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Transportation Management System

TMS with GPS following for various kinds of vehicles

Our team has developed a multi-modal transportation management system that will allow the client to track his vehicles and fleet. This system will help them in tracking the logistics with GPS and keeping their fleet data updated. The framework permits clients to keep the fleet data refreshed, and causes your drivers to pick quicker routes and maintain a strategic distance from expensive deferrals.

Business Challenge

Our customer has requested that we make a far-reaching transportation management system to disentangle all the workflow toward utilizing vehicles, to build the productivity of working vehicles, to permit following the tracking and dispatching of the vehicles. The GPS vehicle following component should assist with advancing activities and complete more requests, give security and constant following.

 The TMS digital solution should provide for business people extraordinary control capacities, speedy and precise input, and ought to give the drivers dependable and opportune data about vehicle statuses (oil and fuel level, safety belt position and battery charge level and so forth ) and traffic. Additionally, it ought to have a total rundown of conceivable usefulness from a vehicle request to online payment.

business challagne


Our engineering team has structured and built up a simple to-utilize transportation management system with GPS following highlights. The framework incorporates the number of services that are associated with one another during the data flows. The framework can chip away at the Vehicle information, Trip information, Map (areas and pickup focus looking), expenses and time examination, cause online installments, to have an individual base of trips.

The automated solution was required to be made as per the most recent and creative IT and configuration slants, that is the reason Brisk Logic’s experts chose Webix JavaScript UI library as the system of things to come in the future of logistics management application. Besides, Webix was utilized to actualize the framework dashboards.

This management system permits clients to decide rapidly the present area, the closest conceivable landing site, calculates the estimated time of appearance of the organization’s vehicle and permits clients to follow its way, advise about the cost of a future outing. It permits clients to ask for replanting in an open vehicle, which has just begun its course with free seats in it. The framework additionally incorporates a payment management module and an analytic module.

In terms of use, the proposed transportation management solution can be divided into 2 large blocks:

  1. custom services can use the app to:
  • determine the current location
  • estimate time and cost for the future trip
  • calculate the approximate time of arrival to the definite pick up point
  • make the online payment for the service rendered


  1. service administration, data and statistics management:
  • analytics of outgoing and received data
  • precise control of the vehicle (the point of departure, route, the point of arrival, time of travel)
  • statistics of movements and routes, their popularity and cost
  • financial analytics (income, revenue, delivery time, number of clients) and its visualization
  • vehicle state, location, status monitoring and controlling system
  • location tracking system

We developed an interactive visualization dashboard that allows monitoring of all related metrics. Managers can view and analyze the collected statistics data (trips, routes, pick up points, types of vehicles, vehicles statuses, user statistics, payment statistics, etc.)

Our Role in Client’s Success
The result of the productive work of the team was the brilliant transportation management system with GPS vehicle following that permits optimizing operations via real-time fleet tracking. This TMS helps our client to arrange all issues related to a particular part of a complex task. ● Track employees’ activities and working time, estimate over time, monitor schedule adherence of vehicles in service, register unexpected shutdowns, and more. ● Collect statistics about vehicles, trips, driving records. ● Provide better customer service by enhancing shipments aggregation and using route optimization. ● Save costs on fleet maintenance by using maintenance alerts or service warnings displayed on drivers’ mobile devices. ● Fully automate the process of transportation and view real-time analytics just in a click.


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