Mobile App: Minimum Viable Product

The MVP method offers a platform where an app developer can confirm his assumptions and improve on them to serve the consumer better the concept of MVP is to give maximum value faster at low costs. The advantage of a Minimum Viable Product is that it allows you to learn about your prospective customers and the market as a whole.

Product Ideation

The first and important step is to determine a gap in the market that will try to fill with product. We have asked ourselves what value of product will add to the market and the long-term goal you intend to achieve with the product.

Product Planning

After identifying a gap in the market, we have looked for ways in which we are going to solve the existing problem and make a difference in the app. First pinpointing who the users of the app will be you can then identify the users’ end goals and outline the things they do to achieve their end goals.


Highlighted the strengths and challenges people face when using your product. Features of customer access, their strengths as well as the pains. Ensured to tackle these pains and gains as they are valuable to improve your application. Finally, summarize the gains and pains as opportunity statements as they offer a chance for the development of a better product through wire framing.


Ensured to list all the features to include in the application. This will give you an idea of how your mobile app will be before working on your features chooses all the important ones and use a prioritizing method like a prioritization matrix so that you can work on the most important features first.

Final Product

To make a MVP successful, we ensured the core functionality of your app is working well. The app should also look complete to create a good first impression for the users and it should grow with users. Systematic changes will give the application a good environment to grow and get accepted by your users.
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