What is Workflow Management?

When you are about to start your project, you must have an MVP with the set objectives and goals. Having set clear goals and objectives will lead you to the right path. This setting of the objectives and goals will help you to define the workflow processes in your organization.

Now, you must be thinking that once these workflow processes are set how you will manage the workflow. Managing the workflow processes is called workflow management.

The activities which are shown in the workflow as represented as flow. This flow will help you in describing the relationship with the other units of the business. In the general sense, it is a presentation of the flow of the work. That will tell you about how to get the things done.

In this article, we will get to know about workflow management, its types, examples. That will allow you to get a deeper understanding of how you can get the things done in a better and automated way.

Meaning of Workflow

Workflow is nothing but automating your business processes. In this, a set of procedures and rules are maintained and according to these procedures, tasks are performed. These set of rules and procedures guides to perform your task in a more effective and efficient manner.

Models in the workflow involve the diagram as well as a specific set of rules.This helps in defining the flow of information from one task to another.

Workflow acts as a guide to get the work done. It can be taken as the steps which need to be performed to do the task. 

Managing the workflow is all about creating and optimizing the roadmap to get the things done. Workflow Management involves certain things such as:

  • Finding the task to be done
  • Creating a roadmap to do the tasks
  • Automating the business processes
  • Finding the areas of improvement

Why Workflow is Important for Your Business?


Now, we know what workflow is. But, you must be thinking why it is important for my business. What benefits it can offer me. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why business process workflow is important for your business.

1.  Identification of the Unnecessary Tasks

In our daily business routines, there are lots of activities and tasks which are not so important but we are performing them. Business Process Workflow will help you to find those unnecessary tasks and activities which you perform on a daily basis.

Identifying and eliminating the unnecessary tasks in your daily routine will add more value to your business. It will allow your employees to focus on the tasks and activities which are important. As a result, this will enhance the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

2.  Better Communication

Communication is the key to every solution in the organization. If communication is done in a better way, it will solve your issues in the organization. But, if it is not done in a proper way it will lead to miscommunication. Hence, problems will arise.

BPM workflow allows you to lead a proper communication between the different departments of the organization. Better communication will reduce employee turnover and help in smooth functioning of the operations.

3.  Know More About your Business Processes

It is very important for any business to know about their processes. They should be aware about the processes, how the activities are being performed in the organization.

Workflow in the business helps you in getting more insights about your business process. This provides you with deep insights about your processes. It allows you to know how your processes are being operated and in which direction.

4.  Better Accountability and Reduction in Micromanagement

No one wants their seniors to be micromanaging them. Not even seniors want to do that. According to a study conducted by Forbes,

Most of the Employees quit their job because of micromanagement.

By automating the workflow processes, everyone will know what tasks are to be done and what is the status about the tasks. This will reduce the micromanagement by the managers. Hence, resulting in better accountability and making employees responsible for their jobs.

5.  Increased Efficiency and Effectiveness

In most of the organization, employees are being chosen for the job as per availability. Rather than choosing them according to their skill, they are being chosen as per the availability.

This results in decreased quality of the products and services. With the automated workflows, you can choose the employees as per their skill set. This will increase the efficiency of the employees, as they will be performing the task according to their skill set.

Types of Workflow

Types of Work Flow

There are majorly three types of workflow. They are as follows:

1.  Process Workflow

A process workflow happens when the arrangement of tasks is unsurprising and monotonous. This implies before a thing starts the workflow, you know precisely what way it should take.

Business process workflows are set up to deal with a boundless number of things experiencing them. We can take the example of purchase requisition workflow. When it begins, the work process is set with scarcely any varieties, and you can process any number of things in a single work process.

2.  Case Workflow

In a case workflow, you don’t have the foggiest idea about the way required to finish the thing toward the beginning. The way uncovers itself as more information is accumulated.

Support tickets and insurance claims are genuine instances of cases. It’s not satisfactory right from the beginning how these things will be prepared; simply after some examination will the way uncover itself.

Like process workflows, case work processes can deal with any number of things, despite the fact that they are reliant on a human or an intelligent bot to observe the correct way.

3.  Project Workflow

Projects have an organized way like procedures, however there might be greater adaptability en route. Consider releasing a new version of your site. You can foresee with great exactness the grouping of tasks required to finish the project.

