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Tips to Choose the Right Hospital Management Software in 2022

Know what needs to be analyzed so that the chosen Hospital Management Software corresponds to what the health organization needs.

Management of beds, distribution of professionals according to the demand, forecast the flow of care and professionals in the first aid post according to their demand. When chosen by a hospital management system, those are some of the main challenges that the organization wishes to solve. But before adopting a solution, it is important to choose a model that offers functionalities according to the specific needs of the entity.

It is necessary to take into account that an efficient hospital environment involves the planning of internal processes and the automation of information technology (IT) infrastructure, which unites different departments that need to work together to make the institution work.

For that to happen, the reception, the emergency, the surgical center, the infirmary, the diagnostic imaging, and radiology sector, must be fully integrated, with intelligent system that absorb administrative tasks, leaving the human capital with the technical tasks. There is no use investing in different softwares for each department, with autonomous operation, if the integrative potential of the computerized management model is lost.

At the same time that all areas need to be integrated, the hospital management system must be modular – that is, it does not need to be fully implemented in the hospital. From this perspective, it is possible to install “parts” of the solution, at specific stages for each of the sectors of a hospital.

Without determining the responsibility of each employees regarding the use of technology, providing the software with the necessary information becomes a difficult task. The main value of a system is that having the correct and accessible data is very necessary for decision making and for putting strategic management into practice.

Sectoral Needs

Individual administration of the areas can also benefit from integration.

In the financial-accounting, the hospital management system must unify all departments in just one source of information, so that the accounting is faster, the information exports are automatic, and the non-conformities are reduced, strengthening the billing control and payment flows, reducing default rates and loss of income due to accounting errors.

For the clinical part, it is important to observe if the hospital management system controls all patient records, from registration in the health service to discharge, guaranteeing information that can generate studies and statistical reports of endemic processes, most requested specialties, epidemic signs, etc. It is important to say that in this context, the adoption of a Patient Electronic Medical Record (PEP), integrated into the hospital management system, includes, in addition to process management, cost containment and, mainly, the quality of the patient care by reorganizing and storing the data of records of different systems in a single location, the PEP allows a more detailed evaluation of the information, which encourages hospitals to reinterpret their processes and working methods. The PEP, therefore, supports the health care process, allows the safe registration of medical actions, supports research, promotes teaching, and organizes work routines.

In the operational department, the hospital management system must include online medical appointment scheduling, to reduce ranks and improve face-to-face care; In addition to prioritizing emergency and emergency care according to the degree of complexity and health risk. The system must also reduce the bureaucratic flow during patient care processes, to allow less time to stay in the hospital and increase the level of satisfaction.


Another important functionality that must be taken into account at the time of the system is that which allows the management of hospital indicators. Used to evaluate hospital performance, based on your organization, the resources involved and the work methodology, the indicators are very important for good management.

The data collected in the various areas of the hospital, when related, are transformed into useful instruments for the evaluation of the assistance provided, amount and type of resources involved, control of costs generated in the production of the services and problem-solving index. There are five best-known and important indicators to manage safely: occupancy rate, replacement interval, average residence time, profitability, and billing indicators.

Total computerization

Today there is no way to think about quality in health and efficiency in hospital management, keeping paper files, hand-written prescriptions, and passwords system based on loose papers. Technology has advanced and also the practices of state-of-the-art hospitals. The new reality is integrated management, which delivers productivity and generates greater turnover. It is a higher turnover that strengthens the institution’s fund to invest in training and improvement in hospital infrastructure.

Hospital management is linked to high complexity, with an infinity of regulations that limits changes in the sector, increasing costs and the formation of an increasingly demanding patient. In that scenario, health organizations that manage to develop the ability to measure their performance and change their trajectory according to changes in the environment, in real-time, generally have more efficiency and are one step ahead.

One Solution For All Problems

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