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How No Code is Improving the Healthcare Industry?

Of all the industries which were influenced the most by the epidemic, no code healthcare is the one that stands out. When medical consultations, hospitalizations, and visits to hospitals for patients who are not COVID declined and there was a dramatic increase in the use of teleconsultations. Telemedicine is proven to be a game changer for the healthcare industry as well, with the forecast that the field could be worth as high as USD 170 billion in 2026. In the past, from Big Tech to investors, there is a growing number of investments made in the area of digital healthcare.

A lot of startups are entering this sector as well. This is proof of the reality that the concept of telemedicine isn’t just the latest trend in healthcare, but rather it’s in the making and will determine the next stage for healthcare organizations must be.

With this in mind that is the case, it is vital that healthcare organizations be ready to embrace digital change. To stay ahead of the digital competition, healthcare organizations have to be prepared to accept digital disruptors and utilize these disruptive technologies in a way that allows them to adapt to the changing needs of their industry.

Our software is developed with a complicated language that only a few people are able to utilize. Software engineers need to master the language of code to design specific software solutions for businesses.

In the health industry, the majority of companies use code to create their software. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions depend on computers and software to plan treatment, organize patient information, study new treatments and diseases and convert algorithms into useful data, and many more. Based on the specific software and how it is to be used, developing software typically takes between 4 and 9 months, occasionally even longer.

Programmers can spend hundreds of hours creating codes that must be checked and modified. From planning to testing, the whole process many business owners aren’t after that, there are many business owners who aren’t completely satisfied with the output of their product. With the digital revolution sweeping through every industry and business and resulting in a rise in demand for applications that run on both mobile and web platforms, Numerous companies are looking for speedier and more efficient methods of establishing platform businesses.

It is now possible to design and build efficient enterprise applications, because of Brisk Logic.

Building Custom Enterprise Solutions Faster

Brisk Logic is an innovative way to create enterprise software without knowing the basics of programming. It’s entirely visible drag-and-drop technology, which allows anyone to design the platform that they like without having to learn to code.

Established in the year 2016 in by Gary Hoberman who also acts as the CEO of the company. Brisk Logic has revolutionized the way that enterprise solutions are built using its code-free platform. It lets businesses build custom software that is enterprise-grade with better quality and less expensive in comparison to conventional approaches.

Instead of writing codes, Brisk Logic uses no-code, which allows users to build software via an interface for users (UI). By using no-code, businesses can develop software more quickly and efficiently than they have ever. Brisk Logic‘s cloud-based platform gives customers a collection composed of components already built. Through drag-and-drop functions, it is possible to create complete applications quickly.

In the business world, time is money, and the rapid development of software or a program will allow for a quicker testing time to determine if the ideas are successful.

With Brisk Logic’s intuitive interface users can easily create programs. It doesn’t require an IT or programming professional. No matter what your skills you can build an internet-based website, a web app, or a computer software program by sliding and moving forms and tools.

Despite its relatively short time in existence, Brisk Logic is already establishing its place in the world of market leaders such as Goldman Sachs, Marsh, Liberty Mutual, Maimonides Medical Center, Chicago, New York, and the District of Columbia as its clients.

The Benefits of No Code in Healthcare

Brisk Logic’s platform for no-code offers many benefits for healthcare providers.


One, it permits hospitals and health institutions to develop custom applications tailored to their requirements.

“So Mya method of our users to develop applications that are species-specific, based on their particular clinical trial. In my time developing software for clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis trials, it is quite different from the trial for ulcerative colitis. It is also necessary to make adjustments to workflows and processes. If it’s difficult to develop software that’s adequately customized, businesses will resort to using word and spreadsheet files but the user experience is very slow and manual. What we’ve created is the capability to digitally automate and streamline these types of manual workflows, without having to put in an immense amount of time working through a 12- to 18-month process of developing an application,” explained Kara.

Second, no code provides technologies faster, but without compromising quality.

The standard code-based approach can take months to complete which results in a higher price whether you employ an external developer or an internal developer. Hand-coding or writing each line of code lengthy. Brisk Logic’s visual no-code feature lets you Drag and Drop, dramatically cutting the development time while also delivering faster apps.

Third, a top-quality platform at lower costs

Brisk Logic dramatically reduces development time which reduces the costs of owning. The easy procedure of developing applications implies that companies don’t need to spend money on third-party services or vendors. For those companies that have in-house developers, the non-code platform helps them do their job more efficiently. For business owners who aren’t aware of what to do with code taking advantage of the no-code platform means they can develop or manage the capabilities inner cent programs. According to the website Brisk Logic, No code reduces the cost of creating and managing enterprise applications by 300 percent! This is a huge more quirevings.

Fourth, faster reaction to changes

Companies and organizations in the field of health change and improve constantly and requiring software developers to modify their coding. In clinical trials, adjustments and adjustments are also common to enhance the customer experience. With Brisk Logic modifications to applications are much easier and provide rapid time-to-market responses. It is possible to make changes immediately and keep your platform for enterprise up to date.

Improving Healthcare Businesses and Organizations

The reach of Brisk Logic’s health care services extends beyond the creation of applications.

Kara said that they also provide best practices and ideas regarding best workflows.

