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Solutions to The Big Challenges in Hotel Management

There are a lot of challenges faced by hotel managers every day like several operational issues, handling customer’s problems, keeping a record of rooms, clients, and bookings, unorganized housekeepings, securing data from cyber attacks, maintaining reputation over internet, finding loyal and hardworking staff and handling the staff problems, beat the rising competition, maintaining customer relationship, and a lot more.

So, here I am Karamjit Sing Founder and CEO of REX WEB SOLUTIONS, with a solution to all such problems to make your Hotel Management easy and burden-free and to streamline your daily tasks. Our team has developed cloud-based software to manage your Hotel Business that will make you free from a lot of paperwork and continuous phone calls. It will also reduce the staff needed to manage daily tasks like attending phone calls of customers, keeping a record of logbooks, maintaining inventory, track the booking records, etc. which results in saving a lot of time, minimize the manual errors and theft risks, and decrease the overall investment, which automatically increases your profits.

Introduction to Hotel Management Software:-

Our software consists of two sections, the first is for you and your staff members that solve your internal problems like record management, organizing several tasks, etc. and the second is for your users or customers that will assist you to make good relations with your customers, maintain your online reputation, increase your sales through online ways, and it also acts as an automatic answering customer helpline with the help of an AI-based Chatbots. The second part also helps in the growth of your business as it promotes your Hotel services all over the internet with the help of the mobile application, which is available on every platform or operating systems like Android, IOS, Hybrid version, windows, etc.

Check out the solutions provided by our Hotel Management Software:-

  • Handle Operational Issues
  • Track Record & Database Management
  • Organize Housekeepings
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintain Customer Relationship & Engagement
  • Manage & Track Staff
  • Calculations & Revenue Management
  • Secure your Database from Cyberhacks and Attacks

Features of Hotel Management Software 

Handle Operational Issues

In hotel management, there are several operational issues like managing reservations, performing desk operations, maintain cleanliness in every room and hotel premises, attending guests or customers, and many more. Due to too many tasks, the hotel staff fails to maintain all of them which leads to customer dissatisfaction. So, to maintain all these tasks our software will assist you by giving a push notification to the ideal housekeeping staff member to clean the specific area or room. The software gets the information when a customer has check-out from the hotel and tells the housekeeper to clean that room to make it ready for the next customer.

Similarly, the software is capable of maintaining all the front desk operations like handling customers with the help of a computer screen from which the customer can access the pricings and bookings for the available rooms, and can book or cancel the booking of available room on the sport (it can also be done through mobile app in the customer’s section). The customers will be provided a unique code on their mobile app or via email, which can be accessed to open the door of the room during their check-in hours.

This feature acts as a digital receptionist as it can handle queries of the guests and with the unique code it automatically add check-in and check-out time in the logbook.

Track Record & Database Management

To maintain old data in paper forms is very difficult for an old hotel and if the manager has to find some information about the 3-5 years old booking, it is nearly impossible or very time consuming for them. This software makes it easy for you to track the record of the booking and assist you to maintain all the data in a very efficient and easy way. The software consists of a search column available in the staff section, from where the authenticated person can access all the information of old or future bookings and can find any old to old data in seconds. The software also provides a digital logbook for all the entries and bookings which is very easy to use even by an uneducated person (i.e. any authenticated person can add details to the logbook easily). With this feature, you will never lose the old data.

Organize Housekeepings

Due to a lot of workload, it is difficult to organize tasks for every staff member. To make this easy our software provides you a feature of automatically organizing tasks to ideal staff members. The software collects information from the queries generated by the customers as from the customer section, if any guest or customer wants to order something or need any type of service from housekeeping then the guest only needs to do is press a call button and type a message for the housekeeping regarding their needs, and the notification will be sent to an ideal staff housekeeping member. With this, it is very easy to maintain and organize tasks and it will save a lot of time.

Hotel Management Software in Inventory Management

To manage inventory is also a big task in the busy schedule. So, a person is needed to maintain the record of used inventory and the stock left in the warehouse for availability of the products at the right time. Our software has a feature that automates this task by automatically keeping the record of the inventory used and the number of each product available in the warehouse. If any product in the inventory or warehouse is running low then the set limit, then the software will send a notification to the assigned person which indicates that a particular product is about to finish.

Maintain Customer Relationship & Engagement

Maintain customer relationship is very important for a client-centric business like Hospitality. But in large Hotels where there are already a lot of tasks to do, maintaining relationships with customers is very difficult. With the use of this software, maintaining a good relationship with customers and update them with your latest offers or get engage them with your brand will become very easy as the second part of our software is accessible by the users and can be downloaded over any device like Android, IOS, Ipad, Tablet, etc.

This access will help you by making an online presence of your Hotel. The customers can book any room with this app and they can also review your services. Our software has a feature that automatically sends e-mails to all your old customers that can include your latest offers or email for reviewing your services or thank you email to stay in your hotel. This will build a good customer relationship and helps in brand recognition.

Manage & Track Staff

You can also find loyal staff members by posting an add on the online version of our software that is accessible by users or customers. The software has a feature of tracking the activities of the staff members as the software checks the response time of the staff members to the notification sent by the software, and it also checks that which member is most ideal during his shift and who has worked the most. By gathering all this information it automatically generates a report of staff members by which you can track each of your staff members and decide which staff member has to be replaced.

Calculations & Revenue Management

Now make it easy to calculate your overall expenses and revenue generated for a specific period. The software gathers information from several other systems like from inventory management it gets to know how many products or goods are used from inventory in how much time, from bookings it analysis that how many guests have booked the rooms at which price and how many bookings are canceled, and checks the hotel maintenance and staff expenses. After collecting all such information, it calculates the overall cost of the expenses and revenue generated.

Secure your Database from Cyberhacks and Attacks

Data is the most important part of any business. When your business becomes online, it is essential to protect your valuable business data from cyber-attacks and hacks. We use blockchain technology to provide the most secure payment gateway for the users and to create an e-wallet within the app. The e-wallet can be used as a good business strategy to attract users or customers. This technology also protects your data as it makes it impossible to hack the data present in the software, which makes the software more trustworthy, secure, and reliable to use.


It is a single solution to all your business-related problems. Get all these features and solutions to your problems related to managing hotels in one software. This software will completely digitize your hotel and provides an enhanced user interface and the best user experience to your guests and customers. Ask your queries and get customized software for your hotel business to streamline all your daily tasks.

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