Most Effective Ways To Overcome Digital Commerce’s Problem


While digital commerce is a major factor in business but it has also faced many issues which we’ll explore in this article and also possible solutions.

However before we dive into the issue we need to define what digital commerce is.

Digital commerce:


A combination of different elements that are integrated into the marketer’s efforts to implement an effective digital strategy for commerce. Do not confuse this with eCommerce since, while digital commerce is an effective tool to market but it covers a broad variety of additional functions which makes this strategy even more comprehensive.

A few of the essential components of any plan for digital commerce include the creation of content — e.g. blogs description of products, blogs, and social media posts studies and developments, promotion marketing analytics, analytics presence on social media customer satisfaction, as well as customer service.

Perhaps the most effective method to imagine the concept of digital commerce is to think of it as the fuse that supplies the electrical device with energy. It is the energy for online retailers’ transactions. This kind of business encompasses every contact point and procedure that leads customers to make the final purchase.

Challenges of Digital Commerce:


It is important to integrate certain digital shopping practices into your everyday business processes, the constantly changing technological landscape and the ever-changing consumer behaviour can be an obstacle. It isn’t easy to devote enough time to manage various touch points throughout the customer journey, from moments where your customers feel joy until the moments where they’re unhappy.

Be prepared by anticipating the following possible obstacles with commerce via the internet:

The necessity of an online verification of identity

When a user visits an online retailer and registers in any way, you must ensure that the person signing up is genuine person who is looking to purchase. In this way, you’ll be able to be able to avoid bots or accounts that are fraudulent, that could cause loss of revenue (especially in cash-on delivery (COD) transactions).

solution: Take proper steps to verify online customers their details. Always provide a verification link after a user signs up. For COD purchases the automated call might even be sent out to the customer soliciting them to verify their delivery addresses. Additionally, you can use automated systems to detect fake numbers and email addresses, and verify that zip codes match the city or state.

Also, keep an eye out for indications of suspicious activities. This may be in the form of especially big or expensive orders.

Offering a seamless customer experience

One of the most difficult challenges that online retailers face is the ability to provide an multichannel customers experience. Customers are expecting to contact your brand at any of a number of touchpointslike your website or phone number or social media, email as well as the store and so on. Each of these touchpoints has to be integrated.

In reality according to ecomdash any company that doesn’t move towards an omnichannel retailing approach will be likely to be left in the dust.

Solutions:To create an omnichannel strategy that is effective by focusing on the potential customer wants, and apply the appropriate technology for customer experience. Here are some steps you can take to overcome these e-commerce problems.

Find the most important channels first. What is the way your customers are reaching towards you? Which channels do they prefer?

Incorporate these platforms. Make use of technology for customer experience to talk to customers through your preferred channel (like email, phone or live chat, video calls online help centers and in-app messages).

Keep the context. Utilize interaction history to guide conversations. Unified view capabilities on CX platforms could provide this feature.

Overshadowing the huge rivals

Ecommerce is among the industries with the highest competition. Different parameterscost, service and supply chain operations and many more — can create a significant impact on customers. Maintaining and acquiring a customers is among the toughest e-commerce issues to solve.

For instance, if the competitor forms an agreement with an app for delivery which helps the company gain a larger market share. This is even when your products or prices are superior.

Solutions: Conduct thorough research into your competitors and market to create your own Digital marketing strategies. Make sure you invest in promotions to boost your branding. Keep in mind that businesses with customer loyalty programs are more profitable by 88 percent than businesses that don’t offer such programs.

There is a need to rethink selling techniques

One of the biggest customer service concerns in the world of ecommerce is adapting with the modern expectations of customers. A lot of companies do not have the understanding of customer behavior and purchasing patterns.

solution: Consider offering your items on the most popular marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay. These online stores already have a large audience of potential buyers, making marketing and marketing your product (and discovering which ones work and which don’t) is a bit more straightforward.

Also, segment your data. The ability to segment visitors allows companies to track and interact with visitors based on their customers’ journey, previous conversations as well as their geographical location, browsing habits such as referral pages, and more.

Do you want to provide digital experiences that are a hit with your customers? Check out this podcast to learn how you can improve your service and build your brand on Shopify and beyond.

Shopping cart abandonment

The abandonment of shopping carts is a significant ecommerce business issue. Even giants of ecommerce aren’t protected from it.

For example the time brick and mortar giant Nordstrom launched an online store and saw huge potential losses in sales due to abandoned carts. The slow and insecure checkout process was making customers to abandon their purchases mid-way through. This issue with e-commerce cannot be overlooked.

Solutions: Nordstrom needed to create a new checkout style, making checkout into a more simple two-step procedure.