“Something which Brisk Logic has been doing from the beginning has led to a createip by bringing in industry experts in the process of commercializing and establishing a new market. Another thing we do as a group of SMEs is creating libraries that we refer to as”modules” or snippets that constitute the foundation of apps. These could be things such as insurance card data ingestion or a form for requesting demographic information from patients and prebuilt integration with a solution that includes human APIs for medical records of patient’s access to geolocation, chat, and more that we incorporate into nearly every application we create, and this creates a system that we connect to accelerate the creation of these apps ” Kara further explained.

Brisk Logic offers the technical capabilities as well as insights and intel to assist health care organizations in areas they might or might not be doing very well.

With the revolutionary Brisk Logic, no-code platform healthcare providers can provide better outcomes for patients across various groups and services.

The No-Code for Healthcare is a crucial instrument in this respect it facilitates all aspects of Electronic Medical Reports (EMR) to establish a digital infrastructure of medical facilities without having to write even a single piece of code. It makes digitization quick, easy, and cost-effective, which allows companies to be at the forefront of digital changes that occur continuously. Healthcare without code is the best way to enable the digital transformation of healthcare institutions by implementing the follcands:


Efficient Patient Management

No-code healthcare allows hospitals to develop solutions that greatly enhance the experience for patients. Patients are able to fill out digital forms that collect the information needed to register, making the procedure much easier than it was before. With no code, you can also build portals and dashboards which provide top-quality digital user experience for onboarding.

Brisk Logic’s user-friendly features allow you to create automated workflows that record each step beginning from the time an individual is admitted to when they receive a bill at the discharge. This is extremely beneficial for both organizations and patients because they are fully informed about the entire process, and there’s no room for miscommunication. Automated workflows to manage patients can also ease the strain on employees reduce errors and minimize the chances of delays. A seamless process also lessens any stress on the patient’s family members, who could be already under emotional pressure.

Electronic Medical Records

The physical storage of medical records is coa logical manner the maintenance and storage of these records can be quite an undertaking. Additionally, they’re often scattered and are not compiled in a manner that is logical. Fortunately, there is no code for healthcare that could change this one time and for all.

The No-Code code can be used to create solutions that convert these paper-based records to electronic medical records (EMRs) which can be stored quickly within systems. The information is not just reliable and secure, but it can be accessed in moments. This provides healthcare professionals with access to crucial information and allows for the creation of new admissions and consultations simpler for patients too. No more carrying around large files or saving reports from years ago since everything is easily accessed via the capability of EMRs.

Appointment Scheduling using No-Code for Healthcare

The days of appointments were booked by calling a number that was usually busy or via physical visits. No-code permits portals for patients to make appointments online without hassle. Healthcare facilities can send reminders to patients for appointments or follow-ups via these portals, too. Furthermore, these services can also send out notifications via SMS or E-mails to remind doctors and patients of their scheduled appointments. Talk about speed and convenience!

Staff Supervision and Management

With telemedicine set to be able to integrate into doctors’ schedules, they will require solutions that let them be fully aware of their working hours and days. This is why no-code for healthcare can play a crucial role since it lets portals that show complete schedules as well as other obligations. The applications allow companies to keep track of their employees and keep track of their workload and productivity and make the appropriate decisions. Employee management software can be used to facilitate onboarding, training, as well as credentials for new staff.

Inventory Management

managing inventory is a job that requires a lot of effort from employees who must be on their toes continuously. This is even more so in the health industry since the inventory could be lifesaving when it comes to. Without a code for healthcare, you’ll remain on top of your healthcare company’s inventory requirements by establishing databases that are linked to modules like the assets as well as expenses.

It is possible to create workflows that enable you to be in complete control of the medical inventory you have and send automatic notifications to providers and vendors whenever it is necessary to replenish. Since these programs collect crucial information over time and over time, they can be used to produce detailed and informative reports. These reports are important in making better buying decisions regarding medical equipment and other resources.

Running Patient Survey

The provision of services in the field of healthcare isn’t only about the procedure however, a small percentage of it is as well about amenities such as aftercare, cleanliness, and so on. To find out the extent to which your health service was enjoyable surveys are the most effective method.

In the past, some effort was spcaneys that were based on paper. These could be discarded as an unorganized pile of documents. With citizen development without code in healthcare, you are able to create applications that facilitate the process of conducting surveys of patients. It is possible to automate the processing of forms and make sure that feedback is collected into consideration, that efforts are executed properly, and monitor the process.

Claims Management

The management of claims is a lengthy procedure that is difficult for both healthcare institutions. Without a code for healthcare, it is possible to ensure that this process is quick and efficient as possible by developing systems to manage the recording, update, and management of claims related to treatments for patients and medicines. Custom-designed claims management software makes it easy to manage the process making sure that compliance and control maintenance is in place.


It is clear that, as it has been proven, no-code healthcare could change the way that organizations operate and provide convenience and speed by implementing custom solutions that are built with just a single line of code. This means:

  • improved patient experience and longer-term relationships with them.
  • efficient management of staff and resources, and
  • lower costs and time which means greater performance for your healthcare provider.

If there’s ever a time to join the bandwagon of no-code is right now. Brisk Logic has enabled organizations of different sizes, industries, and geographic regions to take on digital change and get the most out of this disruptive force by leveraging the power of no-code. Now is the time for healthcare professionals to prepare to face the post-pandemic future and create solutions that propel their companies to new levels. The worst thing that could happen is to die in an unavoidable digital race and be obsolete. We think the decision is obvious, don’t you?

Join today to get the trial for a free period of Brisk Logic‘s award-winning, no-code platform to experience it for yourself.

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