Why the Metaverse Matters?

Mark Zuckerberg made the biggest announcement in the history of Facebook. The announcement of a brand new brand name for the company known as Meta is likely to bring people’s attention than anything else made by any major brand. For many it caused confusion. For instance, what does the term “metaverse” mean? It’s a fair question. Actually, a lot of companies and individuals are adopting different forms of this metaverse right now.

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse’s name comes from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science-fiction book Snow Crash. The book imagined an imaginary world where users would make use of avatars to communicate with one another. Stephen Spielberg’s movie of the year Ready Player One is which was based on the science fiction novel written by Ernest Cline, dramatized the metaverse in a way that was appealing to a large public. Outside of the realms of entertainment The business Second Life launched an early version of the metaverse in 2003 however, Second Life was probably ahead of its time.

Today , there are many variations on what people mean by the metaverse. However, a common definition is that it is an all-encompassing virtual universe in which people play and live using avatars and virtual products. The definition of in the present is pretty much as Neal Stephenson defined the metaverse.

Is the Metaverse the exact same with virtual reality?

Metaverse environments can utilize VR but it doesn’t need to. The main thing that makes the metaverse is the use of virtual versions of themselves to communicate with one another. However, VR definitely transforms the metaverse into something more engaging.

What is it that makes the Metaverse getting so much attention?

The explosion of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the year 2020 caused an explosion of curiosity about the metaverse. The idea that people could exchange payments in virtual currency – and also produce digital versions of physical objects with NFTs – – made the notion of a virtual universe appear more real. Artists began to sell their work for millions dollars via NFTs, which is the work was entirely digital and nobody could duplicate the metaverse took on an euphoria that is not present in other worlds. Big money talks!

When will it that the Metaverse going to begin to take over?

The metaverse is beginning to take shape. One excellent example is the rising popularity of gaming platforms like Fortnite. On Fortnite millions of players engage in games and buy virtual goods like special costumes for gaming characters by using virtual currency. To make it clear, Fortnite members are using real money to purchase virtual items. To do this they must convert their funds into the Fortnite currency, which is known as V-Buck.

The metaverse is far more extensive than Fortnite As this important essay by Venture capitalist Matthew Ballexplains. The metaverse, once it is fully formed, will be comprised of interconnected virtual worlds where everyone can live their lives as a digital twin. Facebook is determined to assist in building an interconnected world.

What is the reason why the Metaverse affect companies?

The metaverse provides a totally new revenue stream for companies. It’s actually more accurate to call it that it’s a completely new revenue universe. For instance, hip-hop artist Travis Scott earned millions of dollars when his avatar was featured to Fortnite in 2020 for an event. The money was earned through the sales of virtual goods like exclusive Travis Scott gaming skins. However, Travis Scott isn’t the only brand. For instance, MLB offers NFTs of the most famous ballparks. Each NFT comes with original artwork that sells for hundreds in dollars. It was 2021 when Gucci together with the gaming site Roblox have created the virtual Gucci Garden. The Garden was where Gucci offered virtual goods through Roblox’s the currency (Robux). Gaming platform Minecraft has collaborated with companies like Disney for years to provide virtual content. Industry analyst Jeremiah Obyang recently posted a blog entry which provides a number of instances of companies using the NFTs, the metaverse’s building blocks, to make money and interact with users.

What is it that makes Facebook so keen on the Metaverse?

The metaverse has the potential to create enormous economic value for companies that are involved in its creation. For instance, Facebook’s parent company Meta can earn money by selling technology that makes avatar life more enjoyable and more immersive. Though immersive technologies such as VR and Augmented Reality aren’t required to be embraced by Metaverse technology, Meta is betting that businesses and individuals will be able to utilize these types of technologies. Additionally, Meta already has a significant share of the technology thanks to the acquisition of Oculus VR technology.

What should my company do to deal with the Metaverse?

Take a look at whether it’s logical to begin engaging with users through digital platforms such as Fortnite, Minecraft, or Roblox. Consider also whether your company could engage with users through metaverse elements like NFTs. Take a look at the examples Jeremiah Owyang cites in his blog post. Are you able to think of your brand earning trust and loyalty with an NFT, as Taco Bell is doing? If so, now is the perfect time to try something new.

The metaverse could also be the source of interesting ways for brands and individuals can connect to one another through content, including:

  • Virtual events that are conducted via digital twins.
  • Create content that is fun and entertaining that users can unlock with NFTs.
  • Participating in thought-leadership discussions for discussion on what the future holds for virtual reality or augmented reality by using your personal avatars on a platform hosted by a different business.


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