You might want to think about redesigning your shopping cart as well. Get rid of bugs and excessively long forms. Provide immediate help tools that customers can access if they have difficulty. These tools also allow you to customers with their questions in the process of checkout. For example, if the customer is having trouble establishing an account, the agents are able to begin a session of cobrowsing to guide them on how to create an account.

Implementing this simple method will greatly increase the conversion rate of your shopping cart.

Maintaining customer loyalty

If you don’t have trust in your customers and their loyalty your business will continue to fail. However, maintaining and acquiring customers is a huge effort.

One reason that e-commerce companies have a problem creating trust and loyalty among customers is that buyers and sellers do not know or see one another. This can make interactions less personal.

The ecommerce issue will only be resolved with the time and effort. Through multiple transactions, eventually it is possible for the business to build trust and build loyalty.

Solution Make sure that your service procedures are efficient starting with online order to shipping. Also, think about:

Your address, contact number, images of your staff, testimonials from customers and badges of credibility on your site.

  • Creating valuable content.
  • The importance of customer service over profits.
  • Asking for customer feedback.
  • Refining loyalty program.

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The hassles of product returns and the headache of a refund

One of the challenges encountered by online shoppers shopping is the possibility of returning products. A study done by comScore and UPS found that the majority of American customers check the return policy prior to purchasing a product and 48 percent prefer to prefer to shop with stores that offer easy returns.

If an item is returned, the company suffers a significant loss in shipping and also loses its reputation. The shipping costs involved in this scenario have always been a issue for sellers.

Solution: It’s not impossible to avoid having a good refund and return policies. However you should make sure that you have your policies in place and clearly communicate them. Check out the following guidelines:

Set expectations. Give different payment options and shipping.

Inform employees. They must be aware of the return policy of your company to help customers efficiently.

Prepare yourself to stand up to the music. If the product you ordered is delivered incorrectly, you must make extra efforts to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

The challenge of competing with shipping costs and prices

While customer service is the top priority for customers, online retailers often compete on price as well. Price competition is particularly affecting small-sized ecommerce companies, since larger and mid-sized competitors typically offer lower prices for their products.

For instance, big companies like Amazon and Walmart generally have shipping facilities spread across the nation. Their warehouses permit orders to be shipped from their closest location. This way distribution costs reduces, and the order is delivered quickly.

Solutions:This is one of the e-commerce issues that could be the difference between success and failure for a company. It’s tough to survive in a highly competitive marketplace however, you can discover ways to move stock to fulfillment warehouses. You could also be a highly efficient shipper or locate unique products customers won’t get in other places.

In competition with manufacturers and retailers

A lot of online stores buy bulk wholesale products from distributors or manufacturers before selling them on the internet. This is the most basic business model of e-commerce.

However, due the ease of entry, both product sellers and manufacturers are now selling directly to consumers as well. The company selling your product could also be your competition.

For instance, ABC Garments sells to your marketplace online and directly to consumers via its website. Some manufacturers make distributors, making the situation even more complicated.

Answer: You can’t stop sellers of direct to consumers However, there are some strategies to take into consideration:

Make it a priority for manufacturers who are who are less likely to sell direct to consumers.

Make the product available at an affordable price or offer additional benefits to help increase sales.

Limit the manufacturer’s ability to sell products directly to consumers, by laying this in the contract. It’s not feasible for all manufacturers however, you could work with smaller ones in this manner.

The increasing need for data security

Security concerns can result in terrifying situations. The spammers could cause viruses to infect websites. They could get access to sensitive information regarding your customers’ telephone numbers, card information and much more.

Consumers don’t care about what you do, they’ll expect that you protect them completely. Security shouldn’t be considered a one of the many challenges of online shoppinginstead, it should be a fundamental requirement.

Answer: To make sure your website is secure Here are some suggestions:

  • You can manage your own server.
  • Do not use the the common FTP to transfer files.
  • Utilize cybersecurity engineers or cybersecurity services
  • Implement effective verification procedures

In addition, if any developer copies files over an open Wi-Fi network passwords, as well as other sensitive information can be taken. By regularly updating your shopping cart, you’ll be able to lower the risk of losing information.

The majority of content management systems save their data into a database. Developers must backup their data regularly, and then retrieve the information in case of theft.


Ecommerce challenges can sometimes be opportunities.

To survive the intense competition in e-commerce requires a strong strategy. Be prepared to address any potential issues with e-commerce and concentrate on building a customer-centric environment. So, you will not just address customer service issues , but you can also discover the factors that make your customers tick and provide them with an online shopping experience that they will remember.

What problems do you have? What methods have you used thus far?



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