Workflow Vs Process: What’s the Difference?

The main focus of Business Process Management is to automate the processes of the organization. Where most of the organizations are performing their work manually, BPM helps them to automate their processes and workflows. But, what exactly are a process and a workflow? Are these both the same or they have a difference.

Today, every business has their own processes and workflows, either they are manual or automated . This helps to do their work efficiently.

For example, if you run a flower specialist service, you have processes for getting stock in, processes for making blossom courses of action, and procedures for conveying them to individuals. In case, you run a clinical center, you have processes for enlisting new patients, performing and recording tests, and for recommending prescriptions.

While workflows are exceptionally valuable in pretty much every kind of business, you don’t really require work flows to complete procedures. You could advise your new botanical arranger to make a course of action utilizing carnations, green filler’s, and roses and leave them to their own gadgets. It might end up being great, or it may not.

In any case, if you have a work process planned only for making such a course of action, you can be undeniably progressively certain that the finished result will look as it should and meet your quality standards.

It is important to know the differences between workflows and business processes. Let’s have a look at them.

What are Workflows?

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Workflow alludes to how individuals act to organize a procedure and get it going. What tasks must be finished? Who does what — and in what order?

The set of steps that move work through an association signify a workflow. Workflow is tied in with overseeing generally direct, repeatable errands and procedures. With great workflow management, an association keeps up oversight of procedures, (for example, directing and approvals) and can undoubtedly screen results.

Workflows are about how you get processes achieved. Without a characterized workflow, giving IT administrations might be a procedure dependent on calls and clingy notes with written directions.

According to Globenewswire,

“Healthcare and pharmaceuticals is expected to be the largest industry in the business workflow automation market. By the end of 2026, automation in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry is estimated to generate a revenue of more than US $900 million.”

 With automated workflow, it is an efficient procedure dependent on an online solicitation structure, automated notifications, and electronic agendas recording precisely what steps were taken, when, and why.

Workflows characterize the groupings of steps that occur in a procedure, spread them out legitimately, and improve the procedures, quicker, and progressively predictable. They regularly include automation of key steps simultaneously. Procedures don’t necessarily have workflows (however most should), yet work processes are constantly evolved on the side of a procedure.

Workflows as Multiple Processes

Workflows can likewise be adjusted to various procedures with just little changes. For instance, a work process intended for the way toward conveying IT administrations can be changed somewhat to work magnificently when utilized for overseeing building upkeep services.

Or on the other hand a workflow for guaranteeing new organization strategies are perused and comprehended can be altered to guarantee that individuals complete compulsory preparing.

Workflows are tools, at the end of the day. A similar tool (a sledge, say) can be utilized to drive in nails, or it tends to be utilized to pry quarter-round trim from the baseboard. What’s more, every laborer realizes that having the correct apparatuses has a significant effect between work that is productive and predictable and work that is aimless and harder than it must be.

Examples of Workflow Processes

The process begins with stacking information onto the train vehicles, for this situation, the quantity of hours worked. A profoundly useful structure will have the option to be templatized and will consequently pre-populate all the data for every representative.

Your workflow may be a genuinely simple track that prompts supervisor approval and afterward to finance preparing. In any case, you may need to fabricate another track that would restrictively go to another approval if additional time pay is mentioned.

You could likewise make circumstances where approvals are consequently allowed if the information in the vehicles coordinated certain measures, so the motor wouldn’t have to back off at that station.

When the motor pulls into the last station, it can impart a sign, similar to a wire, to trigger an alternate framework to make the installment and furthermore make a diary passage in your monetary framework.

What are Business Processes?

brisklogic workflows process

In business, a process is an arrangement of steps that lead to an outcome. Yet, in BPM, the word is utilized extensively to allude to how a whole framework is planned and composed so the entirety of its parts cooperate and line up with the business’ objectives. These segments commonly incorporate numerous workflows utilized for various divisions, undertakings, items, etc.

We can characterize business processes with an arrangement of exercises (sub divided into assignments) requested in an intelligent way, with circumstances and logical results relations among them, and with the goal of delivering an item, service, data, choice or other yield to an inner or outer client.

According to Forbes,

“Market research firm IDC says that organizations lose 20 to 30% of revenue every year due to inefficiencies processes.”

The chain of procedures of an organization, that is, the succession of a few procedures of a business, expect to increase the value of a final delivery, an item or service. This builds the market’s view of its incentive over the expenses brought about to deliver it.

The more noteworthy the positive contrast between apparent worth and cost of creation, the higher the benefit of the organization will in general be (on account of revenue driven associations).

There are certain examples where Business Processes are used:

  • Administration
  • Banking
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Sales and Marketing Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Performance Management
  • Asset Management
  • Infrastructure

Difference Between Business Processes and Workflows


  • Process is a grouping of tasks, whereas, workflow is an approach to make this succession increasingly profitable and productive.
  • Business Process is something that exists normally and streams instinctively. A workflow is dissected, arranged, displayed and automated deliberately and with very much characterized purposes.
  • Business Process is the manner in which a group facilitates and imparts to convey an outcome. Business Workflow is an innovation or tools that can assist with accomplishing this outcome in the most ideal manner.
  • Only one out of every odd process is automated, but the objective of workflow is really to automate the processes.
  • Business Workflow is an outcome of the presence of procedures, so it’s feasible for a procedure to exist without a work process. On the other hand a workflow can’t exist without the related business process.
  • Workflows are tactical in nature, whereas business processes are strategic in nature.

How can We Help You?

To be a successful organization, it is very important to implement workflows in your organization. Every entrepreneur wants their business to run hassle-free. By implementing the workflows your work will flow from one stage to another automatically.

Our team will help you to understand your processes and automate them with the help of workflow management systems and business process automation systems. We provide our custom solutions to our clients to automate their processes through business automation, data analytics, data visualization, digital transformation, Cloud Computing as well as IoT.

Our dedicated team will help you in streamlining your operations with the workflow management and business automation systems. We will help you to take your business to cloud with a delightful automation experience.

Our cloud based automation solution will help you in everything from planning of the task to execution. The work will automatically flow from one stage to another.It will also help you to control your business workflow resulting in better quality of services, integration of tasks between different departments to make your life easy.

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You may see these related terms utilized reciprocally. An advertiser may think that its valuable to tangle the ideas to sell you on an answer that is excessively mind-boggling and costly for your requirements. Additionally, with the present innovation, automation can be applied both to singular workflows and to process the management in general.

Here’s a basic method to keep the phrasing straight: Workflow is the way individuals cooperate to complete explicit occupations, while process is about how everything in your association joins toward accomplishing your business objectives.

In the event that you are thinking about workflows versus process, think as far as trains. Workflows are a basic piece of completing things, however they aren’t the main piece you have to consider. An extraordinary business process management (BPM) framework additionally incorporates profoundly practical structures, warnings, correspondence and an incredible motor to pull everything along.

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