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How To Test And Optimize A Growth Marketing Strategy?

It’s a long-term approach that employs cutting-edge methods that are based on data to strengthen the relationship between the brand and customer at every step of the funnel. When you use Growth Marketing Strategy, you’re hoping to gain new customers, and provide them with reasons to stick with your brand by engaging them.

The objective is to keep the new customers, transform them into brand advocates and then get them to sing the brand’s praises. This brand evangelism can bring more potential customers to your company, and hopefully, that cycle goes on.

Traditional marketers however tend to concentrate at the very top, putting together campaigns to increase awareness and attract as many leads as is. The impact downstream, such as retention and activation, can get lost in the shuffle.

The traditional marketing has transformed into growth marketing, a field which is more data-driven digitally-driven, and online marketing practices. To stay on top of trends marketing, they must take part in a variety of strategies and tactics both online and offline. 

There are a variety of strategies to advertise a product however, the most effective growth-oriented marketing strategy will depend on their intended customers as well as their potential customers, competitive landscape as well as their market position and many more.


Find a connection between growth marketing and revenue generation.

Growth can be described in a variety of ways. Certain businesses want to attract more customers and some are looking to sign more contracts and others wish to increase their visits or retention. The most common factor however is revenue. For growth marketers, increasing revenue is the most crucial metric used to measure the performance.

The most effective growth marketing teams can monitor campaigns and identify those that earn the most money. The ideal scenario is for a marketer to be able to do this by using full-funnel attribution however, this degree of precision is usually not feasible because of the lack of or insufficient data and the absence of sufficient marketing resources.

In this way growth marketers develop more understanding of revenue attribution through using metrics that are lower in the funnel. Instead of focusing on optimizing marketing campaigns in order to provide general website traffic or unqualified leads, growth marketing develops strategies around KPIs such as UPTs, closed deals and the value of a customer’s lifetime.


 Be flexible

Agile  is one of the key characteristics of growth marketing that is successful. It’s a continuous commitment that increases productivity, speed and helps scale production. In any organization that is growing, agility extends beyond marketing. It is applicable to everything.

There are a few things marketing professionals can take to place themselves in a position of agility including clearly setting out success criteria, carefully tracking progress, using data, and ensuring that the teams are all aware of successes and obstacles throughout the process. Improve the efficiency of approval processes and ensure open communication across teams, business units and managers.

The most important thing is to be proactive instead of being reactive. Find out what your next move is in advance of when it must be taken

The agile marketer is better prepared to recognize opportunities and expand production. It is a critical step to becoming a growth marketer who is successful.


 Iterate and fail quickly

Growth marketers identify slow or ineffective initiatives swiftly and continually tweak their strategy to take advantage of new opportunities immediately when they become available. One of the most detrimental marketing mistakes that a marketer could make is to not know which strategies are or aren’t in line with the lower-funnel objectives. It is essential to experiment, but marketers should be meticulously monitoring their activities to determine whether or not the experiments are successful.

When you’ve established that a particular method doesn’t meet your expectations, stop it off and switch to another strategy.

Contrary to growth hacking methods success in growth marketing doesn’t always come with a success and over. It’s a process that is constantly evolving, with multiple adjustments and calibrations resulting in a string of success.


Increase Sales by Optimizing the Entire Sales Cycle

sales cycle

Although lower funnel metrics should be the primary focus for any effective growth marketing plan, the top growth marketers concentrate on optimizing their selling cycle. In the end, the majority of customers do not appear at the end of the funnel and each stage connects in its own distinct way.

The first step is to optimize the process of selling or marketing. These processes fuel the business’s growth. The successful implementation of this strategy requires a new way of thinking. The end-to-end process optimization can impact the way you do the sales and marketing processes. Instead of having a splintering relation, which is almost abstract, both functions have to be an integrated pipeline for business development. The closer the marketing and sales teams are, the higher speed the company can attain.

Then, you should define the phases of your pipeline, and define the requirements for moving through each step. The pipeline must provide everyone in your team, including sales marketing, account service and operations with a clear understanding of the whole procedure.

Also, identify the tracking, forecasting, and goals for reporting. Management should be able to better monitor potential opportunities and forecast revenues and provide results in real-time. Growth forecasts for marketing are usually more reliable since they are driven by data and are developed using disciplined processes.


Ensure that growth is scalable and long-term.

