Real Estate SaaS

Low-Code Development Helps Entrepreneur Launch New Business Service Fast.

Product Ideation

SaaS solution that keeps real estate agents and brokers in touch and up to date with their clients by informing them about the status of their house listing, scheduled open houses, and upcoming appointments.

Product Planning

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business needed to quickly and inexpensively build a mobile Web site and service that would handle all the elements such a service needs. In order for the new service to succeed financially, it would have to be prototyped, launched, maintained, and updated with a minimum of work.


The framework handled all of the Software-as-a-Service components. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel when you’re using it, because the components are already pre-built. Overall, it’s plug-and-play ready.”


SaaS services with Brisk logic, the development of the SaaS are simple enough that entrepreneurs without much development skills can develop compelling prototypes and launch SaaS businesses without having much technical expertise

Final Product

Speed of development and reduced costs, both of which are vital for entrepreneurs in a fast-changing business environment that requires being able to seize a business opportunity once you identify it. The time to market was only a matter of months.
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