How Much Does Web Application Development Cost?

How can you create a web application without spending a lot? This article will discuss both the different approaches to developing a web app and how to save money. You’ll be able to calculate the cost of your web application by the end.

You won’t find a specific figure if you come here looking for one. Sorry! Don’t be surprised if someone offers to instantly tell you the exact price of your web app.

This is not how software development works. Software development companies don’t offer a price list that includes costs for each app. Each project is unique because we create custom solutions. It’s difficult to predict how web application development will work for any given project without a lot of information.

This article will provide you with detailed information about web application development and the factors that affect development costs. It will help you estimate the cost of building the web application that you need so you can decide how much budget you should allocate.

Why do you need a web application?

There are three options available if you decide to build an app for your business.

Native app development

You can achieve the best app performance by creating native apps for every platform, including iOS, Android, Windows and watchOS. The total development cost will be higher than other methods.

Hybrid app development

A hybrid app can be built once and then adapted to each platform. Although hybrid apps are cheaper than native apps, they will not offer the same level of performance. This hybrid approach is ideal for creating MVPs, as it allows you to quickly release your app to large audiences and test your idea without making a substantial investment.

Web application development

Web-based apps are a great solution. They work on any device with a browser built-in, whether it is a smartphone or smart fridge. The power of web apps will continue to grow with the advancement of wearables, Internet of Things devices and smart fridges. The best part? It is cheaper to develop a web app than a native or hybrid one.

Brisk Logic sees huge potential in web apps. Web apps are the basis of 80% of our projects, including complex eCommerce apps, enterprise resource management (ERP), online marketplaces, data visualization and data analytics tools.

Types of web apps

You should know the various types of web apps that you can create if you choose to develop web apps. 

There are three types of web apps you can choose from single-page, multi-page and progressive.


Multipage applications

Multi-page apps (MPAs) are web-based applications that have multiple pages. Different MPA features live on different pages. Clicking on a button or link will initiate a request to load a new page. Multi-page applications are well-suited for marketplaces, eLearning sites, or other platforms. If you are looking to create a web application, multi-page is the best choice.

Single-page applications

A single-page application (SPA), consists only of one page. Because all functionality is accessible on one page, SPAs make it easy to navigate the app quickly. The page is not refreshed by clicking a button, which can save both time and traffic. Google services (Gmail and Google Calendar), as well as social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), are examples of SPAs.

Progressive web applications

The terms “web app” and ” responsive web application” often get used interchangeably. They are however not the same. While all PWAs can be considered web applications, not all PWAs can be called web apps. Progressive web applications combine the best of both native and web apps. They work as web apps, but have native features such as offline access and push notifications. PWAs can be found at Starbucks and Flipboard.

You can see that each type of application serves different purposes. The cost of custom web development depends on what type of business you have. Before we get to the numbers, let’s take a look at another factor that can impact development costs: the technology stack.

There are many factors that influence the price of web app development

There are many factors that affect the cost of software development. We’ve already talked about the type of web application and the technology stack that it uses. You should also consider other factors to determine the cost of building a web application.


Scope of work

The cost of development depends directly on the complexity of your web application and the services required to build it. You will likely have to go through the following stages when developing a web app from scratch:

Phase of discovery

As a stakeholder, you communicate your expectations regarding your web application to a business analyst. This will help you to understand the market and create a strategy to succeed in it. You also communicate with a project manager, who will clarify your project requirements, analyze risks, prepare a mitigation plan, provide time and cost estimates, and manage a team of web application developers. You also receive a prototype of the product during the discovery phase. This ensures that your idea can be implemented technically.

UI/UX design

A UI/UX designer will work on your web application interface at this stage. He or she will take into consideration your needs, the peculiarities of your target audience and the business goals that your web app must achieve.

MVP development

Now that you have a working prototype and a ready-made design, it is time to get started on the actual product. MVP development is real software engineering. Frontend and backend developers collaborate to ensure that your PWA or classic web app meets all of your business needs. Quality assurance engineers also check each new feature to ensure that your app functions as intended.

Support and maintenance

After you have launched your MVP, you will be able to get feedback from early adopters. This will help you determine if your target audience is satisfied with the first version. Also, it will allow you to see what you can do better. Investors can also be invited to view your app in order to raise funding for further development. An MVP is only the beginning of a great product.

Cost of Web Application Development

It is important to understand that there are many types of web apps and that the costs for each one will differ depending on its complexity and type. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps to help you estimate the cost of custom development.

What is the cost of a SaaS website application?

