brisklogic Employee Planning Application

Employee Planning System

Manage employees effectively and efficiently

Our team has developed an automated solution for employee planning. This application will help the employers to manage the employees and track them effectively. The system also helped the customers in managing the information about the goods and services.

Business Challenge

The client requested an easy to use and understandable application. With this application, the client wanted to store personal data and track employees as per their availability. The solution has to provide the feature of the absence and presence of the employee.

 It should come up with features like the holidays, leaves of the employees, absence reasons of the employees, training course of the employees or any other reasons why employees were not productive or not able to work. The client required a system that will allow the managers to award an employee a day off or the vacation for his good work.

business challagne


Our experts took the challenge and started to build up a customized digital solutions to meet the customer’s needs and make his business to the cloud. The profound knowledge of the Yii framework, Jquery and javascript along with Agile methodology helped our team to make up to client requirements. The employee planning application provides the client with the feature to add new employees in their system and manage the existing data of the current employees. It includes contact information, job information, education and skills of the employees.

The employees’ section in the application has been divided into further sections:

  • Personal Information
  • Personal documents and records
  • Competencies of the employees
  • Training plan for the employees

Our product development team also added the feature of time off scheduler to the application. It was developed in such a way that the employees could send the request for a day off and the manager could approve or decline that request. Once the manager approves or rejects the request our system will automatically send the email to the employee regarding the status of the request.

The application shows the current status of the user and the time-off history log. The manager can see the status of all the employees in all the departments.

Result of the Product
The digital solution simplified the life of the client for employee planning application. Now, the client can easily track all the employees and keep their records such as their personal information and job information. The managers could schedule the meeting and work as well without any delays.


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