An Application To Discover New Vacation Experiences.

An Application To Discover New Vacation Experiences.

Tourism is changing. Tourism is changing not only due to the pandemic, but also because people are discovering new vacation experiences. We want to help people discover these adventures and encourage local businesses to embrace new customers.

What Attracts Tourists?

Family vacations are meant to be a way for families to escape from the routine of their lives and try something new. They selected a destination based upon the history of the city or town. You could tell a romantic tale about a night spent under the Eiffel Tower, or you could remember a loved one’s war memorial. Families visit a place based on a story, and that is what I’m trying to invoke with this study.


Families want memories and not just vacations. They require guidance.

The goal:

The ability to be a resource for the family that provides ideas so they don’t have to worry about where to go.


You can create a site that’s as fun as a trip. By exposing users to travel trends, hidden gems and recommendations, you can make it as enjoyable as a trip.


This is a great way to communicate with the user I see when they navigate the website. It was important to me that I could show the thoughts of a user before they start planning their trip. The process of searching for a travel option is as much about the user’s experience on the site as it is about what they think.


Everybody has a hectic lifestyle. A well-needed break from work shouldn’t be harder. I wanted to make a tourism application easy for users to plan their next trip.

I created a simple, easy-to-read experience guide that users can use to help them choose from a variety of options.

1) Choose a time of the year

2) Activity level (willing to move around and enjoy being active, but prefers to stay in the house, is willing to go outside and be active, and loves to explore as much as possible).

3) The number of travelers

4) Per person budget ($100/day; $250/day; $500+/day).

5) Do you want a local guide to provide additional information upon your arrival?


Finally, I created a payment page that included a pricing breakdown tourism application. This will allow the user to see exactly where their money is going. This saved my name, email, and address to make the checkout process faster for returning customers. To complete a payment, the returning user will only need to enter their credit card information.


Individual travel plans are more frequently used than typical tour agenciesgroup itineraries. People want to travel in unique ways and would love to walk those routes.

Roads that no one has ever traveled before, and sharing that experience. It is possible to identify user needs and then be congested in one sentence: To be able create an individual travel plan with little time loss. 

They will be provided with relevant and quality information that is tailored to their needs.

Tourists face the biggest problem when planning their travel.

Tourism offers many benefits and can be a time-consuming endeavor. Accommodation, sightseeing, travel you can organize it all yourself. However, it will take you 45 days to choose, find and organize them.

The tourism application will help you plan your trip. Everyday, the internet user of today is confronted.

With the overload of information, many of these are unimportant or ineffective.


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