This is at which growth actually comes into realization. Every step to date is preparing for the next step of scaling up. The ability to predictably and effectively scale revenue is the mainstay of the most successful growth marketer.

Spend the time in the beginning to learn the most you can from information and attributing. Find out the things your marketing dollars are really doing. Cut the fat, concentrate on the factors that are making your bottom line grow and scale to scale.


Increase the number of channels you employ

A strategy for growth in marketing won’t be effective with only one channel. If you concentrate on one medium, it will restrict your reach and prevent your efforts from reaching a larger public. This can also hinder access to your customer’s entire journey.

Today, people are spending time across a variety of platforms and sites. When you mix different marketing and advertising channels in your mix, you’ll be able to build a foundation for new markets, draw various audiences, and gather more data on your clients.

It doesn’t matter if it’s social media platforms and native ad networks, or display networks, mobile advertising networks. It’s essential to test and play around with the various channels to discover what ones are the most beneficial for you.


Concentrate on the Entire Funnel

There’s a huge distinction between conventional marketing and growing marketing. Growth marketing is concerned with every aspect of the customer experience. Growth marketing takes the best from every touchpoint. It could be posting on social media, or an email marketing campaign. Each marketing strategy across all of it is linked to the ultimate objective of conversion.

If you concentrate on every touchpoint in your entire funnel of marketing you can tailor each one based on the intended people.


Repurpose Your Content

A successful growth strategy requires a variety of channels and complex funnels for marketing which means you’ll require lots of content to aid in your marketing efforts. Repurposed content is useful since it can save your staff time and effort. Repurposing existing content in new formats or to reach the benefit of new viewers, you will be able to make the most of its potential.

For instance, you could transform a video into a blog article, or even create an infographic using videos. The possibilities are limitless.


Keep Your Customers Actively Involved

A key element of Growth Marketing Strategy is having an in-depth comprehension of your customer. Make sure that customers can engage with your business. Here are some ways to begin:

  • Create forums or create a community your customers are welcome to join.
  • Offer a convenient way for customers to leave feedback.
  • Engage with customers through social media using surveys and polls.
  • Quickly respond to comments from customers and reviews.
  • Track and Measure, Always

Without the data, growth marketing wouldn’t be possible. To assess the effectiveness from your online marketing efforts, every marketing asset on the internet and activity, campaign and interaction with customers must be measured and tracked.

To be able to accurately evaluate your marketing efforts online To accurately measure your online marketing efforts, first establish SMART goals- specific, measurable, attained Relevant, Time-Based. Once you’ve defined precise, measurable KPIs you can follow the campaign’s activities to determine whether and when you’ve met these goals.

Data tracking can also provide you with immediate, scientific data on areas that you could need to enhance or enhance. There’s a myriad of online trackers that you can utilize to keep a watchful eye on your progress with regard to web analysis, social media measurement, mention trackers for SEO and many others.


For the Win: A/B Test

Testing is an essential element of growing marketing that is successful. There are a variety of sophisticated online tools available that let you evaluate your Growth Marketing Strategy in real-time , so you can tweak and improve in the field.

A very popular test involves A/B testing, also known as splitting testing. A/B testing is the process of the running of two versions of the same campaign, with just one aspect different in both.

For instance, you could advertise a social media post by using two different photos or headlines. Then, you’ll monitor the campaign to see which one performed better. The most successful ad can then be tested by A/B against another one and indefinitely. Every round of testing gets one closer towards the optimized version that delivers the highest ROI and results.


Stick to the Tried-and-True Best Practices

Marketing for growth might appear overwhelming initially because there are new technologies, tools and techniques appearing all the time. It’s important to keep up-to-date with the most recent tips and developments, it’s more essential to keep up with industry-standard best methods.



 Growth Marketing Strategy is the new way to do the business world now. It’s the result of traditional and growth-hacking methods using information and technology to increase revenues. There’s no excuse for being in a state of smugness. It is the job of marketers to be aware of what is effective and what’s not.

They can be a hassle and can be difficult to determine the source of revenue. Making strategies based on low funnel metrics, and monitoring the results in real-time can help marketers assess the impact of their campaigns on an individual scale.Make use of analytics and sales cycle optimization and agility to help promote the growth of your business.

Above all, be focused on revenue. In terms of growth revenue is the most important metric. Marketers are increasingly getting held responsible for their revenue. Profit from your real north, and experience the effectiveness of marketing that grows.




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