IoT Solutions for Supply Chain

There has been a ton of writings on the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it will influence the global industry, from retail to transportation. IoT is set to reform the supply chain—both as far as its operational efficiencies and revenue opportunities—by making it transparent.

In the current day, the supply chain isn’t only an approach to monitor your product, yet additionally an approach to increase an edge on your competitors by building your own image.

In the Supply Chain, Internet of Things devices is a powerful method to follow and verify items and shipments utilizing GPS and different technologies. They can also screen the storage condition of items which upgrades quality management all through the supply chain.

In this article, we will come to know what are the IoT Solutions for Supply Chain and what are the advancements in IoT in Supply Chain.

IoT Solutions in Supply Chain and Logistics


The Internet of Things (IoT) is an assortment of interconnected physical devices that can monitor, report on and send and trade information. IoT devices are commonly associated with PC frameworks by means of information or Wi-Fi systems.

IoT in Supply Chain Management (SCM) have been reformed due to the IoT devices. It’s a lot more clear where goods are, the means by which they are being put away and when they can be normal in a particular area.

Let’s see how IoT relates to the Supply Chain.The points are as follows:

Authentication of the Location of the Goods

IoT Solutions based devices can be appended to explicit storage containers or to raw materials or items themselves. The IoT devices will transmit their area which can be gotten by GPS satellites and used to follow the development of products.

Tracking the Speed of Movement on Arrival of Goods

Iot in Supply Chain and Logistics comes with another use case:

1. Tracking speed of movement

2. Traffic stream of items.

It makes it simpler to foresee how goods will travel through the supply chain.

Suppliers, producers and distribution centers can get ready to get products. It diminishes dealing with times and guarantees the proficient preparation of materials.

Monitoring Storage Conditions of Raw Materials

 Few goods like food and chemicals should be stored in perfect conditions. Here IoT in Supply Chain comes in scenario. Expert IoT devices can monitor zones like temperature, stickiness, exposure to a climate, light force and other ecological components.

These devices may considerably trigger a caution if certain edges are broken. This makes it a lot simpler to follow the nature of goods through the supply chain and to decrease spoilage.

Application of IoT in Supply Chain

Previously, supply chain tracking and the monitoring solutions—like ultra wide-band (UWB) and infrared innovations—required a critical foundation. It is accompanied a significant establishment of cerebral pain and a noteworthy sticker price (frequently $10 per square meter).

Today, there are asset tracking solutions available, such as AirFinder. They can be introduced and worked for ten times less than UWB and infrared.

Let us take a glimpse of certain applications of IoT in Supply Chain and the supply chain IoT use cases.

IoT Process

Location Management System

In supply chain management, IoT helps to create the smart supply chain system. It allows the organizations to track the deliveries, driver activities and the vehicle location. It also sends notifications to the user when the goods are delivered.

All the changes in the system are reflecting in the real-time. IoT supply chain solutions are helping in streamlining the business processes.

Predictive Analysis

Advanced Analytics is becoming the focal point in various industries, helping organizations and companies make viable
– business advancement methodologies,
– improve the dynamic procedure,
– make smart business bits of knowledge,
– manage risks and much more.

Data offers effective solutions are utilizing for planning the route and delivery. This will help in identification of the risks if something does not go the right way.

IoT and Blockchain for Supply Chain Management


IoT in Supply Chain is using for:

1. Tracking the deliveries,

2. Tracing the product cycle- from the origin of the goods.

But still it has certain security issues, these issues can be sorted out with the help of Blockchain.

Blockchain records the data and saves in it. It provides a unique digital id to each product. This id helps in securing all the information with the product cycle.

Drone Based Delivery

Drones based Delivery are using in the retail, logistics industry, and agriculture industry. Drones will be adding the speed and efficiency of the working environment.

They ensure the automation of the business process through smart inventory tracking, instant store delivery and fast transportation of goods.

Supply Chain IoT Use Cases

There are certain use cases for the smart supply chain in IOT. These are as follows:

  • In the Agriculture Industry, IoT devices are being used to monitor the soil moisture. It will help in deciding the optimum time for harvesting the plant.
  • IoT enabled products can be used by the manufacturers to spot the defects and reject the faulty products.
  • Monitoring the temperature and the humidity can be checked by the food retailers. It will ensure that the products reach the store in an optimum condition.
  • Another supply chain IoT use case is to help the chemical manufacturers to monitor the raw materials.
  • Alarms are triggering if the raw material is exposed to high temperatures.


According to supply chain dive,

“Total global spending on IoT technology is increasing from $186 billion in 2017 to $435 billion in 2023.”

The above-discussed points will help you to know how IoT is changing the supply chain and helping in solutions. The economy is changing in a drastic way, and technology is the biggest reason for that.

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