Technologies that used in EdTech Startups to Make Money-2022

A wealth of data and a platform for experimentation with teaching technology is now a common tool for educators to earn a profit.

The company attributes this increase in revenue to an increase in subscribers as well as a wider coverage across the nation. Profit numbers can be an important boost to morale for many industries and people who are enthusiastic about learning wherever they go. Methods of learning, soft skills development, or making STEM subjects The use of technology has had a positive impact on the educational sector.

Internet services are making their way into every part of the nation new opportunities are opening up for edtech-related industries.

Let’s have a look at the technologies used by lucrative EdTech startups in 2022:


Video and virtual assistant

The idea of virtual assistants has been able to make its way into the lives of many more people than they’d ever admit. Thanks to Siri from Apple, Siri, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Echo Dot, people’s lives have started to depend heavily on these devices.

To capitalize on this growth, Edtech startup ‘Learning matters has launched four items: Tara virtual voice teacher, Tool Box activity-based teaching, Star Teacher and Konnect Teacher skills development as well as Engine Library of videos.

Learning from the Ground Up

Originating from the roots to the root of Artificial Intelligence, deep learning replicates the functions that the brain of humans, so that it can process information and comprehend patterns. These patterns can be utilized in making choices.

Mumbai founded startup school connect is a platform designed to help the education industry by making it easier for the college application and search process. Utilizing deep learning techniques the platform helps students get with the courses they’re looking for making use of predictive models. It also creates one interface for students, so that they can submit their applications to multiple universities in one location.

Artificial Intelligence Tools

There aren’t many sectors that have not embraced the benefits AI can offer to their work and EdTech has benefited from the benefits of AI as well.

“Leverage Edu created by Akshaya Chaturvedi is a career guidance platform that utilizes AI to help students navigate their journey to a career. It provides assistance with college applications and suggests ways to improve their skills.

The process of enrolling on this platform would include everything from your application to your employment would be taken care of by their expert advisors. In addition, information about student loans and housing for students planning to pursue studies abroad is offered.

Virtual Reality

If students can access the basic notions of an area using virtual reality, they have greater chances of understanding the subject more effectively. For instance, “Stativity” offers services specifically that support STEM Science Technology Engineering Mathematical courses, giving students the opportunity to experience the fundamental concepts of Physics through the use of Virtual Reality.

Virtual reality lets you can explore many more possibilities outside of your class.

YouTube is used by Unacademic to disseminate information.

There are platforms known for providing entertaining content. If an individual comes across educative content within the exact same channel, there is a greater likelihood of them switching to learning through this platform. For instance, streaming video platform like YouTube has many pages devoted to informative and insightful videos. They also have a large number of subscribers.


If your subject is intriguing the audience will discover your content interesting and will be drawn to it. Unacademic is one of the platforms that started offering classes on YouTube prior to becoming an educational platform in full. One of the most appealing aspects of this platform is the fact that it covers a range of subjects and offers instructional videos that are available in 10 languages.

Analytics for Learning

In the same way that data analytics have found value for education, the field of education could develop with the help of learning analytics. Data on learning is collected and analyzed by educational institutes to pinpoint areas that require improvement and to measure the effectiveness of their teaching methods. It’s the convergence of analytics, learning and design that is human-centered. This technology is set to revolutionize the way that teachers and students interact and increase engagement. Certain international companies such as Panorama Education, Bright Bytes, Jungyo and Dream box already offer these services.

10 Innovative Future Concepts EdTech Tips


These educational startup ideas will change the way that online education is taught. They come with a variety of ideas and can benefit students as well as teachers.

They make learning enjoyable as well as interactive. They also improve the retention of memories.

Specialized platform for children with exceptional needs

  • Kinematics has been used in games that use motion sensors. However, using it to help educate youngsters is something brand that is new and exciting.
  • Through movement-based learning, children who require special education are able to reap additional benefits.
  • The bundle of Kinesthetics along with adaptive education could be a great option for children. Particularly for kids with disabilities like autism, dyslexia and ADHD.
  • This is among the most lucrative and important ideas for a startup in education. It can generate income and address a major issue.

Augmented Reality for Learning

  • Another great education business idea is making use of AR technology. According to studies, 90 per cent of the information we use and observe remains.
  • If you take similar ideas and build an educational startup that utilizes AR to assist people in learning.
  • Lessons taught using AR are more interactive and discuss the concept in depth.
  • Through this education industry, the teachers will be able to light up the classroom and impart new ideas to students’ minds.
  • Students will experience learning in a fun and interactive way and will also experience an exciting experience.

AI-assisted course selection

  • Another good educational business idea is offering students career guidance.
  • With the many options open to students, they might require some guidance in choosing an appropriate career.
  • Making use of AI to design an educational technology solution that can aid them in choosing a suitable major is a crucial startup idea.
  • The solution is based on the user’s responses to an array of questions and then provides them with the relevant results.
  • Artificial Intelligence offers two benefits. It makes it easier to make decisions and also helps you understand the behavior of users.
  • The current business concepts for education that utilize this technology may be recalibrated to improve the outcomes. Recalibrations are a method to more closely conform to the needs of the customer.

Marketplace for Teacher Lessons

  • Some platforms permit teachers to create their own courses and then share them with students.
  • One thing you can do by using this type of education idea is to create a market for these ideas.
  • The business models will be similar to Amazon for education. Amazon to the education sector. However, only for teachers and professors.
  • They can also develop their own brand identity and portfolio of courses and exams. This will help the students’ peer group of teachers and students, helping them prepare better.
  • It is also possible to allow schools, institutes, and even colleges to create these courses.
  • They could either teach these courses to their own students or offer them to anyone else.

Concept Visualization

  • Watching videos for learning is superior to reading long pages or bulky books. You can build your own educational business in this area. By visualizing concepts and concepts that are associated with the subject.
  • Additionally, it is beneficial to assist students to identify their difficulties in the field.
  • Help them to understand what they’re lacking and what areas they require more of.
  • Visualizations are superior to other methods of learning that are smart. This is due to the fact that they activate the most important areas of learning in the brain.
  • This boosts the power of memory retention and reduces the curve of learning.
  • Your EdTech platform should allow students to draw their concepts. This will increase their involvement.
  • In addition, visualizations are beneficial for students of all ages.

Choosing a Top College or University

  • Students shell out a significant amount of money to ensure they’re admitted to the correct university.
  • Many might even apply for loans, scholarships or financial aid, such as FAFSA
  • A school that can help students become better versions of themselves. One of the concepts that could become an incredibly profitable education industry is to help students choose a school.
  • These kinds of educational startups require big data and machine learning.
  • They take in the history of the student and academic record, thoughts and other aspects of theirs. An intelligent algorithm is used to give them recommendations on various universities.
  • You can also integrate technology such as machine learning and adaptive learning. This can help students receive personalized suggestions.
  • It’s also beneficial it is also profitable to offer different tools to the students. This can help them with the writing process and documentation.

What will EdTech’s next move be?…

Brisk Logic has been able to map out Indian EdTech’s achievements and presence The education technology industry is a global business that is predicted to grow 15 per cent by 2024. Many of the examples listed above are currently operating outside of India or are likely to move into the international market should they want to.

If we think about the future of the education system, it will involve taking classes but not actually attending classes that have VR and AR becoming a reality. Access to a wider range of educational materials, a range of methods of teaching, and many options for channels that are made possible by technology will open the way for tech’s future.

Technology is advancing today, universities such as Yale as well as IIT are making their entire curriculum online for students to attend and take classes for free and increasing numbers of international colleges and universities are choosing to offer their courses via online platforms, which means the future looks bright.


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