How to outrank Your Restaurant’s Competition using SEO strategies?

Learn these seven essential elements of the playbooks of your competitors to increase your SEO traffic and be successful in your field.

How To Find & Outrank Your True SEO Competitors

To be able to outdo the competition online that could be taking the majority of your market you’ll have to concentrate on each of the seven SEO strategies:

  • Discover.
  • Rule Out.
  • Identify.
  • Uncover.
  • Select.
  • Refine.
  • Outperform.
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1. Discover: SEO Competitor Or Just A Brand Competitor?

Being able to identify your competitors is the first obstacle to overcome.

This may sound simple however, digital competitors could be different from brands.

Brand competitors can be different across all business lines Additionally, some companies’ online competitors might not be real SEO competitors.


How To Discover Actual SEO Competitors

First, find all your competitors.

You’ll then be able to find out if and how they’re performing in SEO.

In this stage, you can make segments of lists of brands as well as SEO rivals.

Pro Tip: One easy method of doing this is to check your website’s Similar web page and similar Sites.

After you’ve seen the results, it’ll be simple to categorize your competitors by “brand competitors” and “digital SEO competitors.”

From this point, you can begin to alter and change your SEO strategies to concentrate on your real SEO competition.

Example: EasyJet


In the instance of easyJet, British Airways is a brand-name competitor for marketing overall. But, as we can observe from the similar Sites on Similar web, britishairways.com is not an SEO competitor. skyscanner.net is a more powerful SEO competitor to monitor and outrank.

It’s better to look into Skyscanner and put your focus there, not focusing on those who are just brand competitors.


We can observe that Skyscanner along with other SEO competitors is concentrating its efforts on driving large amounts of traffic to its websites.

The new aim of EasyJet is to increase Skyscanner’s traffic, thereby cutting down the market share of a direct online rival.


Bonus Step: Understand The Level Of Your Competition

When you’re looking into your competition, look at their performance on their marketing channels by using Similar web’s Marketing Channel Analysis.

Our research shows that all of easyJet’s SEO competitors are in the top ten percentile of those of the Travel and Tourism industry average as evidenced by the bar graphs that cut the gray “industry average” box.


2. Digital Marketing Intelligence.

Example: EasyJet

Within Likeweb’s Digital Marketing Intelligence, you can toggle your display from a numerical value to percentages.

This lets you easily observe the fact that easyjet.com along with skyscanner.net are in a neck-and-neck battle in terms of the organic traffic to their websites they earn in the leisure and travel space.

The data suggest that they have always been nearby, while TUI.co.uk has generally fallen behind.

It’s not a good idea to EasyJet to examine TUI to aid in advancing its plan of action since TUI does not perform very well in SEO.


If, however, TUI suddenly experienced dramatic growth in organic search traffic and a huge increase in organic search traffic, then easyJet will want to know the changes TUI made to boost searches.

Knowing how your competitors’ organic traffic fluctuates will help you determine what’s working and what’s not.

3. Identify: Competitor’s Powerhouse Content

It’s not enough to be aware of your competition in today’s world of digital It’s important to be aware of how they’re driving traffic, and what they’re focused on today as well as earlier.

Inquiring at their patterns and gaining knowledge of what pages they are using to attract organic search traffic, you will be able to develop your strategy for digital.


How To Identify Your Competitors’ Powerhouse Content

Find out which pages of your competitors are the most successful.

Then plot their overall page’s traffic by month to build an overview map.

Find out the keywords that their pages are ranked for.

Cross-reference every item of content as well as its keywords in an analysis tool for trend analysis.

Include these findings in the SEO strategy.

This information will reveal what other brands are focused on at the moment and anticipate the next decision.

Review the subjects or products they’re marketing and look for patterns in the information. Are their patterns changing from month to month or year to year?

Example: EasyJet


When using our Organic Pages tool, we find that the third-best landing page of TUI is focused on COVID testing.

The most likely reason is that passengers are looking to know the best way to be checked before flying.

While this page was initially a bit weak, you can observe an increase at the end of the month which suggests that TUI has increased its focus in this area.

This is something the SEO teams of Skyscanner and easyJet must be aware of.

4. Uncover: See Where Each Competitor Focuses Their Efforts

Rankings are important – quite a bit. Examining the rankings of your competition’s digital pages using a SERP analysis lens could provide you with an understanding of the things that Google prefers or doesn’t like.


How To Get An Advantage On Top 3 Rankings

Create a list of your company’s most popular keywords.

Check the SERPs for your keywords and note the competitors who hold the top three positions for each keyword.

Determine the number of positions every one of your competition has. Utilize these keywords to guide you in your SEO strategy.

Make your strategy one step further by considering the kinds of content that are most popular for each of your digital competitors.

Pro Tip: A more efficient method of doing this is to utilize Likeweb’s tool for ranking.

With the Ranking Distribution tool, you can check whether Google “likes” a competitor’s website based on its ranking and use search terms to discover the reason.


5. Select: Crown Your Keyword Champions

Now you’ve got a concept of which pages or content types, as well as keywords, are giving your competitors their edge.

It’s time for you to pick the keywords for the SEO strategies.

How To Pick The Best Keywords For Your Winning SEO Strategies.

If you’re on the Similar web platform, go to the Keywords tool inside The Competitive Analysis section.

This feature can check if the top pages in step 4 are geared towards specific keywords, such as “travel,” “summer vacation,” “couples destinations,” “family vacations,” and more.

Filter by the performance that is not branded. This allows you to examine the traffic share of competitors for the search term you’re looking for.

6. Refine: Bridge Keyword Gaps

Once you have a better understanding of your competition’s fundamental SEO strategies, you must find your areas of growth and identify the gaps in your keyword search.

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered.

The Keyword Gap tool makes this task simple.

Click on the Keyword Gap to quickly see what keywords your competition is getting traffic from that you’re not.

With this “opportunities” recommendation on the right side, you’ll be able to discern where you should put your efforts.

It is not necessary to conduct a detailed analysis to determine ways to increase your organic share.

7. Outperform: Expand Your Keyword Horizons

If your competitors’ traffic comes via a key subject, study that keyword to gain a better understanding of the full scope.

The Keyword Generator lets you delve into the data of the three largest search engines, allowing you to extend your keyword lists with important keyword ideas.

Though you will discover a wealth of information on ways to improve your keyword strategy by studying your direct SEO competitors you can gain better results through a thorough study of your entire industry.


Click the button on Keywords in Industry to access the full listing of traffic leaders as well as their top traffic-generating keywords.

May The Best One Win

SEO strategies is a constantly evolving game. Search engines continuously update their algorithms, and brands constantly modify their strategies, which means you must be alert.

Learn these seven essential aspects of the strategies of your competition using Similar web Digital Marketing Intelligence to gain more traffic from SEO strategies and gain traction in your business.



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