ChatGPT in Practice: Case Studies and Success Stories

The hype surrounding chatbots is rising chatbot failure stories are continuing to gain more attention as well.


But, stories of success are scarce and even the most ambitious ChatGPT interface designers should examine them since 100 failures to fail there are just a few stories of success.


We’ve compiled a list of 25 chatbots that have been successful and scripts for example from various applications.


Our list features the best chatbots for various scenarios, from business and personal use including bots for sales as well as friendly bots, like,

The lessons learned from studying chatbots

We’ve seen companies concentrate on their user’s essential needs set achievable goals and focus on usability to create bots that are successful. It is essential to realize that chatbots do not come with success.


Through our investigation, we discovered a variety of chatbots that failed.


Without further ado Let’s talk chatbots.


Chatbots for customer service

Bots for customer service help clients with questions such as answering FAQs or checking the status of a delivery.


Bots can help improve customer engagement and satisfaction through the speedy responses they provide. Chatbots, therefore, is an essential element of the conversational commerce strategy of businesses.

1 HelloFresh Freddy

HelloFresh introduced its bot to

  • control its quizzes and surveys. When Facebook users were able to correctly answer questions, Freddy sent them automated offers.
  • Offer suggestions for recipes.

Although the bot may not appear to be impressive in its ability to communicate it was able:

  • Reducing response times by up to 76 percent. This isn’t surprising since bots immediately responded to a variety of questions, bringing your average speed of response to a lower level.
  • Increase the number of messages received by 47 percent

Chatbots for Therapist

2. Woebot is a cost-free chatbot for therapy:

Woebot was developed by Alison Darcy, a clinical psychologist at Stanford University. It was released as an iOS app in the year of 2018.


Woebot employs cognitive-behavioral therapies for delivering scripted messages to users.


70 students in college who suffer from depression tried Woebot and their results were documented in a study paper that demonstrated substantial advantages.

3. Wysa raises money to improve the mental health of its employees

Wysa is a therapeutic chatbot that has received many favorable reviews from its clients.


The chatbot was developed in the year 2016 for both employees and individuals alike to get through depression, stress anxiety, stress, and various psychological issues.


The year 2021 was the one in which Wysa managed to secure $5.5M as Series A funding specifically to concentrate on the mental health of employees.


This was possibly due to the increase in awareness of mental health issues among employees in particular, particularly after the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the stress of health and occupational risks.

Conversion boosters & sales bots

While sales bots aren’t able to provide public statistics on their performance, they’re extremely useful. Leading vendors who develop sales bots may succeed if they develop a strong solution.

4. for landing pages provides businesses with the ability to develop their own chatbots with their intuitive, no-code chatbot builder. Landbot’s chatbot makes use of conditional logic (if you do X, then Y) to transform leads into customers.


A conglomerate of insurance providers achieved 90% success in helping current customers with their insurance claims as well as turning potential leads into customers.

5. Dominos simplifies the process of ordering pizza using the help of a bot

Dominos uses a chatbot in restaurants to facilitate a simple ordering process. In addition, as an effort to boost their brand’s recognition, Dominos built a chatbot using Facebook Messenger.


The bot allows customers to place orders for pizza at any time from any place. Customers can also customize their orders through the bot, for instance, specifying if they would like additional toppings or certain types of crust.


Travel chatbots

6. Emirates Vacations

Emirates Airlines created a chatbot to help its travelers with their travel recommendations.


The strategy of their chatbot is different from other competitors, as they incorporated conversational AI technology and on-site display advertisements.


The bot asks questions, such as the kind of trip you’ll be taking, and then registers the person’s intention along with the page on the internet that the user is currently on.


The chatbot can then customize the planning process for vacations by offering travelers vacation packages and providing pertinent information regarding the destination.


The company claims that the results of the 30-day test were positive they saw an increase of 87% in engagement among customers who saw the chatbot’s ad, compared to those who saw a traditional display advertisement.

Digital assistants

7.  Alexa the voice bot that generated the highest revenues

With an anticipated 125M units in the pipeline by 2025, Amazon’s Alexa is the most profitable chatbot, with Amazon being the main driver behind it.


In 2021 Alexa was able to use 80K+ of her skills within the US in the United States alone. Skills in Alexa terms refer to applications that enable Alexa to accomplish specific tasks using voice.


With its large community of developers, Alexa is more skilled than any other chatbot. She will help you shop and enjoy music, take polls, and even control the lighting in your home.

8. Google Assistant

It is available across the majority of Android handsets, Google Assistant is a complete digital concierge. Google Assistant functions as a suggestion engine for responses to its messaging services.


In addition, assistants are able to respond to questions and gain insight into users ‘ needs to give them customized tips or news.


Since Google Assistant comes in-built into phones, it doesn’t have as large of a market in terms of speakers, just like Alexa. It has however kept pace with Alexa in recent times.

Survey bots

9. Polly would like to learn more about you

Polly is a bot for surveys for Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Enterprise.


The chatbot’s primary function is to gather data from employees including their satisfaction in an event, working environment, or in any other situation in which the voice of employees must be heard.


The data gathered through surveys can be converted into data-driven decisions.

Chatbots for general usage

Chatbots can be entertainment and digital companions:

10 ChatGPT-3

It’s hard to discuss chatbots and AI without mentioning the most recent ChatGPT version. ChatGPT-3.


Its fluency with grammar and the ability to think on its feet makes it an ideal chatbot with a variety of developers that are releasing ChatGPT-3-based chatbots.


But, there are many instances where its inability to comprehend logic can lead to errors and untrue suggestions.

In the video, see two ChatGPT-3 AIs conversing in a manner that is close to human.


The training level allows the AI bots to laugh and share their opinions of being robotic, and even discuss philosophical subjects like love, friendship, and being humans on the outside.


Because of the bot’s capability to talk to humans about a range of topics and topics, the app increased to more than one million users in just a week.


For example, the image below shows how ChatGPT is identified in terms of terms used by investors.

In summary

The majority of businesses today have a presence online in the form of a website or social media accounts. They must take advantage of this by using personalized chatbots to effortlessly connect with their target audience.


Thanks to developments in natural language processing, chatbots may now converse with customers in a manner similar to that of humans.


Businesses may accomplish more in less time by deploying a chatbot, which saves time, money, and resources.


At Brisk Logic, we offer specialized chatbot solutions to meet the demands and objectives of businesses in a variety of industries, assisting them in leveraging the power of ChatGPT.


Contact us, and a member of our bot development team will get in touch with you to discuss how to create your chatbot in the most effective way.


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