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We have developed an automated solution for field service management. It is all about creating collaboration between departments and increasing the return on investment.

The Business Challenge

Our client required us to develop a collaboration system for field employees. The people who can work together to troubleshoot the problems of the machines and can easily share the documents with anyone from their contact list.

 The problem should be designed in such a way that it can reduce the paperwork and allow organizations to run their business processes automatically. Another objective was to track the employee’s work progress, real-time statistics, create estimates and send the invoice to the customers. The client also wanted to have this platform for the employees as well as the customers all over the U.S.

business challagne

The Solution

The development of the product involves backend, frontend as well as the development of the mobile application and ios. Brisk Logic’s development was responsible for developing the backend as well as the frontend of the application.

The main challenge was to develop this digital solution with high performance. To develop the application our experts applied backbone.js, jquery, node.js, handlebars and underscore. For the purpose of data storage parse API has been used.

To implement the workflow for the employees and track their job, our engineers customized the javascript scheduler. As a result, a task management calendar was created. The lightbox to edit tasks was transformed into a popup window and the calendar interface was created.

Besides, our product engineers developed to add blocked time to the calendar at the time when no tasks can be created for any of the employees. The calendar map view displays employees positions on the google map while adding it to the scheduler. It will display the cities where the selected employees have the task assigned and the employer can track their latest position and their travel time.

Our experts also developed a feature where the client can visualize the data in the form of comprehensive reports and colorful diagrams. The charts and diagrams displayed the revenue trend and tickets by job type. It allows the client to track the performance of the employees in real-time.

The Result of the Product
Brisk Logic in cooperation with the client engineers developed an automated solution that runs smoothly and provides the customized solution as per the client requirement. The application allows different service-based companies across the USA to: ● create profiles ● add their employees ● create checklists ● estimates and invoices ● monitor and track employees performance and revenues


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