How to Build a No-Code Online Grocery App in 2023?

Business Insider estimates that online grocery app shopping will account for 2.3% of all US food and beverage sales by 2023.


Since the COVID-19 lockdown in April, more than 55% of US consumers have opted for online grocery shopping apps.


This number is expected to rise to 66% by 2023.


Many businesses were able to increase their sales through online delivery. Many companies survived by partnering with third-party delivery service providers. Third-party delivery services saved many businesses from bankruptcy under COVID-19.


However, they are not sustainable for all companies. Food delivery companies charge $400 upfront and 10% to 40% commission per sale. This will limit your potential for high profits.




What’s the solution?


The only way to long-term success is by building your food and grocery shopping. You might be thinking that building a mobile app requires outsourcing mobile app developers companies.


There is good news!


It’s now possible to build online grocery and food shopping apps in just a few steps.


Does it sound too good to be It’s true?


This collection of Online Grocery App development software and tools will allow you to set up your grocery or food business immediately.


Businesses without an online presence lost all their revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic. Online grocery app shopping can bring in far more customers than traditional grocery shops. You can dramatically increase your sales with well-planned marketing strategies and building loyal customers.


Customers are happy to pay a delivery fee in exchange for grocery delivery. It doesn’t matter if you want to add delivery to your existing in-store experience, or if you are purely shopping online, now is the right time.

What makes an online grocery app useful for your grocery store?


Increase sales and business

Online can increase customer trust, which is essential for your business growth. Customers want reliable labels that offer better quality and facilities.

Offer suitable payment choices

You have many options to pay for groceries. The government encourages people to use online payment options to make payments easier and more secure.

Personalize your store

Customizing your app can make it stand out among other apps that offer simpler or more generic mobile solutions.

Learn about customer behavior and habits

A custom grocery app allows you to customize your analytics and collect data about how customers interact with your business via your app.

What is the process of an online grocery app order?

It’s easy to understand how a mobile grocery app works. It includes almost all types of grocery items. Users can also choose to filter their search using filters. After finding their items, users can add them to their cart and continue searching for more items. Finally, when they have finished their list, they can go to the checkout. In many apps, users can choose the delivery time they prefer. This is how it works:

  • Sign up by entering the required information
  • Log in after signing up with an email address or phone number, and a Password
  • Find the item the user is looking for
  • Select the item you wish to add to your cart and click “Add to Cart”.
  • Please provide the address details for delivery
  • After you have received your order confirmation, choose the payment method.
  • The order request has been sent to Admin
  • The request is forwarded to the manager of the grocery store
  • The request can be accepted or declined by the store manager
  • Admin sends the notification back to the customer
  • The order is generated by the store manager
  • Update Admin on the status of the order
  • Successfully delivered to the customer
  • Updates both the admin and the customer
  • A successful grocery mobile app must have the following elements

Here are some must-have Online Grocery App features



Analytics can give you a complete picture of how your app performs from both a technical and a business perspective. Analytics can also provide insights into the devices that your users use most often, as well as your app’s performance.


You should be able to see all payments made by your customers through your app, as well as the most popular payment methods.

Push notifications

You should be able to create and send notifications to any user or group of users in your notification center. Automating push notifications should also be possible: you can send a notification to all users after two days without any inactivity.

Management of orders

You should be able to see all orders and their statuses.

Content Management

You can edit your app’s content via the admin panel.

User management

Administrators should have access to information about users, including logins and passwords.


A wishlist

It’s a great feature to include in your Online Grocery App. They will be able to find what they want to buy for special occasions or to pamper themselves easily, regardless of how long it has been since they created that list.

The simplicity of repeat orders

A list of favorites simplifies navigation and makes it simpler to checkout. It’s a smart idea to ask users to add products they have purchased repeatedly in the past to make it easier to find them.

Essential nutrition information

This is a great advantage for grocery apps. You can also provide detailed information about each item in a separate section. Costco, for example, took the advice too seriously and created PDF files that contained all data about each product in their online shop. This is not a bad idea.

Comparison of price and product

Online shopping allows customers to compare similar products and determine their cost-effectiveness. They can also compare their quality. It is difficult to determine which product best suits customers’ needs or offers the best value for money if you are in a physical store.

