How to Create an Online Marketplace Platform by 2022?

A step-by-step guide to building a successful Online Marketplace. This guide is for people who are looking to create a Online Marketplace that works but doesn’t know how to begin. This guide will show you how to start an online marketplace that makes money and attracts new customers.

The Definition of a Online Marketplace Platform

Right now, we are in an extremely difficult time. Who could have predicted the global coronavirus pandemic that will hit 2020? Quarantine measures have caused havoc in businesses all over the globe, while doctors try to save lives and find a cure. The lockdown has caused financial losses for business owners and resulted in employees losing their jobs. Many retailers were paralyzed by the lockdown, and there is no quick fix for their recovery. How can you protect your business from similar crises and minimize your losses? This question could be answered by marketplaces.

After a few successful examples, marketplaces have become a big deal. It is an exciting and growing industry that you can expand your business into to increase sales, attract new customers and build a brand. It is not a goal to be the next Jeff Bezos. It could be a lifesaver to move your business online and create an online marketplace, even though it is not permitted for people to visit a physical store.

What is a Marketplace ?

Marketplaces are independent platforms that operate online and connect buyers and sellers. The marketplace must offer the best security features for Fraud detection, ensure the integrity of each side’s deal, and provide features like detailed tracking of all purchases in real-time. If you are looking to build a marketplace website, this should be considered.

What are the advantages of  online Marketplace ?

These are the main benefits for businesses:

  • This will give you an additional channel to market and sell your products or services.
  • Marketplaces have lower marketing costs than other channels.
  • International sales opportunities are expanding
  • Customers love marketplaces and they are very convenient.
  • A well-established online marketplace can improve your brand image and build client loyalty.
  • Independent reviews and opinions about your products and services can make them more appealing and increase sales.
  • Marketplaces make it easier for you to find new business partners.
  • They are available 24/7 and have no limitations on their operating hours.

This article will provide a comprehensive answer to your question. This article will explain how to classify, discuss different ways of creating a market, describe the process for startups, and give some tips on hiring and budgeting. 

Let’s talk about how to create a

Online Marketplace

How do create a successful Online Marketplace?

It is crucial to choose the right kind of marketplace in order to get the best revenue from your efforts. This classification is important for any type of marketplace, no matter if you are looking to create one from scratch or improve an existing one.

We must first focus on our Target Audience.

 There are many options:


Peer-to-Peer (P2P)

This model, also known as customer-to-customer or C2C (customer-to-customer), is focused on giving customers the opportunity to sell and manage their products or services. Imagine Etsy as a marketplace for handcrafted goods that are made by small groups. There are no big brands allowed; it is an opportunity for artists to share their work. Anybody can purchase items, sellers pay fixed fees. Uber is another great example — it offers peer-to-peer ridesharing.

Business-to-Customer (B2C)

B2C refers to businesses that want to directly sell their products and services to customers without the involvement of third parties. Representatives of this model can offer many different goods. AliExpress is the most prominent example.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

B2B marketplaces help businesses increase their product distribution by connecting with new partners. Alibaba is the largest B2B portal, offering both B2C and B2C services. It was founded by Jack Ma in 1999 and Peng Lei. It is a holding company and includes companies like Guangzhou and Evergrande Taobao. and Aliexpress. Alibaba had a revenue of nearly $72 billion in 2020.

Let’s now discuss the differences between vertical and horizontal Online Marketplace.

Vertical Marketplace

These types are targeted at specific industries or niches. These benefits include the ability to reduce marketing costs, increase revenue, provide more value and maintain high-quality services and products on the platform.

These are the disadvantages of this approach, which results in fewer transactions overall. To stand out from your competitors, you must be skilled in your chosen niche.

Horizontal Marketplace

A horizontal marketplace is essentially the opposite of a vertical market. It covers every category of item, and usually the most in-demand items to appeal to the greatest number of people. Because all sales are generated from the same model, this has one of the greatest advantages: low operational costs. Multi-target appeal results in increased transactions and greater profit.

It is very difficult to create a marketing strategy that is precisely because customers in horizontal markets are very different. Pressure from competitors is the second. It is difficult to be unique in a market with so many horizontal marketplaces. It’s even more difficult to offer customer support and build trust between participants if this is not enough.

Financial models

Three of the most popular financial models that marketplace owners use are Subscription Model, the Listing Fee Model, and Commission Model. A Commission Model is where the marketplace owner pays a pre-agreed fee for each transaction. Subscription Models require that every registered user pay a set amount each month. Listing Fee Models require that each user pay the same price to list a product or service.