However, project workflow is just a great thing. Another website version may not be accomplished for quite a while and won’t almost certainly follow the very same way.

Most assets you’ll discover online will just allude to work processes in the feeling of procedure work process, yet the other two are similarly as imperative to consider as a great part of the work around the workplace falls into those two classes.

Are Workflow and Processes the Same Thing?


We are talking about workflow and processes, but you must be thinking that workflow or process the same. No, they are not the same, they have the difference. Let’s have a look at some of the differences.

  • Business Processes is a sequence of tasks, whereas, workflow is an approach to make this sequence increasingly gainful and effective.
  • Process is something that exists normally and streams intuitively. A workflow is examined, arranged, demonstrated and automated deliberately and with very much characterized purposes.
  • Business Process is the manner in which a group coordinates and communicates to convey an outcome. Workflow is a technology or an instrument that can assist to accomplish the outcome in the most ideal manner.
  • The main objective of the workflow is to automate the business processes. But, if you talk about the normal processes not everyone of them is automated.
  • Workflow is a result of the presence of processes, so it’s feasible for processes to exist without workflow. On the other hand a workflow can’t exist without the corresponding process.

Workflow Management Tools

There are certain workflow management tools that will help you to automate your workflows. These are as follows:

1.  Notion

Notion is the across the board workspace for notes, management of the projects, reports, and coordinated effort. A huge number of groups and organizations around the globe use it to keep their representatives educated and cooperating in one spot.

By bringing all work and information together and making it profoundly adjustable. Notion makes center and transparency, while combining tools, sparing time, and driving greater efficiency for groups everything being equal.

2.  Decisions

Decisions is the main CODE-FREE, flawlessly incorporated workflow and rules stage, conveying totally visual workflow and rules business process management for any business.

Whole workflow with any blend of human and information driven collaborations and rules are constructed graphically, without code. The Decisions rule motor is the most powerful in the business. It helps in furnishing clients with a code free approach to build even the most perplexing sorts of rule sets. No code, no restrictions – Decisions BPM.

3.  FileHold

For larger organizations; workflow is a piece of FileHold Document and Records Management programming that must likewise be bought. FileHold gives a protected, concentrated, inspected, variant controlled and accessible archive vault.

Invoices, buy demands, travel costs, and so on can be taken from the library and put into an audit or approval process. Workflow is activated naturally when a report is added to the library. Mobile phone support from anyplace there is access to the web.

4.  GoodDay

GoodDay is a work, venture, item, assignment, time, and group the executive’s stage that gives associations the best devices for significant level arranging, lined up with their everyday work, and for constant improvement of all procedures dependent on straightforwardness, responsibility, dexterity, and acknowledgment.

5.  FormStack

Start a FREE TRIAL and join more than 500,000 individuals in 112 nations utilizing Formstack, a flexible, intuitive online structure manufacturer for everybody with plans beginning at $19.99 per month.

Without realizing how to code, you can make wonderful, portable agreeable web structures to gather online installments, accumulate client criticism, gather promoting leads, make robotized work processes, or start from 100s of pre-manufactured formats. HIPAA is consistent with 50+ reconciliations for applications like Salesforce, MailChimp, and PayPal.

How Can We Help You?

To be a successful organization, it is very important to implement workflows in your organization. Every entrepreneur wants their business to run hassle-free. By implementing the workflows your work will flow from one stage to another automatically.

Our team will help you to understand your processes and automate them with the help of workflow management systems in your organization.We have provided our custom solutions to our clients to automate their processes through business automation, data analytics, data visualization, digital transformation, Cloud Computing as well as IoT.

Our dedicated team will help you in streamlining your operations with the workflow management systems. We will help you to take your business to cloud with a delightful automation experience.

Our cloud based workflow management solution will help you in everything from planning of the task to execution. The work will automatically flow from one stage to another.It will also help you to control your business workflow resulting in better quality of services, integration of tasks between different departments to make your life easy.

Want to know more about us, how we can assist you in the automation of the workflow, feel free to contact us at www.brisklogic.co.


In an organization, every employee has a different perspective, idea, way of working. If you are doing the things manually without any workflow, it will be difficult for you to get a successful project. Cloud based workflow will create a process for you to get the things done.

Automated workflow helps you with getting the status, whether the task is completed or it is still in progress. These statuses are recorded in real-time and provided to the user. It will automate your manual labor to make your processes more efficient.

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