How to Deal with Challenges in Transportation Business Management?

In every transport management system or transport business, whether it is a delivery business, a taxi services company or a cross-country delivery company, it is very important and difficult to keep track of where everything is. As there are many issues that occurred like the management of data, tracking the vehicles, finding the shortest routes or driving rules of the city, inventory management, the security of your stored data, fleet management, etc. So, to solve the various problems here I am Karamjit Singh, Founder, and CEO of REX WEB SOLUTIONS with a digital solution to all your transportation business-related problems. Our team has developed a logistics software that solves all your transportation business problems under one dashboard.

Features of our Logistics & Transport Management System:-

  • Route Generation
  • Real-Time Fleet Management
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Streamline the field operations
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Inventory Tracking & Analysis 
  • Vehicle Surveillance and Monitoring
  • Monitoring Vehicle Expenses
  • Data Warehousing and Security

Transport Management System in Route Generation

There are already many softwares to find or generate shortest routs like Google Maps but they are not sufficient in showing routes for Extra-large or heavy loaded trucks and they don’t show you the driving rules of the city, as every city has different rules for driving such vehicles. Our software assists you by fiding shortest routes that are based on several factors such as the type of vehicle you are driving, the weight and size of the vehicle, road blockage on your route, and the driving rules of the city for such vehicle that includes timings for driving large cargo trucks, prohibited routes where you can’t drive such vehicles, and also assist you by showing the alert of permits needed to drive in the city. Therefore, we develop the software using Machine Learning-based customized Google maps algorithms to find the best and personalized route for your vehicles. 

It has many benefits like:-

  • Saves Money & Time
  • Reduces the Risks of Disobeying Local Laws
  • Helps in Timely Delivery
  • Decreases Driver’s Frustration

Real-Time Fleet Management

This feature will help you to monitor the assets to minimize the risks. While the transportation of goods you need to keep check where all your vehicles are at all times for safety reasons. Without a tracking system, it can become easy to make inaccurate postulates. For example, an unknown driver is with his assigned vehicle, but what if he took another vehicle and you are unaware? Our software will assist you to know where each vehicle of your fleet is, you can assign a new delivery pickup location to the driver, reroute any vehicle from the fleet, and it can also notify the driver about any update.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

It is very important to be aware of where your given vehicle is. This software includes a feature of real-time GPS tracking that enables you to track down your products, goods or vehicle’s exact location and shows it on the map. It also enables to view the delivery status of any product directly from your mobile phone or laptop. In addition to that, you can also monitor the vehicle’s speed, engine startup or shut down, idling, and can see the live status of your vehicle. With this feature you can also create a plan for the driver or make some changes in the existing one, this will free you from bulky reports and lots of phone calls. 

Benefits of GPS Tracking:-

  • Create transparency between you and driver
  • Direct eye on Driver’s activities
  • Reduce time of paperwork
  • Minimize Theft Risks

Streamline the Field Operations

This system will provide you the help to streamline the field operations. In addition, it will also help the field managers to make things happen in an effective and efficient manner.

Transport Management System Helps in Predictive Analysis

The device will collect a large amount of data and transmit it to the central system for further analysis. It will help in the identification of various defects before something goes wrong. This will result in the timely replacement of machinery parts, prevention of any crashes and efficient vehicle/equipment maintenance. 

Inventory Tracking & Analysis

In transportation or delivery processes, many goods or products are left behind during assembly or shipping. These misplaced products can slow the production times, increase the employee’s frustration, and lead to customer dissatisfaction. With our software, you can find the location of those misplaced products through tags attached to them. The software also assists you in analyzing the inventory and get you to know the available products in your storage that are yet to be delivered, you can find any product and check its delivery details through its tag ID. 

Vehicle Surveillance and Monitoring

For a big transport company, it is very difficult to manually monitor every vehicle’s health. So, this feature of our software helps you to monitor the health of each and every vehicle and alert you if any part needs service. Conditions of the vehicle include tire’s health and mechanism by acquiring the information from on-board devices available in the vehicle. This will alert you and the driver before any mishappening takes place.

Monitoring Vehicle Expenses

With this feature, you can monitor and keep a record of every expense done on a particular vehicle that includes expenses on repairs and services and it also calculates fuel consumption per mile. Moreover, you can monitor the bad habits of the drivers that lead to more fuel consumption and control them from consuming fuel for their personal gains. It also helps in identifying the old vehicles that consume more costs.

Data Warehousing and Security

Data is an essential part of every business and for large companies, it is very difficult to store and protect the data from hackers and cybercrimes. Our software assists you in the storage of large datasets using data warehousing and also helps you in securing your important business data from cyber hacks and attacks with the help of Blockchain and cryptography Technology.

Some Final Key Points for Transport Management System:- 

  • Easy to use
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Available for IOS, Android, Hybrid Version, WIndows, etc.
  • Easily Customizable according to your needs
  • Good customer support services
  • Customer-centric Pricing


Our Logistics software provides you all these features in one dashboard that streamlines your transportation business and helps in the digitalization of your industry. Moreover, we also develop customized industrial software according to your needs. Need to know more about this software or want to get your own customized one? Then visit our website and get your query registered…

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