SaaS can be used to build a variety of apps: project management tools, ERP systems, CRM apps, marketing software, and more. Every app is different and this impacts the cost of web application development. To approximate the cost of developing an app similar to this, let’s look at the functionality of, a scheduling app like Buffer. These are the main features of an app like this:

  • Integration with social media networks. Integration with social networks is the basis of post-scheduling apps. The most popular integrations for these apps are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • Almost every app requires authentication. Authentication is essential for any post-scheduling app that works with the company or personal profiles on social media platforms.
  • Buffer’s core features, post planning and scheduling, must be implemented in an MVP edition.
  • Buffer’s marketing software provides analytics and reporting that help users monitor the performance of their campaigns, and plan better.
  • Buffer’s core feature is data encryption. Two reasons security is important in these apps are: App users expect their data to remain safe. App owners don’t want app users to have access to data they don’t need.

These features should be implemented as a minimum viable product (MVP), in an app similar to Buffer. You will need to hire a team, conduct market analysis, develop the interface and functionality, and then build a SaaS product. An MVP version can cost $45,000, while a fully-featured web app could cost $100,000.

How much does ERP system development cost?

The number of departments using the web-based enterprise resource management (ERP) app will determine its complexity. Price is also affected by this.

A minimum viable ERP product, which includes all the necessary modules to manage an organization effectively, can run between $45,000-$90,000. The price of an ERP system is almost unlimited when it comes down to. For a medium-sized business, you can expect a $150,000 or higher price tag. However, it is possible to spend more than a million dollars on an ERP system if your company has thousands of employees and multiple offices around the world.

The core functionality of an ERP Web Application includes the following modules.

  • Integration with third-party services and internal programs. ERP systems are designed to streamline business processes. They should therefore be connected to other sources of information.
  • ERP systems have a core feature called data analysis. This allows ERP users to optimize their processes through data-driven decisions.
  • Without reporting, data analysis is impossible. Reporting lets users visualize the data they have analyzed.
  • An accounting and finance module can help streamline financial processes within an organization.
  • A module for human resources includes the ability to process data about company departments, employees, and careers.
  • A CRM module in ERP is designed to help businesses understand their customers better, track their activities, and analyze that data to improve sales.
  • Inventory management allows you to track the sale of products and how they get from warehouses to customers.

What is the cost of developing a marketplace app?

Each marketplace has the same functionality so the price range for them isn’t as large as other apps. There are many things to be aware of. These are the features that you will need to include in an MVP for a P2P marketplace such as Airbnb, eBay, and Uber.

Your marketplace users should create user profiles that allow them to share information about themselves, and their products/services, and even update this information as needed.

  • Marketplace users can list their products and services on product listings.
  • The checkout page allows users to make a purchase, or order a service.
  • Marketplace users should be able to select from a variety of payment options when using payment functionality. A marketplace app can integrate payment services like Stripe or PayPal.
  • All marketplace users should be able to leave feedback on the products/services that they have ordered.
  • To improve the service provider and consumer experience, a notification system can include push notifications, in-app notifications, email notifications, and SMS notifications.
  • Web app developers will need to spend approximately 1500 hours on your project in order to create a marketplace that has such functionality. The price will be $67,500. This number may vary depending on what you need. Get our marketplace MVP estimation to get a better idea of how much it might cost.
  • Do you want to spend less money on web app development? These are some ways to save money on web app development
  • It is hard to predict the cost of developing a web app, and it may go beyond your expectations. It is possible to wonder how you can invest wisely in web application development. 
  • The project discovery is the first stage of the software development cycle ( SDLC). It aims to help you get started right, reduce risks and lower costs. How does the discovery phase reduce web development costs?

This phase usually lasts between one and four weeks. You will receive a variety of documents that explain the web development process. These documents include but are not limited to, a software requirements specification and a business model canvas. They also include a risk mitigation plan, feature breakdown lists, and an estimation of the project cost. These documents will help you understand what to expect when developing web apps. You’ll also be able to check the viability of your idea and its technical feasibility. This will help you avoid spending money on something that isn’t needed by the market.


There are many factors that affect the cost of a web application. Saving money can be dangerous. Don’t rush to sign a contract if the vendor’s app development estimate is less than you expect or different from other applicants’ estimates. Ask for a detailed estimate.

Contractors will often not include bug fixes, project management or support in their initial estimates and then send you invoices. This could lead to a higher final price than you are willing to pay.

Ask for a detailed estimate on web app development. This simple step can save you time, money, and nerves.


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