Why do businesses need MVP software development?

The abbreviation MVP software development does not have anything to do with the greats of sports as long as you’re in the conference rooms and garages of the computer industry. “Most important player” is now a no-go. The phrase “minimally acceptable product” is the simplest possible model of any product or service you wish to offer in the present business climate. The reason to start with a simpler product before proceeding to more complex custom MVP software development is that it lacks resources. The MVP software development helps businesses demonstrate the viability of their product before spending the effort and funds to develop a polished, retail-ready product.

This article explains how to go through the MVP stage and the reasons why it’s an important thing to consider when beginning a custom Software design project.

What is an MVP?

A minimum-viable product, according to Wikipedia is a product that provides sufficient functionality to satisfy the initial customers as well as provide input to further development.

It is important to note that the word “product” is utilized in the broad sense. It could also be used to describe the method of evaluating the concept of a business idea that is just beginning.

The approach is built on Eric Ries’ lean startup method and a few of his theories.

Think about this complicated product the creator is planning to create a sophisticated smart home that can be used for irrigation for plants owned by a client and feeding the pet while he’s away by using a series of tubes that connect with the sink in your kitchen. Naturally, the business owner will want to be sure this device is feasible before engaging a couple of high-end automation engineers. But, the MVP’s concept can also be applied to lesser-developed ideas you come up with for a new company or spin-off of your existing small-scale company.

Also, it increases your odds of developing a functional full-featured project shortly when you’ve got a clear goal and a list of options. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of using MVP is a great choice. MVP approach is perfect for testing concepts and their advantages for your custom software.

There are 7 reasons why should be prioritized MVP software development

The idea of an MVP is especially important in the IT business. There will be a need for customer engagement in terms of usage statistics, interest, and feedback, whether you’re creating an entirely new platform for software web-based sites or any other type that is a digital platform. 

Here are the top factors to think about MVP when developing custom software.


1. The Early Adopters’ Feedback

Initial feedback is the most important purpose for MVP development. Pick one or two crucial qualities that will impress the first clients and start developing relationships with them as soon as possible.

Early adopters will want to share their opinions about desired improvements as well as new features and enhancements. They can assist you in checking your MVP and improving it through changes to this way. Additionally, customers love to talk about the benefits they see within their products. The positive reviews they receive could lead to an online following for your product.

Last but not least those who are the first to adopt your product could be your first customers to pay. This means that you may make money, even though you’re just starting. The first group you’re targeting may not be interested in your product. Do not be angry. To find those who will be awestruck by your product, consider showing the MVP you have created to a range of groups.

Uber’s Story

Nowadays, a lot of people don’t are aware of Uber for its role as an MVP, with just one function and minimalist design in its early days. This feature connected iPhone users to taxi drivers and enabled the payment of the credit card they used to pay for their trip.

Perhaps due to its simplicity, the brand was able to be successful in gaining market share and developing its app and eventually winning its first customers. How did Uber become an international brand? The company first focused on a tiny number of customers from San Francisco and used their feedback to improve the app with exciting new features such as cost estimates, split fares and scheduled rides.

2. Launch using the form of a Flash

The development of a minimum feasible product won’t take too long. It’s crucial to realize that you’re not making the perfect product. It’s more efficient and less time-consuming to offer the basics. What you must do is find the minimum amount of capabilities that can assist you in overcoming the issues of your group of customers.

The main thing to remember is that the sooner you complete a task you complete it, the more valuable experiences you’ll acquire. Additionally, creating an MVP before moving on to custom software development can save time and energy and can help you in not make the wrong decisions when it comes to planning your business and sizing the company.

In addition, the launch earlier allows you to assess your sales and marketing channels. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of promotion. Keep in mind that even the most effective product can fail if it isn’t properly promoted.

3. Attracting investors

There is a wealth of expert investment advice for businesses that are new and need financial help from the Forbes report. They provide the requirements to obtain the money needed. In the end, many investors believe that customers will begin to show interest. Companies that are gaining traction early are more likely to be able to attract investors and receive financing.

The MVP method is a great method to show a need for your item or services in this manner. In the beginning, you launch an MVP that is not viable and then wait for feedback from customers. If the feedback is positive then you’ll be able confidently to present to an investor your prototype, confident about the credibility of your company idea and the significance of your venture.

Zach Coelius, a technology advisor and investor in early-stage startups, is aware of how crucial it is to try out the waters before launching into full-time product development. But, he’s certain about MVPs and has stated the following:

“Ideas are useless, but validated concepts are worth every penny.”

It is impossible to disagree with his claim. Another thing to take into consideration when you’re evaluated for venture capital or angel investment is having a clear understanding of the issue you’re offering or can solve. It is important to present a thought-through solution to a particular problem and describe the appeal of your product to the audience you intend to target.