Voice recognition

Artificial intelligence-powered features are a great way to increase the product’s popularity. This feature can be added to your app to make it more appealing to Siri or Alexa.

It will likely be expensive, which is why we include it in the list. However, if you have the means to pay for it, people will appreciate it.

Many people are making grocery shopping online a regular part of their daily lives.




South Korea is the leader in online grocery shopping with a staggering 20.3 percent.


The UK is the European leader in online grocery sales, with 7.6 percent of groceries ordered via a mobile app.


However, it must be noted that the number of online grocery sales has increased significantly due to the coronavirus situation.


According to the Guardian, one-fifth of British households purchased groceries online in June 2022.


Not less important is the fact that 72.9 percent of all retail eCommerce will be developed from mobile commerce in 2023. It is estimated that 52% worldwide purchased something online via a mobile device in 2022.

This means that grocery shopping will be a major part of the industry, and it will become an e-commerce market.


These are three major reasons why this industry should be happier sooner than expected.


1. They can save you time:

People who find grocery shopping a tedious task will appreciate the ability to have an app that addresses this problem on their phones. These apps are a time-saver! There are no traffic jams, no need to wander the aisles looking for your favorite spaghetti pack or wait in line until others have checked out. You can now order delivery anywhere, right from your home.


2. They can save money:

You can also save money by shopping online. You can find coupons and get discounts, and they often have a wide range of deals. It is difficult to know what items are in stock and on sale until you go into the grocery store. A grocery delivery app allows you to select the best deals.


3. These tools eliminate impulse buying:

It is easier to track expenses by creating a shopping list each time you go to the grocery store, using a budgeting application, and following general advice about how to avoid buying things impulsively. You will not be able to touch, smell, or visually inspect the products that marketing professionals have spent a lot of time creating.

However, you can access product reviews online and use a special app to order products. This may prevent you from buying unnecessary items that only smell good, look nice, or feel pleasant to the touch.

Models for Online Grocery App Businesses

Grocery applications can be varied. While all grocery apps have the same goal, which is to let customers order groceries and have them delivered promptly, the business logic behind them may differ.

These are the top grocery app business models you will find:


Marketplace solutions:

Marketplace platforms are a popular type of e-commerce. They connect buyers and sellers. A digital marketplace is a place that allows customers to browse the menu and place orders.

A delivery driver then takes the order and delivers it to the customer. Grocery markets have their menus, which are usually extensive and include a variety of products as well as a pool of drivers.

Delivery aggregators:

This business model offers customers a seamless shopping experience. Customers won’t need to decide which app they want to use with an Instacart grocery delivery aggregator. Delivery aggregators are a place where you can shop for almost anything.

You will usually find a list of nearby stores and their menus. Customers can then choose to pick up or have their order delivered. This business model works well for businesses that want to be a third party for local grocery stores.

Apps for grocery chain store stores:

Grocery chain stores such as Walmart, Kroger and 7-Eleven are often in a position where they don’t want to be another store on the delivery aggregators’ list.

This is when the company’s decision to create its application turns out to be a pivotal moment.

This gives them greater control over the process flow and even smaller details that are crucial when building a brand. It can sometimes mean a wider selection of products and better service. This is because the company has more chances to bring all its assets and capabilities together in one place.

Apps for independent grocery shops:

Sometimes, a single grocery store may be willing to have an online presence or develop a mobile Online Grocery App . Although there may not be many downloads, your regular customers will appreciate the gesture. Customers should be able to access all current information, such as price and availability, or add nutritional facts when using these applications.

How to create an Online Grocery App with no code

Two methods are available to launch an online grocery store in 2023:

  • You can build your grocery eCommerce website from scratch.
  • It’s easy to create a no-code app for your grocery store using ready-made/no-code Grocery eCommerce platforms: The setup time is reduced because it comes with pre-integrated APIs and features.

Converting your Online Grocery App is the next step in your business’s growth.

The Online Grocery App Builder plugin from Brisk Logic allows you to convert your Online Grocery Appy into a native Grocery application.


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