Digital Experience Design 2021: How Good is your Design for Digital Experience

In the world of digital transformation, it is very important to start with Digital Experience Design. Now, it has been seen that numerous organizations are coming up with new products in the market. They are coming up with the robustic and the customized solutions for every industry.

There are many benefits of those customized solutions but sometimes they are difficult to understand and use. At that moment we talk about the user experience or the UX design.

By not being able to understand the functionality of those solutions, the user experience gets hampered, resulting in frustration and unhappiness about the product. This will also lead to less productive users who do not want to use the product. At that time digital experience design comes in the scenario.

What is Digital Experience Design?

Nowadays, it has been seen that consumers interact with the solutions of organizations through websites or mobile applications. The solutions contain difficult functionalities which lead to loss of interest of users in the product.

In this scenario, a digital experience design comes into the picture. Digital experience design will increase customer engagement hence, resulting in more revenue. Digital Experience Designer helps in making a user-friendly product and creating a better digital experience for your customers.

The digital experience designer makes use of data visualization to reduce the complexities of the product and provides the customer with smooth and easy functionality to adapt.

Four I’s of a Digital Experience Design

There are certain elements of digital experience design that will help to know about it more clearly. These are as follows:

1.  Integration

Integration is the first element in the digital experience design. All the digital and non-digital parts ought to be interconnected and predictable with one another. The client should get a consistent and smooth excursion to encounter.

2.  Interaction

The digital platforms such as websites, mobile applications and other digital products should have consistent interaction with users. It is essential to have an active response from the users who are visiting your page for the product.

3.  Intuitive

The user experience designer has to take care while creating the interfaces for the digital products that they are intuitive enough. The user’s thought and behavior needs to be understood properly by the digital experience designer in order to match the digital experience design with user expectation.

4.  Innovative

For a good digital experience design, the UX design should be innovative. The digital products UX Design should be updated and redesigned at proper intervals.

How to Make a Good Digital Experience Design?


To avoid the disappointment of the users for the product, it is very important to have a good digital experience design. Let’s have a look at some factors to have a good digital experience design.

1.  Consistent Experiences

It is essential for the organization to provide a consistent digital experience design to the consumers. It is the responsibility of the digital experience designer to provide a user friendly experience to the customers. Usually, clients are not aware of the exact feel of the product. The digital experience designer will provide them with consistent experiences with the help of UX design and data visualization.

2.  Consistency in Visualization

To provide a designing digital experience, visualization of the product matters a lot. Consistency in visualization will engage the customers. User experience designers can use the data visualization method for the consistency in visualization of the product. Data Visualization will provide the graphical representation of the product to make the product as the consumer desires.

3.  Measuring the User Experience

Organizations ought to never expect that clients will carry the irregularities to their notification. They ought to effectively measure how clients feel about their product/service, which will give them chances to improve. Such improved products and services will improve the digital experience design.

4.  Use of Digital Initiatives

The use of digital initiatives should be done in the customers journey for the use of the product/service. This will help in expanding the value proposition of the product. To achieve a good digital experience design , the user experience designer should plan the product that simplifies the features of the product in which the customer is mostly engaged. Thus, ensure the plan of your application spares clients’ time and effort.

What is Experience Design?


Experience Design is all about the user experience, the interaction with your product. It is all about manipulating the user experience through various factors such as usability of the product, design, marketing and the desirability of the product.

“The first requirement for an exemplary user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer, without fuss or bother. Next comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are a joy to own, a joy to use. True user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want, or providing checklist features. “

Tools Used for Experience Design

There are certain tools available for Experience Design used user experience designers.They are as follows:

1.  User Surveys

A user experience designer could talk with existing and potential clients of the framework to pick up understanding into what might be the best structure. Since the client’s experience is abstract, the most ideal approach to legitimately acquire data is by examining and cooperating with clients.

2.  Wireframes and Prototypes

After knowing the requirement by the client, the user experience design will create wireframes and prototypes based on the concepts they have understood about the project. These wireframes will contain different layouts of the product. Based on this, the product will be developed.

3.  User Flows

User Flows is an important concept for experience design. The user experience designer should be aware of the user flow i.e how the consumer will think and act while using the product.

4.  Design Layouts and Patterns

Layouts and Patterns give consistency and a method for finding the best “tool” for the activity. With UI designs patterns, for instance, picking the correct UI components (for example module tabs, breadcrumbs, slideshows) for specific tasks dependent on their adequacy prompts better and progressively natural encounters. User experience designers not just propose designs patterns that are utilized on different sites, however create custom examples explicitly for the present project.

5.  Content Style Guides

Consistency is basic to making a noteworthy client experience through your product image. Content style guides give scholars and planners a system wherein to work when making content and building up a structure, and they additionally guarantee that the brand and structure components line up with the proprietor’s objectives.

Techniques used by User Experience Designers


For better experience design, the user experience designers need to use certain techniques. These are as follows:

1.  Analytics Software

Analytics Software

Analytics Software for experience designing will provide an insight into the behavior and experience of the user. With the help of these types of analytics software, the UX designers can analyze how the user will act and react, and according to that, they can make the product.

There are certain analytics software such as google analytics, Zoho analytics, Sisense etc.

2.  Content Inventory Software

Content Delivery Software

There are a lot of strategies for leading a content inventory. Utilizing an on site server application (for which you’ll expect access to the Web server) is best for creation sites; being nearer to the source than outsider programming, these applications will normally be increasingly exact and proficient. You can use as basic an instrument as Excel to make and deal with a content inventory  (look at the GetUXIndex() format).

3.  User Testing and Feedback Software

Talking to clients is another famous user experience design task. The best and cost-sparing approach to do this is with a survey or feedback application and remote client testing.

Client feedback tools are plenteous. General review tools, for example, PollDaddy are adaptable solutions that can be utilized for different projects, as well. There are ease of use explicit feedback tools, for example, Usabilla, and remote client testing services, for example, Usability Hub, which control ease of use tests on reviewers.

4.  Wireframing and Prototyping Software

Wireframing and prototyping should be possible essentially with pen and paper. Paper prototyping, specifically, has numerous advantages, for example, being reasonable, helpful for bunch prototyping and snappy and simple to create.

Digital Experience Design Agency

At Brisk Logic, we provide you with robust data solutions that will help you to collect and organize data that will help you to reach your business goals. Our team will be helping you at every step of your way.

Digital experiences are the aftereffect of a wide range of components meeting up at once. Our associated way to deal with Experience Design begins by understanding your user and their objectives. We distinguish the content they will react to and the minutes that issue most in the consumer journey. At long last, we adjust the structure and brand to focus on the journey.

As designers, we make sure to keep the data more relevant, accurate and simple through best practices and applying appropriate charts. We give an equal importance to the layouts and background with the help of animations in order to interact with data visualizations. Our developers have also provided customized solutions in Web and Mobile applications to our customers.

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So as to drive client engagement, upgrade faithfulness, and increment client esteem, it is basic for brands to consider the client’s considerations, feelings, and personalization needs. To accomplish this, brands ought to have a technique for digital experience design for their digital platforms.

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