Budget Request and Approval App with low–code platform

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Product Ideation

Paper or spreadsheet-based processes for budget approval are error prone, time consuming, and lack transparency. Processes built on legacy systems like IBM Notes, Domino, Oracle, etc. present their own set of problems.

Product Planning

The user interface is complex—typically with a form asking for a lot of information, making it Smartphone-or-tablet-unfriendly. On the backend, it’s difficult for IT to rapidly update the system to accommodate any new business changes in the process or to scale it as the number of users grows


Low-code empowers professional and business developers with speed, flexibility, and collaboration tools to digitize end-to-end capital requests and approval processes on a single platform.


Users get an app that’s accessible from multiple devices, is quick to respond, and offers a consumer-grade UI. IT can integrate the app with ERP systems like SAP Finance to check the capital request against the accounting budget.

Final Product

it’s easy for IT to maintain and frequently update the app in low-code. Cloud-native architecture makes it easy to scale the app based on business demand.
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