What is an Agile Digital Transformation?

A transformation that is agile is the process of changing an entire business into attractive and  efficient one. It is an agile, collaborative and self-organizing environment that is based in Agile principles.
It is possible to teach agile principles to every organization to help teams to reap the benefits from  healthy flexibility. The organization’s mindset must shift and adopt a new environment of self-organization and cooperation.
Agile transformation allows companies to be responsive to better meet their customers’ needs withless effort. It also requires a lot of resources and support to carry through when things go turbulent.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is an act of digital technology that alters the business process by replacing manual processes and digital technology to modify existing business processes and a better customer experience that meet the needs of market. It is a replacement for older digital technology with a more advanced digital technology known as Digital transformation.

Digital tools can enable you to increase efficiency through automation instead of merely using traditional techniques. This is a fundamental change in the business that will provide the best value to its customers.
From spreadsheets to paper, and typewriters to computers we can redefine how we communicate with our clients and conduct business, with the help of technology.

The Difference Between Agile Transformation and Digital Transformation

Agile refers to the management of projects to develop software, which is utilized for Scrum or other frameworks. The Agile Manifesto is an established set guidelines that are outlined within the AgileManifesto established in 2001. Digital Transformation alters the efficiency of business into Business
Transformation through radical changes to the business processes and models. However, if you’renot aware of the ways in which Agile transformation differs in comparison to Digital transformation, it
can be difficult to select the right transformation for your company.

Here are some transformations which you need to know about:

Clarity of Concepts

Agile Transformation

The Agile transformation aims to provide functions throughout the enterprise to embrace the ideal  mix of lean principles through engaging and collaborating.Scrum is among the most important components of an Agile software development as well as a solidframework that provides added value to the company.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is customer-centric approach that is focused on business and makes technology a central element of it. It’s best when you are familiar with the fundamentals of contemporary clients’ that requires rethinking the business model using an empathetic digital approach.
Technology is the key component of the digital transformation method that makes use of new technologies to complete the digital transformation successfully.

Evalutaion of ROI (Return Oxn Investment)

Agile Transformation

When you’re evaluating the return on investment for agile transformative processes, it is important to concentrate on the actualization of the results, not expectations, which are based mostly about operational protocols, and not on value creation.To ensure precision of ROI, determine the advantages of agility with the metrics below at the end and the beginning during the change.

Time:  It is needed to transform an idea into a business product.
The development cycle is determined by understanding the process of transformation until the final product and how much it is reduced following the change to Agile method.

Agile Maturity is the amount of time it takes to develop the software.
Business value is the amount of teams with business value which resulted from sprints.
Customer The agile maturity of the customer will positively impact the customers through improved
speed to market and improved value delivery.

Digital Transformation

Over 60% transformation managers are able to justify the benefits of digital transformation by proving ROI since it’s an extremely challenging and difficult business.If your company is undergoing the digital transformation, it is able to go beyond business limits to theway in which an organization will market itself and interact with its customers. Businesses that have
embraced digital transformation benefit from a 17% return on their ROI for the following year.

Agile Transformation Vs. Digital Transformation: Benefits

Agile Transformation

In the last few years the majority of top executives have mentioned the Leadership Mandate, which led to an increase in their company’s degree of agility. This shows that agile transform can be implemented in a top-down way and best when implemented with a bottom-up perspective.

If it is done properly, it could yield huge benefits like:

Protection from the mistakes that are made by project implementation thanks to effective
collaboration between the development and testing teams.


Final Thoughts:

It doesn’t matter which type of business transformation you’ll be implementing to improve your business, since it’s about how your business can improve its value now and into the future. A successful business model for transformation is one that combines both digital and agile transformation.

The agile digital revolution is built upon the fact that the successful digital transformation happens by constant development and the capacity to track the progress of each step. Business transformation empowers organizations to start and understand the most recent digital initiatives and the needs of customers. Make sure you fully comprehend the requirements of your business and then select the right business transformation strategy that can lead to the success you want


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