4. A focus on the specifics

There is a chance to explain your business’ value proposition concisely and clearly using the help of an MVP strategy. It is focused on determining the worth you intend to offer to your customers.

Therefore you’ll be able to set clear goals and make educated decisions about the functionality that should be built first.

Instagram’s Case Study

For instance, the beginning days of Instagram illustrate why it’s crucial to concentrate on a specific feature rather than constructing a broad range of capabilities. This is why it has become an extremely popular video and photo-sharing social network.

Did you realize, even though you did, that Instagram was originally an app that was based on GPS? Perhaps not.

The two creators of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, were working on a product that had features like checking in to locations, planning, and publishing pictures and videos, among other things. But they soon realized that a lot of these features made their app too complicated for the average user. Therefore they decided to concentrate on a single feature. It is related to sharing photos.

Burbn was the initial name used for the initial version of Instagram. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger introduced a variety of features over the years like stories, direct messaging and others. What can we learn from this instance? First, it shows that demand for products is not determined by the number of features that are included, but rather by their value to the customers. Start with a small amount, and after you’ve received positive reviews from the early adopters you can expand your product by adding new features. The MVP method is based on this concept. It aids your newly-established business by providing expansion opportunities.

5. Efficiency in terms of cost

The MVP strategy could assist you in saving the cost of customized software creation in a variety of ways. In the first place, since you’re developing an application that has no functionality and a limited amount of functionality, it will not take time for developers to complete the project. Therefore, the price associated with their products will be less.

When you have a product that is growing then you can use the funds you’ve saved to develop new features to meet your customer’s increasing demands.

You can add functions in a series or enhance existing ones by leveraging the quick feedback from early users. As opposed to creating an entire project that is fully functional this approach reduces the expense of development. Furthermore, you could lower the cost of starting with this method of agile management method to build the product you want at any stage during your MVP design process.

A real-world example of Zappos

Zappos is currently the largest online shoe retailer, boasting more than $Billion in annual sales. It’s difficult to imagine that this giant started by launching an MVP.

Nick Swinmurn thought that people might be interested in purchasing shoes on the internet. He came up with a method to test his theory without spending any dollars on shoes or developing software. Swinmurn simply went to the local shoe shops and took photos of the items on sale. He then decided to post images on a basic web page to check if anyone else was interested. When a website visitor clicked”Buy”, he went to the store and bought the pair he wanted. Then, he dispatched the order and was responsible for the payment.

Nick Swinmurn was able to test the potential of his business idea without investing an enormous amount of money does so.

6. The chance to build customer Loyalty

Your users and you gain from engaging potential customers in the process of testing your least feasible product. In return, they get an impression of importance by showing appreciation for their feedback and are familiar with your product you can gain valuable insight through feedback, and consequently, build solid bonds with the users.

There will be information that you can share with of the future version(s) that you’ve created of your service or product once you’ve published your MVP. You’ll have learned many things about the manufacturing process for your product as well as the actual product. Make this information available as quickly as you can to enhance your next version. Eliminate any preconceived notions regarding the features you believed could be successful and instead, rely on real feedback and stats. 

Minimum viable products were developed to ensure that you don’t waste your time or money on a project or idea which isn’t likely to be financially profitable. A negative review could convince you to change your mind earlier than you planned. However, you’ll be motivated to continue pushing forward if you are receiving positive feedback.

7. Bridges The various Stages in Your Development Process

MVP is a shorthand for Minimum Viable Products and serves the role of a link between the beginning stages of software development to the end product. It’s among the most critical stages of the development process in a specific way. From this point, you’ll be capable of testing your product on markets as well as with your target customers, and also make pivoting if needed.

Everyone wants their custom development projects that have rapid completion, and are on time on time. It is possible to achieve this through an MVP by removing all the features that aren’t tested by users and might be added to the following edition. This will allow for a shorter turnaround time and provides your team with a product they can develop. It is beneficial to be able to build your product completely and to create a united idea for every product, however, sometimes, like taking a bite out of an elephant better to start small and work towards your goal.

The most important takeaways

Consumers, business owners as well as stakeholders, developers and consumers are all benefiting from a minimum viable product. It can benefit your business in the short and long term.

This is what you can do using this method:

  • Make sure you are focusing on the unique value of your offer.
  • The cost of developing and testing custom software
  • Get the funds you need;

To gather input from users who are not yet using the product, we make the product available quickly.

The MVP approach isn’t about building the best product. Your primary goal is to design a product that is functional but basic and gather the feedback of early users to enhance it even more.

Create successful MVP software development with Brisk Logic‘s MVP strategy

Each project we work on for our customers at Brisk Logic goes through the entire process of custom software development starting from the validation of business ideas through MVP execution and scaling. That’s right, Brisk Logic understands everything there is to know about developing an effective MVP. Contact us today to start your MVP strategy to create successful custom-designed software.


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