Types of management

There are three options: fully managed, partially managed, and unmanaged platforms.


This is the most common type, with eBay being an example. Service marketplaces like Upwork and Airbnb are another common type. Hybrid marketplaces combine both of these types and offer both goods and services simultaneously — think Craigslist. Project marketplaces could be a classification for crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter.


Finally, online commerce platforms provide a link for customers to purchase the product they desire, while offline-to-offline connects them with a brick-and-mortar store.

Building a Marketplace Platform

Let’s now compare the various options for developing a marketplace website. Each use case is different and it’s almost impossible to find a single solution to building a marketplace that works for all businesses. We will examine each option in terms of time to market, technical expertise, cost, scalability, customization, and scaling. We hope you’ll be able to determine which option is best suited for your online marketplace.

Code creation from scratch

This might be the right option for you if you are looking to accomplish everything exactly as you imagined, especially if your team has the expertise or have access to specialists. The main benefits are access to the code and no licensing.

This approach is time-consuming, taking at least three months. It’s not easy to create a marketplace website that can handle all transactions seamlessly. This is a problem because it is important to have an online marketplace website up and running as soon as possible. Your budget can be strained by trying to develop custom features, which might not prove useful or popular in end. Also, you may have to support a platform yourself. This approach can be costly, starting at $50,000.

How can you scale a Online Marketplace?

These are some tips to help you quickly grow your market

  • The most difficult aspect of your business is supply and demand. The weakest point can be improved upon to make it stronger.
  • It is crucial to focus your efforts on a specific niche if you are looking to grow. It is important to have something that will make you stand out from your competition.
  • As many items as you can.
  • To build client trust, we must improve transparency, review, rating, and insurance systems.
  • Focus on one feature at a given time when introducing new features.
  • Do not change your strategy too quickly, as the results could be right around the corner.
  • Target the most valuable users first to influence others.
  • Organize events and host meetups to form a community around your marketplace.
  • If you don’t already have it, protect it or find it.

These are the key features of your app for the marketplace

You should consider creating an app along with your marketplace website in 2022. Your marketplace app should include a set of standard features. Customers expect a certain level of functionality. 

To ensure proper integration, you need to pay attention to details and discuss them with your development partner. 


Login is easy

We are far past the days when a user had to fill out a lot of forms for login. The user expects quick and easy sign-up from Facebook, Google, and any other social media account. This feature is essential for meeting the needs of your customers and maintaining a great user experience. This feature is essential if you want to create a market.

Convenient Buyers Page

A simple, but fully functional buyer page is another important element to ensure the best user experience. It is essential that the cart page is well designed so users don’t waste time on unnecessary functions. It should be easy for users to find details about price, delivery, payment options, and any special offers or discounts.

Customizable Vendor Page

Your marketplace vendor must be happy with the experience, and they should have full customization. It is important that the marketplace offers an option for updating products. There should also be an option to edit fonts, colours and payment options.

The Right Payment Gateway

Online transactions are much quicker and easier than traditional methods. There are security risks. It is important to provide a secure and reliable payment gateway for your marketplace. You should also offer other payment options. You can read our entire article selecting the right payment system if you’d like to get a better understanding of payment gateways.

Security is a priority

PCI compliance and SSL certificates are mandatory requirements for any business that deals with transactions and payments.

Transparent Ratings & Reviews

These are two of the most important drivers of sales on modern marketplaces. Your app will be a hit with both customers and vendors.

Engaging Social Media

Sharing on Social Media, along with Ratings and Reviews is another key driver of sales success. This feature is expected to be available on all online portals in 2022.

Notifications to the individual

A fine-tuned system that sends out personal notifications is one of the best ways to keep customers engaged. Customers will be notified immediately if your vendors offer special offers, free shipping, or seasonal discounts.

Rapid Support

Chat support is essential for customer service, trust and engagement. This functionality is standard but you can offer 24/7 support with AI-powered chatbots.

Create an Online Marketplace Platform with Brisk Logic

Online marketplaces are the future of retail. Brisk Logic shows that 70% of marketing professionals believe that marketplaces offer the best opportunity for businesses to reach customers where they are most comfortable buying. This is a great point. However, marketplaces also serve a valuable function. A marketplace can be a valuable tool to protect your business when online is no longer the best way to reach customers. It is possible to build a customized online marketplace platform that will protect your business from any type of crisis with the right marketplace development company.


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