How Design Thinking can help improve the growth of your startup?

Below are my suggestions and comments from a workshop on creative branding I conducted during this year’s 500 Startups seed accelerator program, Batch 19. The aim was to help startups to employ the principles of Design Thinking to enhance their UX/UI and consequently increase the number of users they attract and improve the market growth.

How do you do it? Here are seven Design Thinking Tips to Improve Your Growth Rate:

Design Thinking

1. Integrate

Make sure to combine powerful market messaging (content) with powerful images (form).

None of the main images, neither the screen on your phone nor the blue background reflect the message of marketing — “donation” or “charity”. What does the graph displayed on the phone have anything in have to do with charitable causes? What is the reason for do you have a blue backdrop? They’re not linked. There isn’t any integration between the form and the content.

I demanded the founders examine their analytics and determine which section of the site gets the most interaction. They said that the greatest engagement is through the “causes” section. is located on the site. 

That’s an awful amount to scroll through… When you get to the root of the issue these Goldfish are already losing their interest — and that’s not even including humans!

I suggested that the Brisk Logic team incorporate their charity causes into their homepage images making use of an iPhone display as a frame to display the content of their charity partners in a sequence.

Homepage after Feedback: Team Brisk Logic came back with new home page Design Thinking.

2. Manifest:

Your company’s image should be presented with an appealing, short tagline and visual, making it easy to read and clear to the brain. This makes it easier for people to recall who you are and the things you do.

Create a concise and powerful catchy tagline (6-8 phrases) that communicates both HOW your company operates and the WHY behind the things you do (your goal, your cause, and conviction).

Combining the two lines on your site’s homepage ” Search engine, as well as license platform for the most popular images and video content on the social networks” as well as “Discover Moments and Tell Stories” and turn it into a straightforward and powerful one-liner.

Website after feedback (version one):

“Real Photos Engage People” is a more powerful tagline. How do we prove (even more effectively) that these pictures were authentically taken by real persons?

When you’re using lightweight text over your video it’s very difficult to comprehend the tagline and explanation. The tagline could be changed to words, “A cutting-edge platform ..,” to a single-liner.

The more obvious you can make this the more clear it will be.

Homepage after Feedback (version 2 — currently): Team Scorpio came back with new homepage Design Thinking.

3. Portray:

Vividly visualize your product or service and let it live through visual storytelling.

On the homepage an image that is static of a mobile phone, along with the app’s search bar’s title, “Where do you want to work?” isn’t the most efficient utilization of the space.

Make it vibrant and enjoyable by showing people how the app functions. Add your Demo Video on the page for demos in the form of animation .gif or video to your phone.

4. Reuse

If you’re a young or established business the consistency of your branding is paramount since your brand’s identity is represented by your brand’s logo as well as message. One of the easiest methods to increase the consistency of your branding is reviewing whether your site or app has a consistent visual appearance. website or app. Reuse and reuse colors and components across the app and website to create a consistent appearance and feel.

My feedback: the companies of a mobile cash service specifically Design Thinking handle small retail transactions.

However, if you go to the icon pages, you will see that the brand’s main logo has not been kept. It’s different when you see white and purple backgrounds.

To ensure consistency across all of your sites (and increase branding recognition) Include the green color of your logo/brand and symbol to your Design Thinking, and style of the icons.

I created the mock-up below to show the dollar symbols in the color green from your logo. The icons now look more in line with your brand’s identity.

Design Thinking

5. Organize

It’s possible to organize content using color, making it easier for viewers to remember your company’s name or to distinguish the company.

In the realm of marketing content, colors can make you distinguish yourself from the rest. Based on Neuro Marketing, “if a good color can sell, the best color will sell better.”

Color can be an important emotional trigger in the field of content marketing. Different shades and combinations trigger different emotions and feelings. It is crucial to pick the appropriate color(s) that reflects your personality accurately and effectively.

As per, users make an opinion about your website within 90 seconds, or even less. Up to 90% of that judgment within those 90 seconds is colored by the color. The marketer Neil Patel gives more evidence that color affects conversion rate finding that 85% of consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by color. Full-color advertisements in magazines are acknowledged 26% more frequently than black and white ads. Colors help people identify your brand name by as much as 88%. It’s crucial to choose the right color for your brand and then stick to the color you choose.

My feedback: The permits medical distributors and suppliers to work with companies regardless of where they are.

6. Visualize

An image can be worth more than a thousand words. Using effective images helps in generating emotion in your viewers, and create an instant bond with your business.

A simple website that fulfills all of its features. My overall opinion about the current logo and branding is that it’s plain and it’s not generating enough interaction.

If you’re an B2B firm, you must remember that the underlying principle of any business is human. I am awestruck by the way Jack Ma suggests, whether your business’s has a B2B or B2C market P2P is all about, People to People.

I would suggest adding another color that is compatible with the blue color or create the colors that are inspired by your marketplace, African human resources professionals. Begin with Africa with its population!

I’ve mocked the website by using photos that show authentic African professionals, and similar text and content to the present site. Can you feel and see the different?

The faces of your employees evokes emotions in your audience, which creates trust and trust between your audience and your business.

7. Create

“Elaborate” means providing more context, and include more details that can assist others (e.g. your investors or users) to gain an understanding of the nature of your company’s mission is.

The size of the logotype and the symbol used in the logo currently appears somewhat thin, especially when being reduced to a smaller size. It’s difficult to discern. It’s hard to see “change” written in black however, change the color of “jar” into green.

Add the dollar sign or currency symbol to the logo. The logo currently is merely a representation of a jar, however it doesn’t represent the value of money. A money symbol can make it easier for your viewers to comprehend what your business (a payment processor) is doing. When you grow globally, alter the symbol for currency. There are already a variety of mockups using an dollar “$” symbol and the pound “PS” and euro “EUR” and Japanese or Chinese symbol “Y=” and so on.

The size of the logotype and the symbol that appears in the current logo appears to be like it’s a little thin, especially when being reduced to smaller sizes. It’s difficult to tell. It’s hard to see “change” as white however, change the color of “jar” in green.

Additionally, include the dollar sign or currency symbol into the logo. In the present, the logo is merely a representation of a jar, however it doesn’t represent the value of money. The addition of a currency symbol will aid your customers in understanding the work your business (a payments service) is doing. When you expand international, you can change the symbol of your currency. There are already a variety of mockups using an dollar “$” symbol or the pound “PS” and euro “EUR” and Japanese or Chinese symbol “Y=” and so on.

To summarise these seven tips, here are the Design Thinking Tips to Improve Your Growth Rate:

1. Include:

Combine marketing message with powerful visual content

2. The Manifest Your message:

Make it clear and clear to your mind

3. Portray:

Showcase your service or product vividly and let it live

4. Reuse Visual elements:

Re-apply them to ensure visual uniformity

5. Organize:

Classify content according to color, to assist users in reading and remember more easily

6. Visualize

Utilize images to create and engage emotional connections

7. Explain:

Give context to make it easier for users to understand your business more clearly

If you pay attentively, you’ll be able to see the initials of every Design Thinking tip make up “IMPROVE”.

I hope this is helpful. get in touch with us for more information.


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