Is No-Code feasible for your business?

With the constant advancements in the technology landscape, There is often some confusion regarding the latest offerings that are gaining popularity. 

One such offering is low-code, no-code development. For non-technical users, it can be ideal – being able to develop applications without the technical skills required. 


But, the idea of no code may appear too appealing to be actually true. 

That’s where the issue is posed: can you really benefit from no code in your company? 

Without knowing the basics of non-code development, and the advantages and disadvantages it’s difficult to know if it could actually benefit you.

This blog will go over the fundamentals of low-code, zero-code (LCNC) development and the advantages of using no-code, as well as the many people who can benefit from this method of development.

What exactly is low-code no-code (LCNC) creation?

Low-code, no-code development provides an environment where people as well as teams can build websites and applications with the drag-and-drop visual builder to minimize the need to code manually.

These systems aid IT departments to cope with requests by giving the citizen developers the opportunity to build their own apps quickly. 

The market for low-code is growing and Forrester anticipates that the market for low-code will surpass $11 billion in expenditure in 2022. 

This is a brand new technology that is able to ease the burden of every job by automating the tasks of the LCNC Application development platforms.

Low-code No-Code Development requires abstracting, coding and automating a portion of that code in order to make sure that non-technical users can comprehend and utilize the platform to build applications and applications.

Gartner forecasts that by 2024, low-code programming will be responsible for over 65% of all application development. 

The rise in the popularity of low-code, no-code creation is due to many advantages and competitive advantages that can be gained by creating applications using LCNC platforms.

How are no-code and low-code different?

Low-Code platforms need some programming and therefore are ideal for people with programming skills. However, No-Code platforms don’t require any programming and are able to be used by all users in the business to develop applications.

Platforms that are no-code and limited in features might not be suited to create complicated applications. But these platforms are evolving with each passing day. 

Advanced platforms such as Brisk Logic allow you to create basic to advanced enterprise-grade applications without writing any code.

What are the advantages of having no code?

Are no code options feasible for your company and you? 

Looking at the various advantages of using no-code can help you make a decision:

This platform is designed for everyone No-code development was designed with business users and citizen developers in mind. This has resulted in intuitive interfaces as well as visual drag-and-drop app builders. 

Platforms for developing applications that do not require code were developed to give non-technical users the same capabilities, without the requirement of typing the smallest word of code.

Reduces time by allowing applications to be created and tested rapidly, thereby creating solutions faster.


Improved agility: 

Development without code is extremely flexible. It is quicker to create maintain and update applications that are built using this method of development, which results in faster testing of the application. If there are any changes or enhancements that are required in the application following testing, these can be made swiftly.

Cost reduction: 

No-code development lowers the costs of web and application development by reducing overheads and eliminating the requirement to hire full-time developers.

Eliminates dependence on IT:

IT departments can be overwhelmed with operational issues, leaving them unable to concentrate on strategic initiatives. By avoiding code development, there’s a greater possibility of employees creating and managing applications on their own which can allow time to allow employees in the IT department to concentrate on other issues of strategic importance. 

With 72 per cent of IT managers admitting that their projects’ backlogs hinder the department from working on important projects, no code could actually aid these people.

Inspires innovation:

The development of no-code can stimulate everyone in your company to think of new ways to come up with the ideal solution to address the problem they are facing. Because the employees and the users have the most thorough understanding of their issues, no-code development could assist them in developing an effective application or program that has all the features they require.

Reduces the chance from Shadow IT: 

Shadow IT is the utilization of IT-related software or hardware that is not based on the IT department’s consent or knowledge of a business which is growing to be a major problem. 

If a reliable non-code platform is developed it will give employees an opportunity to develop the software they require as well as they will be able to create applications, and the IT department will be informed of the tools being developed. They will be able to provide supervision for the safe usage and use of the software.

Enhances productivity: 

No-code development improves productivity because it gives employees the opportunity to develop applications that are tailored to their needs. If employees create apps that free their time from monotonous tasks, this will allow them time to concentrate on more important projects at a higher level. This will, in turn, boost productivity across the entire company.

Does no-code aid in future requirements?

The majority of Low-code No-Code (LCNC) platforms permit ease of maintenance as well as the ability to enhance functionality when new requirements come into. This can include adding more fields, new workflow actions as well as business rules.

However, the zero-code platform must be equipped with the capability to handle any complicated function that the business might anticipate and it’s crucial to test the platform in light of this need. There are some platforms that might or might not be able to meet these demands. Therefore, customers need to watch out.

Can no-code be a viable option for companies as well as entrepreneurs?

Yes, no-code can be an option for businesses and entrepreneurs who are seeking solutions that offer these benefits. Solutions that do not require code will be quicker to market, simple to manage, and easier to evaluate than those developed by a large development team. 

Is no code viable? 

Absolutely, however, it could offer different advantages to various users.

No-code solutions can be perfect for entrepreneurs/business users and enterprises:

For entrepreneurs/business users:

No-code is a great option for entrepreneurs, specifically because they’ll be able to create and test their business concepts more quickly. It is also economical, resulting in fast solutions at a small cost. 

Entrepreneurs will not need to assume the burden of employing and managing a team of developers working on solutions. By using no-code, the user is able to design an application or program that is in line with their vision and is able to meet their objectives. 

Alongside creating the MVP using no-code entrepreneurs also have the option of using no-code to automatize their processes across different departments.

For enterprises:

No-code platforms are able to aid small and medium-sized enterprises to automatize processes across various departments using the same platform. 

Over time the companies could develop custom ERPs using platforms with no code. For large businesses that have an ERP in place, if one already exists, a platform that does not require code could help automate processes that the ERP currently does not manage and later integrate these new processes into the ERP core.


No-code development is one the most effective tools an enterprise or entrepreneur could make use of to transform an idea into a real digital app or program. It has numerous advantages No-code development is the best option to speed up turnaround time and a faster time-to-market. greater flexibility, and finding creative solutions to certain issues. 

Hope this article helps you decide if the no-code approach for me is it?’.


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