No-Code Community Apps

The No-Code Community Apps That Work in 2023

In our most recent blog, a series of blogs, we’re looking at No-Code Community Apps that can make excellent business concepts too! We discussed directory apps as well as the many types of directories, you could create and sell.


Today, we’ll examine one of our most popular applications that makes use of the Brisk Logic app communities! A community online is a collection of people who communicate with one another on an online platform.


It can be anything from a chat group of five people on an online chat to a group of one billion users on Facebook.


Communities are an excellent way for sharing information and ideas, create lasting relationships, and connect with a targeted group of people.


There’s an enormous range of options in the world of communities. when it comes to the ways in which online communities can grow – that is to say it is not necessary for every community to be mobile-friendly.


However, you have the option of deciding the best way to go about it. the kind of community you want by answering these questions.

1. What is your community’s mission?
2. What do you think your community wants?

If you’re trying to establish a moms’ community within a specific area that can share their pre-loved clothes or baby items. There are many options to consider:

   1. What do your communities do?

These are moms who have purchased things for their babies that they don’t have or need.

   2. What do you think your community wants?

The community would like to either eliminate things (clothing equipment, toys, clothing, and more) that they no
longer use or desire, or purchase of these items.


This particular group of people doesn’t wish to share their possessions or have conversations with a group of one million people. They would prefer to be in smaller, Localized, intimate groups that will facilitate exchange.


On the other hand an influencer in the field of lifestyle, for instance, earns money by sharing their travels routine, daily life, and personal experiences with their audience.


They might love the idea of growing the community to a million people.

What can I accomplish with the No-Code Community Apps?

Your online community could be a way to increase sales, establish trust and boost the loyalty of your customers if you’re creating an identity, and conducting significant market research.


However, there’s a crucial reminder that the aim of a community isn’t only to earn money. Communities that do this are usually superficial and don’t produce positive results.

No-Code Community Apps

Community engagement is based on interactions and relationships. If you’re looking to get results from your online communities, then we’re not the best choice.


I would suggest starting with a business plan. Begin with your prospective community members in your mind. Your app’s cool features and design won’t be worth as much if you don’t keep your community a place that is customer-focused.


The Blueprints for an Online Community

No-Code Community Apps

1. Determine the goal and purpose

What is your community’s mission? accomplish, and what issue is it able to solve for those within it? What’s the end

2. Choose a platform:

On what platforms do the people of your community spend the most time on the internet? Are they on Facebook? Do they frequently use mobile apps? Are they regularly on Discord?

3. Create a profile of a member

Create several profiles of possible community members. This will help you focus your outreach more effectively.

4. Set up some rules and norms

Although it may sound like it’s too early to say that you need rules when nobody else is there to enforce them?

It’s always better to have this structure set up before the time arrives when you be in need of the framework.

5. Create your community:

This might mean developing a mobile application as well as launching a blog or website or a Facebook group or creating the
Instagram account.


It assists in choosing a specific design, style, or branding look and feel that is appropriate to benefit your community.


Although it’s tempting to believe that every community is alike, they’re not all the same.

Learning Communities 

Communities for learning aren’t brand new in the first place, but with the epidemic which has caused people to seek opportunities to improve their skills, smaller online communities have popped up all over the world.


The location with the purpose of fostering learning and growth.


In the world of no-code communities such as Makerpad and 100 Days of NoCode have helped users develop products with tools such as Brisk Logic without having to no complicated code


languages. The communities offered tutorials, opportunities to join the premium membership, and forums where members could discuss problems, ask questions and learn collaboratively.


It is helpful to keep your learning community special and specialized so that you can create relevant content and experiences for learning.


The process of creating an app is a fantastic method to connect with your communities and share forums, articles, and frequent updates.

Brand Companies

They are communities that revolve around – guess what? that’s a brand. It’s not only about the brand’s products and services but usually goes further than the product’s value. For instance,


There are many communities where people discuss the best ways to use Brisk Logic and how to work around some limitations and also how to locate the best components. APIs to make a mobile application.


Brisk Logic Forum is a brand community that can help Brisk Logic users to solve issues as well as get new ideas and help them bring their ideas to reality!

Support Counties

It could be used for support in any form! Making a mobile application to support a community is a good idea when it’s likely that someone will require support For instance.


A majority of people do an extensive amount of research prior to purchasing a laptop. They want to make sure they’re making the right choice.


The majority of the information is available on YouTube, Reddit, or specific tech websites. So using an app might not be the most effective idea.


However, what if you wanted to create a support network to help people who are suffering from the aftermath of a natural disaster or national crisis?


During, the COVID crisis, a number of applications for support was created on Brisk Logic to help those in need of products and services or medical aid.


This was a constant need for assistance, a community that was willing to share knowledge and willing to help, as well as frequently updated information and content.


The health and fitness communities are sort of a hybrid between learning communities and support communities. They typically have a little bit of both.


Support communities are monetizable through specific ads, or affiliate programs provided that the message about these programs is transparent.

Networking Communities

Networks are all about making connections. That’s why community apps are the ideal location to help facilitate these connections.


Communities for networking Like Angel List, LinkedIn, and Tinder are geared towards connecting people to fulfill a specific goal.


Communities that network can also connect businesses with other companies or vendors. Communities that succeed are built around a specific objective and have an emphasis on Certain types of members.


Networking communities can be crafted around topics like tourism and travel or connecting people who are suffering from an issue, such as health issues so that they can receive support from the community.


After you’ve decided on the kind of community that you’d like to develop, here are some methods to advertise your community and help get members on board.



No-Code Community Apps

1. Be part of the relevant forums and join in on conversations

The first step to start the process of creating a community is by being part of an existing community. Participate in the discussion, recognize the issues and be aware of The community that has expressed need.


It is possible to connect with the community you live in by looking at the benefits it offers and the way it can solve the problem of someone else.


Keep in mind that the goal is to help someone. Always strive to be a leader with a purpose! This is the most effective method to engage people.

2. Invite friends and family members to join you.

Do you know anyone who would want to be a member of the community you created? Your contacts include everyone you have contact with via email, social media accounts, or contacts


Information and network. The only thing is that all your contacts have to be the same as they are all connected to more people. This can help increase the reach of your contacts.


rapidly, and has frequently been the driving force for communities with huge growth that is organic.

3. Begin a referral system

The referral program rewards users for bringing new members to the community. It could include an offer code or access to exclusive content or even a gift.


This encourages community sharing and also provides an incentive to get the word out.

4. Incorporate community into your marketing plan

Imagine your community as an item. It is important to sell it and promote it just as you would with any other service or product. Based on who is in the community.


It is important to find the appropriate platform or opportunity to connect with potential members. Is your target audience active on Instagram? Regular content and reels will assist you.


They draw them in. Are they on specific websites?


Participate in these conversations! The blog we have on marketing your application will assist you to create cohesive marketing Develop a strategy to aid your community app to grow in the proper direction.


Utilize Brisk Logic‘s templates for apps to create a community-based app that is easy to use, with slick features, and a myriad of awesome components.


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