this is the most expensive link value you can find on the internet.


This is due to the fact that the finance industry is highly valuable, but difficult to find links into.


In contrast to industries such as weddings or fashion in which we can see an abundance of organic links occurring naturally, this is not the case in fintech because of the common commercial associations between companies.


If you request links, people are aware that your purpose is to make profits from them. This is why you’ll be turned down more often , and you’ll need to come up with new ideas and/or create amazing content.


Advertising Might Be Required


It’s a bit odd to talk about, but in the same way that trying to rank on terms such as home insurance and car insurance and life insurance can be difficult This is an area where digital and TV advertising could be your obstacle to admission.


Due to the nature of SEO for fintech is  The “brand” plays that could be carried out naturally in other industries will not be able to happen in this case. However, these identical brand-related plays are crucial for brand recognition, which is what drives the handful of naturally-generated links that appear and can also boost CTR and increase trust in the search results , which will increase rankings.


In this way that if your company has no marketing plan, there’s a great likelihood that your brand’s metrics in fintech will be close to zero. This is because it will result in a decrease in SEO performance.


It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but this is the way of life in a highly profitable, competitive industry. We frequently suggest to our clients who want to rank in two-word financial terms to fully commit to an effective marketing strategy for their brand -via advertising for the long run to ensure they win.




In these fields that require link-building, the announcements of your round of funding is among the main pillars of a profitable SEO strategy. NerdWallet is the most popular fintech content website on the web, IPOed and now benefits from the repeated news cycles of their earnings announcements.


By 2021, there are more than 10,000 fintech companies registered in the United States alone and over 26,000 worldwide. (Statista via Siege Media’s Fintech Statistics)


These links have high authority they are hard to replicate and essential to link creation in the process of achieving ranking in competitive markets. It’s impossible to envision a SEO for Fintech firm trying to rank in any terms in the market being able to accomplish that using bootstrapping considering the difficulty of links to build.


You can generate more links using this method by searching for competitors that have raised funds in similar markets, and then searching “raises” as a term in their backlink profile. You can pitch these same publications when you are seeking capital in order to make the most of your story about funding.


Avoid Personal Finance Bloggers

Links are highly valuable and are difficult to find so it makes sense to manually create more links. But don’t be expecting personal finance bloggers to be interested to this kind of business, since they are more than others and will simply ask for money if you try to pitch them.


We suggest linking strategies in related industries that are pertinent, but are not specifically. Examples include:


  • National news
  • Local local news
  • Active link generation via the top-funnel ranking
  • Health, wellness and other special interest groups
  • Content that is highly resonant adheres to the S.U.C.C.E.S.s. Model. It’s easy, surprising reliable, credible emotional, and is a storyteller.


The great thing regarding money is that it’s an extremely emotive topic. This is a perfect fit for the creation of data-driven content that fits with your business’s vertical, and can be then sent to news organizations.


Calculators With Low Time to Value

In light of the financial implications the use of calculators is logical for a majority of fintech companies. They are typically competitive terms, however they are important elements on your website. They’ll be among the top income-generating links for you so it is sensible to take advantage of them when you are doing particularly effectively.


Our strategy for macro is to attempt to decrease the time-to-value by as many times as we can. In this GIF the calculator allows users to find the answer nearly immediately. One way to accomplish this is by pre-filling the data with typical user responses and guessing where you are using geoIP.


In reducing the amount of times a user needs to input data to get things done, you’ll increase the chance of being well-ranked and providing the best experience for users that leads to hyperlinks.


The Benefits of “What Is” Topics With Quick Answer Area

Another popular type of query that is used in the field of finance would be “What is KEYWORD?” People are trying to figure out complicated financial problems and typically do this through this set of queries.


As Google develops, our top objective in our role as SEOs is to provide users with the information they need as quickly as is possible. For the best results by giving users an instant answer in the fold, typically in a subheader it is ideal.


This usually requires an UX redesign of your content in order to permit this to happen however it’s a advised strategy for achieving long-term rankings.


Furthermore by making your definition stand out, it increases the likelihood that to be cited in their own blog postsand ultimately, driving more link clicks, which is crucial to successful implementation.


Editorial Review for Y.M.Y.L.

Finance is an It’s your money or life business, where it’s crucial for customers to follow the guidance of the company prior to putting their credit card in the hands of a financial institution.


In this regard, it is highly recommended that your content be written by a financial professional or at the very least checked by one. Also, you should make the credibility of the writers and editors clear on your site, creating trust whenever possible.


Bankrate is a great example in this regard by not only providing information on the editor, but also providing an article’s reviewer before you can dive deep into the content. The bios of these reviewers can be viewed upon hover, which provides immediate confidence to readers who want for more information.


To summarize to summarize, fintech SEO is investing in the quality of content on the page level, and being effective and efficient in the generation of links, and having an exceptional product that ties all of it together.


Then, you must be prepared to work for years to achieve a ranking for some of the most popular terms. Two-word financial terms could take up to 4 years to rank If you’re even worthy to be ranked in a long-term timeframe.


Are you looking for assistance to speed up the timetable? Contact us today to find out more about our fintech-specific SEO-focused services for content marketing.



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