react.js in data visulaization

What is the Role of React.js in Data Visualisation?

React JS is among the most popular three Javascript libraries used by the top developers. The main advantages that come with React JS are as follows to build user interfaces:

  • It’s open source, lightweight, and SEO-friendly.
  • It is suitable for high-performance, scalable apps due to the virtual DOM
  • A not so steep learning curve.
  • The process of creating custom components is generally an easy process since the system components are extremely adaptable.
  • React components are kept up-to-date efficiently.
  • The React JS developer community is active.

All of these factors make React JS library one of the most effective for creating top-quality user interfaces for graphics.


data analyis with react.js

Data Analysis with React JS

It is often essential to upgrade the functionality of an application with analytical or data visualization capabilities to gain insight from data.

Agilytics reviews libraries that support React JS, which can easily be integrated into websites or an application.


It is the system that consists of reusable React components to make charts. These are elegant and also dynamic components.The animation is fluid. The process of creating a project for data visualization is easy. All you need to do is install Victory library into the project, add Victory library into your project, include the data and integrate components into your web page.


The library provides an extensive array of charts that can be used in React JS applications. The components function similarly to simple React JS components.

The tools for charting are helpful when used on their own, however they can be amazing when coupled with the combined data. It is therefore amazing that charts and pivot tables are combined in the shape of an interactive dashboard.

Here are some tools that can assist in creating reports directly within ReactJS. React JS project: –

WebDataRocks Pivot Table

It’s a JavaScript pivot tables component that can be used to React as well as other frameworks. It can be connected to local or remote JSON as well as CSV source data. It is completely customizable.

Flexmonster Pivot Table & Charts

It is a sophisticated pivot table component as well as an enhanced variation of WebDataRocks. It can be used as an integrated BI (Business Intelligence) tool for small-scale businesses and larger-scale projects.

There are a myriad of accessible data sources such as CSV JSON OLAP cubes and SQL/NoSQLdata and Elasticsearch.

We suggest these options to display the business information in regular or occasional reports. It’s also a great idea to display your data using embedded charts or incorporate pivot tables with other charting software libraries.

Importance of Data Visualization in React Application

Role of React JS in Data Visualization

React runs on components. With these components, you are able to develop modules that are non-stateless and then transfer data to them using props.

The advantage of creating React components is that it permits you to reuse components within the same project , so that it’s not necessary to design a new component each time. One cannot access a huge amount of data in raw form to create graphs and charts and graphs, which makes it easier to guess that the data is hiding within it.

Let’s take a review the benefits of using Dashboards for your company:

You are able to easily access your information and organize your decisions, actions, and assignments.

Get precise and clear information about your business’s information from the dashboard’s home screen making use of data visualization.

A better decision-making process can streamline the flow of work and helps you make the best decision at the beginning of the process of development.

With an analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to have confidence which will guard you against doing something wrong for your company.


Why should you use React.js to perform Data Visualization?

Boosts Productivity

Utilizing ReactJS to visualize data improves productivity and increases the possibility of reusing components of the framework. For all developers, it is essential to reuse components and reuse those digital elements.

All React components come with their own internal logic that makes it simple to manage and define the components. The React community makes sure to provide an unbeatable appearance for your application and encourages maintenance and development of the codebase.

Helps in Faster Rendering

Making React applications that perform well is crucial to think about how the structure can affect how well the application performs overall. Even the most widely used and modern engines do not ensure the absence of annoying bottlenecks, causing horrendous ripples across the interface.

The Virtual DOM is the representation in virtual form of the DOM that allows for an improved user experience and superior performance.

Ensures Stable Code

If you are creating a dashboard to your application, ensure that minor changes in the child structure will not affect the users; ReactJS uses only downward flow of data. Data binding’s structure assures stability of code, manages the code and ensures application performance.

It outlines the general process for writing code.

The JSX extension syntax is an alternative to JS that makes the process of creating components of React components and its subcomponents in a way that is much simpler. Use a few simple routes to manage React elements using some rules to simplify your code and make it more efficient.

Provides Developer Tool Set

The React Developer Tool is a browser-based extension that is available only on Firefox or Chrome. The tool lets you navigate through the hierarchies of reactive components and analyze its current condition and their props.

ReactJS for Dashboards and Data Visualization Examples

Marketing KPI Dashboard

These kinds of dashboards present crucial business data fast and efficiently, which aids marketing professionals make instant business decision-making.

Telemedicine Dashboard

The dashboard of telemedicine displays the raw data using the most effective UX methods.

Weather App Mobile Dashboard

These types of dashboards are simple to comprehend the weather’s direction. ReactJS mobile application with seamless navigation.

ReactJS Dashboard KPIs and Metrics

Developing ReactJS Dashboard allows you to quickly assess your company’s performance through indicators and set long-term objectives. It is crucial in making important decisions and communicating business requirements which leverage the benefits of dashboards’ information.

Business KPIsDashboard assists you to cut down on information and identify the performance, growth, revenue and similar measures of your business. They are the most important performance indicators.

High-level KPIsIt establishes the factors that you can evaluate in your company’s performance.

Low-level KPIs- they are narrowed to aggregate team-wise objects, department-performance.

The KPIs monitored by ReactJS dashboards include:

  • Revenue
  • Churn rate
  • Rate of growth
  • Net profit
  • Project schedule variance

The features React.js in Data Visualisation

  • Rapidly learning curve.
  • A way to use a declarative approach to creating UIs that makes code more predictable. The code is easier to understand.
  • A component-based design. Components can be reused indefinitely and, consequently, keeping your program up to date is a simple job.
  • Performance. The rendering process using virtual DOM is extremely fast because the diffing algorithm underneath the underneath of React optimizes costly DOM operations required to refresh the view. This means that the elements are inexpensive to build.
  • A powerful event management system that’s implemented by the delegation of events. It is compatible with the document object model of the W3C.
  • Ecosystem. You can benefit from React Developer Tools that can be downloaded with Chrome extension.
  • API stability. If anything changes there is no migration path to follow.
  • A custom rendered version of React Native which allows you to write native applications that run on iOS as well as Android.
  • Community. It’s supported by Facebook and has a large group of software developers around the globe. Additionally, you’ll discover a wealth of guides, tutorials, as well as StackOverflow discussions.
  • Excellent for applications with live data in real time.


How can React define the tone of your business?

ReactJS is a popular, highly regarded, well-known, and great JavaScript framework that needs amazing user interactions and awe-inspiring animations. ReactJS has a wide range of compatible libraries, add-ons and plugins.

It’s dashboards and visualization of data offers a variety of benefits which we’ve discussed throughout this article. I hope by the end of this blog you’re conscious of the significance of data visualization in the development of your React project, and you’re now ready to move on to the next stage!








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